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Best windows and doors contractors in Milwaukee

That's what distinguishes the LONG LIFE 2000 Series, Boreal Window System. These vertical and horizontal sliders window are the ultimate window for ease of use and are easy on your budget. Designed for use as a replacement window, the 2000 Series could be installed any windows and doors contractors in Milwaukee like multi chambered construction to give extra rigidity in an energy efficient maintenance free window system.

Style and Elegance:
The classic appearance of both the vertical and horizontal windows make a dramatic presence in both traditional and contemporary homes. Operating sash is available in our optional tilt and slide which allows the sash to be swung inside for easy cleaning within the home. Available in both white and beige the 2000 Series also features quality triple weather-stripping and optional high performance glass making them an excellent choice for any project location.

Guaranteed To Satisfy Your Every Expectation:
The LONG LIFE 4000 Series, Boreal Window System employs sophisticated technology. Push out casements and awnings operate smoothly, open to 90 degrees, and kick out to allow for easy cleaning from the inside, the utmost in convenience.

Easy Operation:
Your comfort is generously catered to as well with compression cam locks for security and double compression bulb seals for air and watertight performance.

Aesthetically, the 4000 series window system has multiple mullion capability which enables larger picture windows to be divided equally with common mullion width for continuity, a most impressive feature that adds style and prestige to any home. Choose from either white or beige. The 4000 series window system is guaranteed to satisfy your every expectation and shows a distinct expression of style.
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