Head’s up

Hi people !

Just a little post to say there will be no KoPC update for august !
I’m about to travel and will not be back until september.

 I already programmed the next update : new sets (prison cell & park), new scenarios, and a bunch of fixes regarding bugs you reported and suggestions you made.
But it still needs some little final details, and even if I was to send it now, my sponsor seems absent, so it will probably not be upload until september anyway.
So enjoy the sun a little longer while waiting for it !

 Thx again for the support and the feedback, please continue, it’s appreciated and very important !

 Will get back to you as soon as possible, like always !

Quick fix !

Ok, no big news, just a quick update people !
Some of you pointed out some bugs in last big update (and I found some myself, shame on you, you should be first on that, muahahaha ! :p), so I made a quick fixed version.
My sponsor was out in town, so it comes a little late, but still, it’s always better to have fixes uploaded.
List of fixes :
- “Bombay B” level bug fixed.
- “Teacher of the year” level crash fixed.
- Submit buttons in map redone to work better, and fixed when needed.
- Bonus/Public poses : “next” button reversed bug fixed.
- Pants problems fixed (colors and bad covering design)
- Flashing womb bug during climax fixed.
- Yoga bra bug fixed (oldest bug ever, this one), and improved.
- Stripping upper arm glove bug fixed.
- Some font on interface redone.
- “Dog grip” pose completely redone, upon leg swapping suggestion.
- Code lines clean-up, nothing visual alas.

Thx for feedback, people !

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)
Note : latest version of the game is only available on mysexgames.com !
It’s the point of a sponsor’s exclusivity, and it’s just simplier that way !
So don’t ask for versions elsewhere or trust other sites to have the latest one, just go on mysexgames.com !
One game for everyone, one place for everyone, easy and quick.
Now, wish time :

- Don’t hesitate to comment on improvments you like, to let me know what direction you like.
I mean, for stuff you don’t like, please spare me, it’s already a job hard enough as it is, and if something is added or changed, there’s always reason to it
BUT, if there’s something you like, tell it, because this way, I could know what to dig into.
For example, I wouldn’t have done all prego stuff or all “adult/tall girl” stuff if people had not testify they liked it, updates after updates.
And positive feedback on every details is always appreciated.
If you didn’t like or didn’t care, just continue to say nothing, silence is always the most delicate way to influence developments, lol ;)
but if you like it, tell it, dig it.

- About new sets to come : 
I got some sets in reserve, like the 2 simming pool sets I got since the beginning that have never came out, and some other to come.
Problem is they show a very late game progression, where main character’s already so influent he can fucks girls in the most public places without no one to dare say anything.
So I thought it was better to wait for them, and just add sets in a logical way (more and more “exposed” with time and less and less “private”).
But maybe most of you just don’t really care ?
So that’s my question : do you prefer plenty of new sets to play in, even if the order of appaerance is completely illogical, or do you prefer some kind of coherent releases ?
…. But as I write it, I think illogical release will be a mess to understand and enjoy.
I don’t know, tell me your thoughts about this.

- About finding alternative blog & hosters, forums, or even comissions : 
Those past subjects are not closed ! We discussed a lot of alternative sites, but nothing so far was open enough to accept my stuff.
- I’m still struggling to find a proper blog hoster that accept paypal button and hardcore hentai stuff. If you have solid links, please share, because we’re a little outlaw, here, and I don’t like this kind of Damocles’ sword.
- Same thing for sites that accept drawings. Mine are too much of raw unfinished sketches and too loli/rape orientated to be accepted anywhere. If you know sites that host that kind of stuff, tell us, maybe that could accept mine too.
- a forum for the game would be nice, but as always, I don’t have nor time neither good address for that. So feel free to open an official KoPC forum somewhere that accept extreme adult stuff, and to send me back the link so we could all have fun on it !
- I’m open to commission (paying ones, I mean). I can’t do really better or different than what I already do, but if what I draw or program is pleasing you, feel free to order me something. I’m opened to discussion about that. (I see it works a lot, on hentai-foundry, and artists are always rejecting commissions because that have far too much demands. No one ever asked me on that, (only requests for free full hentai games based on remake of existing games, lol, you silly crazies :p), but I don’t want you to believe I don’t want to give it a try!

- I would also like to thx people that donated to this game, it’s really appreciated, and sponged a little the sweat and blood invested in it.
For everyone, please continue and try to support the game as much as you can, it’s really needed, for KoPC to live on and grow to infinity and beyond ! (hell yeah !)

And now I go back to work on the next update, thx you for your time and faith !