Bunny-rouble ?

(I never get that one ?)

Got some unexpected hours free to work on stuff, so I prefer get you an update right now instead of delaying ! (but as usual, I got no idea on when I could work again on the game or when it will be release)

Just a test I made, but it depicts a lot of the new stuff :
bunny uniform, new score/money/gameplay system,
and new scenario-related set stuff (here : some basic public !)

Got you a pic of the actual shop, so that you can see :
not much, not much, not ugly much, and even some bugs.
So when I say “it’s not ready”, it’s not a joke ! :)
BUT ! It’s progressing a lot, so thats good news !

Right now I’m working on the first bunch of scenarii.
Just two sets (warehouse and nice house) and four scenarii each, to haste the release.  (the rest of the sets will be left aside for now, but you see some of them, you now it will be implement when the time come, no way I could left them behind)
Stories, girls pattern depending on scenario, additionnal contextual stuff (spectators, in fact ^^), all that take some time.
Worst thing is the result is not even impressive, lol (don’t dream about dialog animation with bubbles and else or sex toys or HD spectators for now ^^), but hey, I made no promises, and everything CAN and WILL be improve with time !

So, repeat after me : an ugly and empty first version, but a quick release !


Hi all !

Just a little message to keep you inform !

I was able to work on the game, but not to do some screenshots, sorry !

The game’s structure progressed : now there’s score, money, time limit, replay/shop stuff, and a real gameplay ! (…ok, it’s just pushing a button, very lame, but at least it exists and works, now, so I could develop something better later !)

I still have to program the shop, upgrades, and stage select/management, but it “should” not be very difficult.
And there’s still some bugs, no public stuff, and still a lot of material to put into it, but first thing first : playable version, then improvments ! (miracle of internet :  things CAN improve by a million times AFTER the first release, if you start right !)