Augustus rex!

Hi my dear hentai lovers!

I guess I can’t be on fire all the time, lol, struggling to get back to my usual “miraculous production output” in vain, lately ;)
Well, not the first time I’m a little burn-out, not the last, it’s always very temporary, to gather some ’sexual mana’ to spend in spectacular bursting carnal spells some other time!

So, during the wait, here’s a thing I attempted to learn, lately, in some sidelane time : Source Filmmaker! (SFM)
For those who don’t know, it’s a free 3D software, made by Valve (steam/half-life/counter-strike/team-fortress guys), and designed for the community to be able to produce little videos and anims of popular titles.
It doesn’t took long for some perverted expert to import nude models and mechanics to the thing!

The pro AND the con of this software being : it’s very powerful.
So… it allows you to create astonishing stuff, but is also suupppeeeeeeer (franky style) complicated and complex to learn!
Here’s a little static scene I wrap up together. It’s really raw and unfinished, but it was just to test stuff.


Anyway I reached a lot of problems, as for now :
- male model having some arm problems
- I don’t know how to jiggle stuff
- I didn’t found any ‘already done sex animations’ to import
- some ‘riggings’ like juliet don’t work at all
- models’ chest/neck/heads manipulation is atrocious
- I have no freaking idea how animating all this will work out.
- I didn’t find any way to control sweat or real filters, aside some ‘bloom’ handlers.
- I didn’t find how to edit skins to add cum directly to texture or stuff like that, for now.
- Doesn’t seem to be able to “swap” models, for fun purposes.
- Render options are scarce as fuck, but it’s related to filters problem, I guess.
- no vaginal/genital handlers ??

So, yep, it’s still better than Sexvilla/TK17, as a hentai 3D software, regarding lightnings, resolution/quality, and just the possibility to have more than 3 characters. But not sure it’s the holy graal of 3D I’m searching for.

Maybe with time the sex community will build other tools ;)
If any of you know how to solve any of those problems I mentionned, I would gladly have more fun with this software, if you’re into it ;)

Anyway, that was the quick hentai news of today! Back to Jessica, Sexforge and LP! :D