New game out : Sex Racers !

Hi my beautiful hentai followers !

As said, as promised, a new wonderful hentai game I’ve been struggling like hell to create and release !
It’s was serious developpement hell, but it’s finally here, damn, and all worth it ^^

No less than 5 girls to fuck your way through, in this action-packed racing hentai game !
A first in hentai world, as far as I know, taking the gameplay seriously, and giving a real challenge and good play feelings, music and sounds everywhere, as well as nice sex scenes to have fun with !
Also, lots of side pictures to unlock and buy, upgrades, game events, classy looks everywhere, and a few secrets !
For example ? As blog supporters, you have an exclusive passcode, just type “wipeout” in the password interface !
All people not reading those game descriptions will not have it, and you’ll be the only one to enjoy the new car skin it unlocks, lol !

Enjoy this little jewel, and lot of thanks to SuperSatanSon, the artist that saved the day and make those gorgeous girls for the sex scenes.
I will probably do a lot more work with him, so give some cheers for the man if you like it !
Have fun everyone, and don’t forget to spread the word about our games !
(on forums, patreon, wherever, whenever !)

A shining & raging new Mattis collab game : Sex Racers !

Sponsored by, once again, enjoy and we’ll keep going on !

Vroom vroom ! Speed laaaane !

Vroom vroom ! Speed laaaane !

Road encounters, the challenge begins !

Road encounters, the challenge begins !

You know what you're here for, hmm ?

You know what you're here for, hmm ?


Edit : V 1.2 list of changes
- speed don’t decrease anymore on itself, you have to use the “brakes” key. (that’s for “screen right-sider” that didn’t read in-game help or noticed you don’t have to keep pushing the key, but they’ll probably don’t notice that either, lol ^^)
- chances of “ram the racer” events get +1 for each of your upgrades to level 10. (will favorise a lot racer events, obviously, as you progress)
- shop : racer upgrade description fixed (event time is a “+”, not a “-”)
- added a “minimum speed required to appear” to racers (to avoid hunts at 10mph)
- downtown : problem with “back to shop” button fixed
- car disappearance problem : automatic respawn added.
- added damage boost indexed on speed.
- added easy mode ! (manual activation/desactivation) -50% cars, +200% resist, +100% warning time.
- warning time increased (even out of easy mode)


Edit : V 1.3 list of changes (upload soon !)
- automatic save system ! (but saving when entering the shop only, I don’t want people to start micro-pirating the gameplay) Wasn’t able to make it “clipboard available” for those under private navigation, sorry, it still works with cookies !
- added a bonus code after you ended the game, so winners that got through all this could enjoy back all scenes anytime they want, putting that code, in the future. Also, you can see other codes (but not all ^^), when you have finished the game, now :D
- fixed some side bugs too : color problems, 4th level of truck upgrade, and an attempt at fixing lightning sounds during climax (not sure it works, though)


That said, I know the poll results cracked down the collab games to the bottom, and everything else above, with KoPC update on top.
That’s not a reason to dismiss this new game in a blink of an eye, my eager cuties !
It was started BEFORE the poll, and required a LOT of painful work.
Also, it bringed me a lot of experience, for future games (MMO in front, but not only), in handling big projects, on music & sound management, on interface design (look at this speedometer, damn cool !), and a reliable hentai artist, which was an absolute PREREQUISITE to even “think” about the MMO.

KoPC update is started, and you will have news and sneek peeks about it, don’t worry.
MMO will come after, it’s planned also, I’m going as fast as I can and work like hell for it.
But this post is dedicated to Sex Racers, it is an important game in our adventure, so please take the time for it, and I will see you soon for the rest ! :)

Great times ahead ! Rejoice !

Informa-shun, sir !

Hi my beautiful ones, how are you doing ?

Little heads-up on everything, as it’s been a little time, now.

First, I see you quickly noticed the new poll system I created.
It’s just a personnal attempt, and it’s not bullet-proof, but it seems I can do better than anything I found out on the web, by myself, in a few line codes, anyway, so…
Elegant way to get my answers, and you are answering, so, that’s really nice ! ;)

Next game in line : a racing collab game !
(Remember the poll came only a few days ago, lol)
Right after I finished the poker game, Denzel-crocker, old friend of mine, was really motivated by a collab.
Years I tried to motivate him for that, and as I was having no money for next KoPC update nor answers for the mmo yet. So I gave it a try !
As usual : should have been a week work at most, but I got caught in making an very polished engine since then, and “artist disappearance” (denzel vanished a few days later, I’m cursed, lol)
As for now, the game engine is almost finished. Just lack… the sex content, lol !
I spare you all the adventures behind the scene, but it’s getting back on track and I should now more in a week max.

