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Stamps of Poland

As if I hadn’t learned, last time out, of the dangers of treading in alien liguistic waters, I now dare to utter words in, not one, but two foreign languages. The first, of course, everyone will recognize as the word that performs double duty as a greeting and as a farewell, in the land of pineapples and plumeria. The origin of the second I will leave to you to figure out. The first one with the correct answer wins a trip to YouTube? to learn a catchy sing-along of the same title. Runners up can console themselves by listening to this nifty little number.

By now (if you have troubled yourselves to actually click through the above links) you will have noticed that the stamps of Poland for sale https://stampuoso.com/listing/poland , such as they are, are one and the same. That’s because, in my blogosphere, everyone’s a winner, including your humble blogger, who feels honored just to enjoy your esteemed presence.

This is all by way of saying that today’s theme music is brought to you by, perhaps, Sweden’s greatest export, surpassing, even, the popularity of their eponymous meatballs. I refer of course to that palindromic quartet, whose musical output many would relegate to that brand of product bearing such sobriquets as Hubba Bubba and Double Bubble. I say, though, if this be bubblegum, then it is gourmet bubblegum of the toppest notch. And, evidently, I am not the only one of such opinion.

As you read on, then, click on the following link to open a new browser tab in which to listen to the melifluous musings of Agneta, Benny, Bjorn, and Anni-Frid (Frida, to those who know her – and, to think, had it not been for a group of Liverpudlian upstarts, 8 years earlier, they may well have garnered the nickname, “The FABB 4?).
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