First rows

Hi, folks ! 

So, first demo of KoPC has been released, you realize why I was warning you about unfinished stuff, some first improvments were made, and todo_list begin to grow exponentially, etc, etc…
If you missed it, the link : (which can be found on the right column if needed)
And Jinx finally create the forum I was asking since days, now, so we will be able to put some flesh on those bones ! 
I am still blocked with a lot of IRL stuff to do, but as always, I will try to come back at you and the game as soon and as often it can humanly be.
During the time, enjoy first bunch ! 

Finally comes to life !

I dodge my family’s bullets, jump to cover, and finally found some little time to finalize the alpha ugly incomplete release of the game !

Say you love me !

Then play the game, be disappointed, remember every warnings I gave you (or read past messages if you forgot), and wait (raaahhh, again ??) for main events : updates !

Usually, it’s better to release a game only when you have some weeks ahead to handle the first big waves of critics, bug reports and suggestions, in order to put in motion great, quick and numerous updates, to keep up with the joy of first impression and build on it.
But in our case that would push the release back for weeks at least, and you already wait too much for this. So : I know it’s frustrating, but at least you got some alpha version to fap on ^^

Here goes nothing :
(download and open 1024*768 for better view)

Time for flowers and rotten tomatoes.

EDIT : bunch of fix : game is slower, progress is faster, ‘impossible click’ acceleration fixed. 
Keep reading all comments and edits if you want to be informed.

Sad day !

I was hoping to be relieved from my family issue in a matter of days.
But I just learn today it will last for at least three more weeks !!

It’s fucking annoying, guys !!!
I feel so powerless, depressed and pissed off by all this…

Pff….whatever, see you soon…

No news yet !

Sorry, not any news yet ! 

Got family issue since weeks, no way to get peace to work on the game ! 
But be sure I’m as impatient and pissed off as you surely are of this ;)