Here’s comes a new challenger : Ghost Fucker!

Well well well, what did this month bring to us ?
A new kinky hentai game to enjoy, of course!!
Upon a “classic” gameplay, we pull out, thx to a bunch of different collaborators, this nice little “Ghost Fucker” thingy!
Not quite sure where I was going, with this one, at first, so I didn’t revealed anything about it, but now, it’s done and up, so, I’ll let you enjoy it to the fullest!

A brand new game : The Ghost Fucker –

Gooey ? Ghostly ? Arf, doesn't matter!

Gooey ? Ghostly ? Arf, doesn't matter!

Be sure to mention what you especially like, so I know what to go for to please you even more in the future!
(and it’s always appreciated and motivating, anyway)
And yes, I know the buster tend to me “tricky”, sometimes, but it’s part of the difficulty, and it wasn’t my idea in the first place! I try to explain them, my dear beautiful ones, but they didn’t listen to me and wanted it anyway, huhuhu ^^

Thanks for your continuous support, and onward to even more hentai games, yahaaa!!

(…. this post feels too short. I know I’m too tchaty usually, but it feels too short anyway. How do you do ? Keeping well ?)

What’s up, buttercup ?

So, what’s new since last time ?

Well, I finally released Sexforge alpha version!!
It’s been a long struggle, but it’s now “playable”.
That said, there’s not a lot more than a few minutes of gameplay, but the structure is here, now, ready to be built upon, and I felt it was important to release something, so supporters have something to really put their teeth in, aside all w.i.p pics shared on the patreon page.
As previously mentionned, it’s a closed alpha, with early access only for patreon supporters or paypal donators that wanted access, for now.
The game will keep on growing, and when we reach a version not only playable but fun and with significant content, and we made sure it runs more or less smoothly, I’ll open the game for everyone.

This release took time, some patreons got really confused on how to figure their accesses, despite loads of explanation from me. Well, probably my bad, but in the end we got there.

Feel free to jump in the boat and talk about the Sexforge project, if you’re still not in, of course!
(links on top side & right side of the page, all around ^^)




That aside, what else ?

Waiting for results on my main patreon page campaign, I took up on a commission one of you asked me.
It was really nice to work on some specific demand like that, and it came up very nicely!
I’ll try to get the result out there, in a few weeks, for the rest of you people to enjoy!
(but for now, I let the commissionner enjoy his fruits and candies ^^)

And now, it’s time to get back on the Sex Pit update we talked about!
Well, that and Sexforge continuity, I’ll split myself in 2, like usual.
(I would like to get a bunch of NPCs and quests out for Sexforge by the end of the month, it will take some work time!)

Globally, things are getting better, this month, it seems.
I learned a lot of tricks, I start to get things done, I’m improving and feel like knowing better how to re-focus on pure hentai fun. All that is good! So let’s get cranking!