Kinky curves!

Hi my dear hentai lovers!
It’s been some time I didn’t posted anything, but it’s been (and still is) a hell of a month, which caught me in some IRL storm overload of stuff, + exhausted, travelling, and so on!
It fully disorganized me, damn!

Yet, I was able to do a lot anyway!
Mostly Sexforge, with quite a lot of items, new quests, poses, features and all.
Satisfying progresses, even if there’s still big modules left for my personnal tastes!
But you got to enjoy the road, and what’s done, Mattis, so, yes : good progress!

Also, let’s reveal a little more about the next minigame : it will be some kinky Jessica Rabbit story, in modern porn era context.
Not a big ass massive game, I got enough of those to handle as is, until I can gather a team of people to help me (pose animators, writers, custom creators…), but a nice one anyway.
You know it will be very nice ;)


Yeaah, I lost the NSFW version, sorry, unintentionnal crappy pixels!

So! Without further tchit-tchat, let’s focus the man’s back, hands on the wheel, let’s make some exploding hentai!