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Defensive Coatings

Defensive coatings are blankets that are planned to give a layer of security from anything that could harm the capacity or uprightness of a thing. Imperviousness to scraped spot and effect is an alternate variable to be mindful of when thinking about metal coatings. A defensive covering will frequently oppose the scratching and chipping that can come about because of the use and at times vital ill-use of metal supplies and gadgets.

Impervious To Abrasion

Where extreme wear is an issue Polycoat Products results beat elastic, plastics, and metals. polyurea floor coatings have solid imperviousness to scraped area takes into consideration the manufacture of numerous items utilizing less material, making it an exceptionally financially savvy processing material. Different profits incorporate lighter weight, longer life, and diminished expenses of support and supplanting.

Profoundly Resistant To Impact

While traditional plastic materials have a tendency to get fragile as they get to be harder, polyurethanes remain more versatile and oppose break. This incredible strength makes Polycoat Products results perfect for parts that need to remained up to high effect.

Suitable For High-flex Applications

Under rehashed flexing, Polycoat Products coatings and linings won't break. Polycoat Products offers a paramount point of interest; it holds its quality and sturdiness paying little mind to segment thickness.

Adaptable At Low Temperatures

Polycoat Products coatings have the solid properties that will remain adaptable when subjected to chilly conditions to -40° F. Also, Polycoat Products offers items that are impervious to warm stun without splitting, or losing their bond.

Won't Sweat Or Deteriorate In Water

Polycoat Products coatings remain stable, actually when inundated in water as warm as 50° C (122° F) for long periods, yet is not prescribed for persistent use in water more sizzling than 70° C (158° F). They ingest essentially no water - scarcely 0.3% to 1.6% by weight - and shows irrelevant swell in volume, much after drawn out drenching.

Electrical Properties

Polycoat Products coatings and linings are incredible encasing. They could be utilized widely as a part of potting (securing the joints in force links) and other typifying provisions, where electrical detachment is significant.

Impervious To Oil, Grease, And Chemicals

While rubbers and plastics show incredible imperviousness to specific solvents, oils and chemicals, Polycoat Products coatings will oppose a much more extensive extent of substances.

Radiation Resistant

Of all elastomers, polyurethanes are recognized to have the best imperviousness to gamma beam radiation. After presentation, Polycoat Products holds for all intents and purpose the greater part of their unique adaptability and strength.

Clamor Reduction Capacity

Polycoat Products is perfect for sound-stifling and hostile to vibration provisions. Contingent upon its thickness, Polycoat Products will significantly diminish clamor and vibration in light of its adaptability and compelling versatility.


• 100% Solids Polyurethane, Polyurea, Coatings

• Spray, move or brush on

• Monolithically holds fast to basically any surface

• Air-tight, Water-tight Seal

• Extends Equipment Life

• Elastomeric properties take into account provision to surfaces

to: development, withdrawal, development and flexing

• Protects Against:

- Abrasion

- Corrosion

- Impact

- Skids (slipping)

- Vibr
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