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Solar panel installers essex on the clock face of Big Ben in London are continuously considered as an approach to cut parliament's carbon foot shaped impression

The House of Commons is pondering arrangements to introduce solar panels on the clock face of Big Ben as a major aspect of a colossal exertion to control the carbon foot shaped impression of the memorable parliamentary bequest.

Parliamentary passholders were a month ago asked to submit thoughts on how the bequest could hit a focus to enhance energy productivity by 34% before the decade's over.

One passholder recommended putting solar panels on the clock face of Big Ben, which in 2012 was renamed Elizabeth Tower.

"These plans will now be examined, investigated and prioritized by the Environment Team with a project of activities to be produced in future months," a representative for the House of Commons affirmed to Businessgreen.

He included that the House Service was likewise wanting to protect parts of the Palace of Westminster top with sheep's fleece one year from now, succeeding a trial with Leeds University which discovered the material essentially diminished hotness misfortune. Sheep's fleece is water tolerant so could additionally help to prepare for holes and keep buildup from developing.
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