Redeemer FaQ

What is the Code Redeemer?
I have made tons of various hentai games, and will make more.
And to thank supporters for their contribution, I implement reward “bonus codes”/passwords in all my games.
Codes to get in-game money, unlock features, contents, scenarios, rule34 characters or other stuff : it depends on the game, but each one got at least 1 code (and biggest games have much more!)
The “Code Redeemer”  is a website where they are listed, as a catalog of rewards, and ready to be redeemed by supporters.

Where do I access it?
The Code Redeemer is web-based, meaning you have to go on a specific website/url, given to supporters.

How do I get the url/become a patreon contributor?
1 – Create a (or a suscribestar account, works the same for this process), and go to this patreon page or that suscribestar one
2 – Pledge at least 1$ to it, fill/check your payment infos to not have it ‘declined’.
3 - Be charged by for your pledge, in the end of current month. (”pledges” aren’t charged at all, on! Not until end of the month!)
4 - Patient until the 7th of following month, time when send me all the processed results and I can create accesses.
5 - Check for the patreon private message (or suscribestar posts) I send you the same day, with Redeemer’s url (if you haven’t been declined, of course). I always post a news this same day to tell people url was sent, so keep patience.
6 – Go to the url provided, register in the game using your (or suscribestar) e-mail. (the website will check you’re a real contributor to avoid cheaters/url thieves)
7 – You’re in! Have fun exploring all the bonus available, and pick the one(s) you want.
(ex : if you pledge 14th of May, you’ll be charged the 30th or so, and receive access the 7th of June)

What do I get for my contributions?
I convert each month (the 7th. Everything happen on the 7th) your support into “support credits”. ($1 for 1 credit, I kept it very simple)
You can then use those credits any way you want, inside the Redeemer, to get codes for games you love!
Money code, unlock content, features, scenarios or bonus modes : it depends on games, but each one have at least one code! (and some got more than a dozen!)
It’s a better system than the regular ones where you “force” a specific reward, at a specific time, to specific support ranks.
With this better one, you can save your support credits for later, change it from month to month to get more credits if you need, and choose yourself what rewards you want, and when!

What games are concerned, exactly?
Aside Sexforge and School Breeding Orgy (working with other patreon pages), and my 1st games/small loops : all of them!
You got the whole list on the right column of this blog! (KoPC, SexPit, YTPP games, PB or TiTs series, Ghost Fucker, Sex Racers, Jessica’s, etc, etc !)
In the Redeemer, you’ll see a quick description of what the bonus code do, in front of each game, + quicklink to access the game itself, each time, all for comfort!

Other questions?
Ask them on page or by e-mail (my address is on the right)
Remember to tell me what game & topic you talk about! (I got tons of e-mails about tons of different games, and I don’t have a fortune teller crystal ball yet!)

  • jesus says:

    i haw payd but wen do i get the codes?

    • Mattis says:

      You should read more carefully posts, your private messages or this page, your answers are right there.
      But short answer is : you already received your access to the codes via private message, on
      Just connect there, and choose what codes you want to unlock.

  • Lux says:

    is there a way to download the games after donating?

    • Mattis says:

      There’s ways to download them, yes. Look in google “how to download .swf game”, it’s based on code source exploration, often.
      (though it won’t work with Sexforge game specifically, that used an online database access you can’t reach, once the game is downloaded for offline play)

      • Caleb Tesfaye says:

        Okay first, my comments aren’t showing up after 1 day, and secondly, can you PLEASE update the link to KoPc? Also if you ARE deleting these comments then could at least tell me why you are deleting them?

        • Mattis says:

          I am not deleting those comments, don’t worry.
          It’s just I have to manually approve them, due to constant bot-spamming. And given I’m alone to produce dozens of games, and administrate and manage as many pages and websites, those things can take time ;)

  • Shaun says:

    So I pledged a few days ago, but I have to wait until the 7th for a redeem code? That’s a bummer.

  • Shawn says:

    I became a supporter a few days ago, but I have to wait until the 7th? That’s kind of a bummer, but I’ll wait patiently.

  • stanley says:
    plz,give me the code,i can`t find it,just message to me i had support you.

  • Izaak says:

    I have a question. If i have paid ath the end of november and we already have 2nd december, so i was charged, can i get the old passwords (passwords for november)? Or i must wait to next 7th?

    • Mattis says:

      The 7th of each month, people are granted accesses to a big “reward codes catalog” website, timeless, where all their contributions stack up, to be used at any time.
      All old codes are there, all new codes are added there too, it’s just a big place to redeem your support, anyway and anyday you want.
      So a little wait don’t make those codes disappear, don’t worry ;)