Vroom vroom !!

Vroom vroom !!

After that ? KoPC update !
I’ll wait for Patreon september revenues, and use them for next KoPC update, should be enough to pull a good one !

About the MMO.
I had the idea of converting the Sex Pit or KoPC into the MMO.
I mean, I acquired the tools to develop a mmo BECAUSE of Sex Pit expectations to be bigger and better, and KoPC always aimed to evolve big way.
So I was thinking : the mmo could be the Sex Pit evolution, or the KoPC evolution.
You know, like “next KoPC update : being able to confront other players and show your pregnancy score !” or “next Sex Pit update : competing with other players fame to drain more client”, and start like that a slide, step by step, from solo game to mmo game.

But alas, I think it’s NOT the good way to go for the MMO.
Yes, it would be a tremendous headstart, content-wise and engine-wise, but we need to not forget KoPC and Sex Pit GRAPHICS are utter crap and really heavy, and really don’t convince ANYONE, outside our community.
(see how manga-style games gather thousands of dollars on patreon, where we barely get a hundred !)
At least not as a strong foundation for it.

That doesn’t mean Sex Pit and KoPC should not evolve this way one day, but one thing at a time !
First, we could really do with a mmo that could potentially bring a little money to expand and improve ALL our future games.
And second, we should really try a mmo “from the scratch”, with a good partner artist, so I can focus on players wishes and something new, for now.
This way, we got all cards in hand to really try that out and figure out where it leads.

And that’s a big thing, already : I now know the mmo will NOT be based on the Sex Pit or KoPC, and should go its own way.
And I also know I really want to develop online tools for KoPC and Sex Pit, and start to have motivation back to work on the Sex Pit, with what I learn in my other collab games and new perspectives.
That’s… huge work. But you know me : if you keep support coming, and we can gather money for this, I will definitely be up for the task !

Another little late thought about gameplay : it’s a very small details, but I got the idea of a “ressource gathering” aspect, for the mmo, that would consist in fucking girls !
I mean, whatever the mmo is like and based on, just going at some point into a forest, to have sex with a bunch of wood elves for some time, to collect wood ressource. Then going to miner’s base, and have sex with the gorgeous techie female boss, on and on, to collect stones.
Or developping your own base, with guys/girls of specific kind having sex in specific location, to automatically gather specific ressources.
Isn’t it a really nice of idea of adaptation of ressource gaming ?
Anyway ;)

Sex Pit : see above.

Advertisement wise : I’m opening a topic on LoK forum (in “creative” -> “discussion”. Should be up later today), seem like nice guys.
I’m making demos to put on hentai-foundry and newgrounds, too, to bring people home.
On HF, people are silent but seems to enjoy.
On newgrounds, people seems ultra harsh, as usual, even if some are wonderful. It’s “frozen hell or burning love”, it seems there’s nothing constructive in between, alas.
But that’s lots of work for me. Keep helping me on that if you can : talk about those games when you can, on all hentai forums and sites, in a constructive way. (don’t lie, don’t spam, just share the simple love ^^)
You’re awesome, thanks a ton !

YTPP : unfortunately, this got pushed back a little.
I would have like to do one right after the poker thingy, but as you see, other stuff are coming in-between.
But as I contacted other artists, to help me finish the racing game as well as for future projects like the mmo, I may obtain material to build a future YTPP.
I mean to “test” the artists, I usually ask a rape scene involving Rude. This way, I see if artists are “cool” with this kind of extreme stuff, if they can draw my main character, if they can draw attractive teens, and if they can express intense feelings in their scenes.
For now I got nothing back, but one is more serious than the others, and should bring me back an attempt on that… material for next YTPP ;)

Patreon : things goes well, for now.
I can keep stuff up to date, and I begin to get the gig.
There’s a lot more of previews and heads up there, I hope “bloggers only” don’t get too jealous about that, but again : on patreon, people are factually “paying” to be kept informed.
Even not much, having the infos a little in advance isn’t a bad way to reward this support.
But I keep things fair : here, we go much more “in-depth” on several topics, and in the end I’ll try to provide bonus passcodes for any future games, both on patreon and on this blog.
And different ones, I mean.
This way, depending on how fanatic you are of my games, you will be able to cumulate lots of special fun and little gifts ! Elegant and exciting ^^ (at least, I am !)

Conclusion : like you see, I’ve been working my arse off, big time.
Please keep supporting the hard work, and I’ll keep providing my best possible, and improving for you all !
Have fun and enjoy hentai !