For Hentai Glory, roaaaar!

I know, I know, I come here from time to time (very rarely!), and see I don’t post anything anymore since quite a long time!
And for a good reason : I’m doing sooo much stuff on my several projects & games, via patreon stuff and news, that I just don’t have any time left for this blog, lol!

So, yes : TONS of new stuff are getting released EVERY. FREAKING. MONTH!
And you should definitely check that out on my patreon pages :

- Sexforge project (absolutely insanely full of content!) :

- School Breeding Orgy (legendary harem game for sure!) :

- Mattis Games (main page for everything else, and there’s a lot of “everything” involved!) :

I’ll see you there!
Onwaaaard to infinityyyy !!