It’s coming, it’s coming, uuughh!

Hi, my beautiful ones!

Quick note to keep you posted : next game is almost finished, should be out in a few days!
It’s an attempt on teamworking with a wonderful guy, we both learned tons of stuff doing it, but I think it looks ultra nice, you will have fun with that ;)

After that, I will get back to KoPC, it’s time for an update! (even if we are not at full funding, we’ll not nitpick, let’s have fun!)

A hot gooey mess, don't you think ?

A hot gooey mess, don't you think ?

Also, I’d like to really thank all of you for all the support, positive feedback, donations and everything.
It’s really the heart of the matter, the fuel that keeps me going, and allows me to put so much energy, time and inspiration in all that !
Too many people out there on the web forget “amateur games” are done by very few human beings (when not alone), in a very fragile balance where we (creators) got no protection or “fall back position” against harsh critics or lack of “positive motivation” that only other people can bring.
We’re not big corporations or society where “work ambiance” or salaries can compensate conditions, or where there’s a specific “customer service” and “communication staff” to handle things on one side while “developpers” work peacefully on the other. It’s all in the open, direct, and brutal, one way or another.
Too many people forget that, but not you.
And for that, I thank you.
(I thank you with games, I know, but I like to add verbal thanks. Just like “silent people” don’t count in the end, “silent creators” don’t count either !)

In addition : I don’t answer to everyone, but be sure I read everything.
I would like to answer, but I spend this time working hard on pulling out new hentai stuff, for now.

Ok, get back to work.
(and a little teaser screenshot)

New stuff coming up!

Hi my beautiful ones!

So, let’s sums things up :

The Sex Pit : given the passion it unleashed and the support it gathered also, I might get back on this project, in the future, to develop it some more.
For now I got other stuff on my plate, so it will stays as it is or a little time, but know that your campaign have been heard, and that this door is not closed anymore for me.

A new game and KoPC : that aside, I got 2 stuff growing side by side.
As I was saying, I started a new hentai game with the help of someone. I’m currently peeling my fingers off to progress on it, and it’s going great, but it’s not finished yet.
Parallel…lelaly… (I don’t know the word, people, I’m not englishborn, lol).
Alongside, KoPC funding campaign has almost reached its goal, thx to a lot of you saviors, but I didn’t start working on it yet.
So…. I have 2 games to do at the same time, now.

I don’t know how I will handle that, but who cares : let’s make hentai !!

I said I was gettin help... looks freaking nice, don't you think ?

I said I was gettin help... looks freaking nice, don't you think ?

The Sex Pit 1.5

Hi again, my beautiful ones !

So, yeah, Lazram gave me a very special and amazing kind of help, with a marathon of motivation, support and testing to squeeze the crap out of noticeable problems of this game, and now you have the second set of improvements to make it more worth it.
I won’t list everything, but you got some save system, now, access to the end game, and lots of safety stuff to avoid the worst combos or “approximative” stuff.

Still, lots of “suggestions” are just misunderstanding of the game general goals and systems.
Don’t fall into the common mistake of trying to play a game in another way the one it points you to, and you will spare yourself a lot of headaches.
For example, the point is to make the best score in a limit, that’s all, and if some prices are cheap and other very expensive, there may be a purpose behind that.

That said, I’d like to thx everyone’s consideration and appreciation for my work and efforts.
I know no ones mean bad (at least on this blog… it seems on other sites it’s not the same deal, lol !), it’s just too much excitation sometimes expressed a little roughly.
Thanks for those who understands that and try to make it more… glamorous and kind, lol ;)

Enjoy second fixed version on mysexgames (they uploaded it very quickly), still the same url : The Sex Pit

Sex pit heads-up

Hi, my beautiful ones ! ;)

Ok, so, yeah, you seems to “enjoy” my latest game, The Sex Pit !
Let’s wrap this up !

“The Sex Pit” was a little side project, I didn’t planned to make it some big ass KoPC adventure out of it. (at least not for now)
I was trying to make a game a little more “complicated” than usual, because that what I was good at, in my previous job, and wanted to see if I could transpose the fun I used to have, years ago, in nowadays hentai flash games.
Turns out it was far more difficult and less fun than I guessed it would be.

On top of that, you were very vocal about how “imperfect” the game is, right upon release, and drop on my head a big santa list of wishes/suggestions/requests/complains (depending on people) right away.


So I still did a little quickie update with some fixes.
Namely :
- “beat up” now cost health, not money.
- virgin girl put some blood on dicks, and get *3 multiplier on money gained.
- girls info panel got some fixes
- some details I don’t bother you with.
- and mainly : getting rid of timer everywhere except pure sex (which was the highest claim). (now nights end when there’s no client left)
(check on mysexgames for update, same url : )

We lose something, but we gain a little more, yes.
That being, I really don’t like that, because that creates a dangerous precedent, where “you shout”, and “I do”.
That’s how my previous job drifted, with time.
And on this path, there’s no light at the end of the tunnel : people are more and more convinced their wishes should be my order.
They convince themselves I have some kind of “obligation” to be at their command and to comply to their requests, because their requests seem “fair” or “good”.
(like it has anything to do with the thing : it would be fair and good we all have billions of dollars and can have anything we want. It would be fair and good people stop beating their children and wives. Do the world comply to that ? Of course not! Without a real tangible lever, ‘intentions’ on other stay wishes, lol!)
Or they convince themselves that somehow, aside from them, I feel the need to pursue the developpement of a game, that I’m bound to it, morally, and I will accept their guidance because I’m chained to the boat anyway.
No, absolutely not. Once game : this are some free amateur games, done and shared only because I receive something positive back from you.
Creators are not bound to anything, they can give up anything they want, whenever they want.
Of course, mutual respect can create constructive framework and all, it’s not my point here, but community of gamers always go straight to this reef of thinking creators HAVE to pursue the road and do what THEY ask.
They don’t, don’t make that mistake, that ends badly, in my personnal experience.

