Finally out !

Hi everyone, next update is finally release !

First I had IRL problems for months, and when I was finally able to work on a new release, it was the turn of my sponsor, to have IRL problems !
Delay after delay, it’s finally here, so enjoy !
Detailled news of this update (must read, as usual !) :

Bug fixed: 
- crash when selected a girl and going to bonus pose before being into sex animations.
- “see preg” option that used to bug.
- money crash on “replay” option.
- penis color bug : used to be always a white one 
- anal climax allowing pregnancy
- male customization problems with demon skin
- stripping bugs when mixing with swimsuit 
- freeplay mode : tit/suck buttons were still displayed when you hit the ‘custom’ button. 
- bug on music options
- bug on xray && inside penis transparency
X-some bugs fixed : 
- get a girl pregnant, start another girl, pull pregnant girl in x-some, cream her : you used to get a pregnancy point where you shouldn’t
- pregnant belly wasn’t staying in place.
- bug changing girls fucked between sex steps
- secondary girls creampied in a x-some doesn’t count on total pregnancy meter/

Additions : 
- x-some : when one girl leave the group after climax, just one girl leave, no complete reset anymore.
- x-some : first solo sex pose kept in memory, and come back when x-some is finished
- fixes on adult standing poses + size redone for every girls and poses 
- lighten the game engine (mainly on girls creation at beginning of stages)
- several changes on interface : main menu, game interface, custom panel, x-some additionnal panels, freeplay poses’ list, visual for strip options.
- titfuck poses rebuild with separate tits and improved
- added awards and story descriptions under “total pregnancies” number (up to 17 levels). 
- new guy custom option : beard
- new guy custom option : moustache
- new girl randomisation option : asses (now 4 sizes instead of one) 
- new girl randomisation option : nipples/areolas ! (3 new ones)
- 4 new girl haircuts : cat, tresse, chaos, straight long
- new girl clothes : pull-over (4 colors),  long shirt (6 colors), bra/panties (4 color variations)
- new pose : adult birdy
- new threesome poses : adult idol, adult dignity and adult rude (opening x-some for adult girls, not existing before)
- new foursome pose : adult feast 
- new special threesome pose for daughter & mother stage : mother show
- brand new gameplay option : gangbang with public ! (not working in school stages yet !)
- new gangbang poses : public hold (threesome with main character), double down (threesome full public), triple down (foursome full public)
- public added to “unwilling” stage for gangbang purpose
Thx to all players who have report bugs, bring constructive and original suggestions, and give support and patience for the game ! 
THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)


Added adults x-some poses ! 

Mother & daughter poses : still work to do, but starts great !

First working gangbang stuff ! (not perfect, but working !)


For other thoughts, let’s take some time to analyze something… don’t seems to work anymore (at least for me. Can someone else access the site ?) is closed, fed up being hacked and spit on.
Hentai section of stopped new activity since a year, tired of trying, after being one of the most miraculous hentai provider for a decade, but containing only hateful and harsh critics, trolls and flamers since years.
No great hentai activity anymore on newgrounds (as far as I know) or from zone, konashion, or krystal modders.
And just read the comments on King of Porn City from, or hongfire, it’s all about killing the bird in its egg.

Hentai sites are being closed or in dereliction more and more often, known hentai creators make less and less things, and new ones just don’t rise up like before anymore.
Of course japanese professionnal productions continue to flow, but the emulation it created since two decades seems to have slow down like hell, and we got almost nothing new and good, nowadays, where we were used to have 20 new fun games a week, before !

Why is that ?

You know why : because people became arrogant and demanding.
Not ‘good supportive way’ demanding, but spitful, scornful, flaming every little try not fullfilling their impossible requirements of quality and contents.

They just forget ‘creation’ is a hard thing, and very fragile, even when you are supported and provided good tools to walk the long path of training that will get you better and better.
They just forget everyone else can read their comments, and no one could be thinking “yeah, let’s try making a game to please this hateful audience”.
They just kill what exist, and what could exist at the same time.
Less and less people will even try, seeing that atmosphere of hostility, and those who still try just give up one after another.

It’s not even a question of legality or making money out of it anymore.
It’s just the hentai community making everything in its power to kill hentai production, and believing they just rise the standards and ‘have to’ give their harsh critics to improve things.
They rise my ass and improve nothing, that’s a deadly spiral, a tsunami, and it’s time everyone realize it, because the time of astonish
ing and numerous productions is now over, because of that.
Make the lesson you want out of it, but I think it’s important to write it down and accept it.

Here on this blog, I got the marvelous chance to get supporters BEFORE flamers.
I would have gave up KoPC project right at the start, if it wasn’t for you.
What we should all do is take action on this, and make this constructive voice heard.
Stop letting flamers have the entire battlefield for themselves.
Do supportive comments, do counter-attacking comments.
Insult them, give them a taste of their flames, give positive critics of games.
Write pages and pages about what you like in hentai games, everywhere.
Because we all KNOW games are never perfect, and are in fact just crappy as hell.
No one NEEDS to remind creators how bad they are, they already know it.
There’s no game we love unconditionnally, there’s always tons of wrong things.
But everyone else is already describing in lenghts what’s bad, there’s no one on the other side.
Even on a 99% perfect game, people will feel the need to talk about the bad 1% remaining, ending up in 99% of comments describing what’s wrong in the game, and just one guy here and there pointing out it’s 99% perfect, where it should be 99% of good comments and 1% bad.

So I’m not talking about my own games here, you wouldn’t believe how greatest hentai artists of our time had just never have any positive feedbacks on their work !
I’m just schoked to see how desperatly glad they are when I just write them few stuff like “I don’t really like your style, but objectively it’s magnificient ! Your atmosphere is wonderful ! Keep up the good work !”
They SHOULD be drowning in good comments, and they just don’t have any.
Pages of positive comments SHOULD be found, where there’s in fact only flames and trolls everywhere.

So let’s just NOT talk about what is obviously bad in games we play, let’s just focus on “potential”, and give our support to creators and tell them what’s good, and strike back on flamers to push their words so deep in their throat they will shit bricks of hate.
It’s time to be constructive. We want good hentai ? So let’s make place for those seeds to grow, first !

(and bravo to those who have read all this !)