So yes, I programmed a few fixes for the Sex Pit, and will program some more, because of Lazram, Valkner, and all of you who cared about what I was feeling about all those little ‘complains’, and because I still have some masochism and pride in me (even after all I’ve been through, lol).
But I really don’t like the path it’s taking, so, let’s just focus back a little and keep things straight ;)


That aside, thanks for all the support, yes, because I know it can costs you also.
Me still here and trying new stuff and keeping quality stuff going is the result of your common effort on that, and giving me somehow positive feedback where my games are far from perfection and high quality.

Sorry about the speed of my games, too. I got an ultra slow and old computer, compared to most of you, it seems, so when I program and test those games, they run ultraaaaa sloowwwww on my machine, and it’s just very very frustrating and long to do anything.
So I try to keep them that way and not “speed” them on my computer, but I work blind, on that.
Maybe one day, I will have enough money to buy a proper computer and get back to you on that.

Also : we’ll try to test out these leaderboard system, it’s the most important thing from “The Sex Pit”.
It was ultra crappy hard to program, and it seems it still doesn’t work, but it would be nice if we could make this work. (because KoPC pregnancies leaderboards, yeah !)

Ok, got to go, have fun and bounce titties!

New game : the Sex Pit !

Hi, my beautiful ones !
After a lot of trouble to make it work, last hentai game to date is here !
Using animations from KoPC, I make my first attempt in business/management games ! (it was freaking hard, lol !)
Come to town, and build your little business in an abandonned warehouse.
Make tons of money, get your reputation to sky limit, and get the hell out before the cops get in!

business going very well !

Here goes THE SEX PIT, a brand new hentai management game !

Proudly sponsored by, once again, enjoy and spread the word !

(sorry, forgot to do some screenshots, with all the fight)

Have fun with that, and don’t forget the forum, comments, donations, feedbacks, and everything !
Excelsior !

Starting blocks !

Hi, my beautiful ones !

A quick post to say alternative donations systems should work, now !
Bitcoin, paxum and patreon seem to be up and functionning, so if you don’t want/can use paypal, feel free to test them !

Also : my new game is finished, but I’m waiting for sponsor response, for hosting and details.
So, should be available and released in coming days, if everything run smoothly !

After that, I will try to get back on YTPP 3 , which will not be a YTPP, in fact.
It should have been, but I’m not sure now, I may try something else…. I know, it’s confusing, but I will keep in touch with you about that.

KoPC funding goes well and up, will be able to start working back on that too, if that keeps following this path.
So great news here and there !

Keep supporting the hard work !
Love you.

Paypal, donations, news and spring!

Can’t wait for the sun to come back!

Hi, my beautiful ones!
Didn’t work anything out for April’s fool, too bad, I would have liked to. :/
But got too much work on my hands, so maybe next time.

Next game :
Currently finishing some new game, using some KoPC content, but bringing something completely different on the table.
Will see how you like it and what you think of it ;)

Donations :
KoPC donations are coming up, that’s very good news!
I’m still working out other systems (paxum, patreon, etc…), but it’s taking time (administrative crappy stuff & infos), and the point always been to work on games first, don’t lose sight of that!
So, if we reach the funding goal, I will focus 100% on KoPC, I don’t have any personnal interest in working on making wonderful sites or affiliations, it’s just to occupy time between updates funding!

Side paypal news :
Tenebrys got a little surprised Patreon donation site got a huge problem/change because of Paypal bullshit. (ok, may not be the right formulation, but that’s the idea, right ?), and same thing for Fenoxo.
But Paypal never bullshitted anyone : it’s clearly stated in its policy it DOESN’T allow adult content or funding, in any way.
So it’s just a game of “hide & seek”, like for illegal downloading and everything.
The day you get caught, you get caught, that’s all!
The same goes for me and my games : we just make the best out of Paypal, until they find what I do with it and ban my account.
Fenoxo and Patreon made hundreds of thousands of dollars with it, so I’m not even a little fish, compared to that, but that’s still something to keep in mind.

Is it worth it, so ?
Freaking yes! Paypal is a hundred time easier for everyone, during the time. For me, for you, for fees, for everything! And I surely don’t make the mistake to let money sleep in it, so it won’t slip.
We just got to make the best out of it, like for youth, sun during summer, nice ladies/boys willing to cuddle us and everything else in life : as long as it works, just enjoy and use it!
(with moderation, for youth, though, but not for paypal, lol)
If something out there works better and easier, anyway, I’m all ears.