New game out : Wonder Woman Fall into Porn!

Aaaaand a new game already!
Yes, I’m totally on fire since a few months, you’ve never seen a solo creator so productive, I know, I’m the best, the hentai messiah, lol! xD
(don’t worry, my games are still far from perfect, and barely bearable sometimes, I know that too, huhuhu)

This one is a commission I received last month, from one of you (ouuh, secret secret!), that I loved to work on, as a mod of YTPP 4!
And the anonymous good samaritan allowed me to release the game to public! (say “thank you” to him!)
So, enjoy it (and it’s 9 endings!), be fair, as it was a special request, so it wasn’t about being polyvalent (no bonus mode, for example), and… well, that’s it! Have fun! :)

THE LINK : Wonder Woman, Fall into Porn

How to help those games easily : must read !

Squeeze those titties! ... for starters!!

Squeeze those titties! ... for starters!!

Other news?
Other news : I didn’t gathered much, this month, on main patreon page (more than half the pledges are fake ones, alas :/), so I wasn’t really able to start new big stuff.
But I progressed on Sexforge (new quests, new features, new NPCs, new everything!!), in partnership with SSS.
And as we are both insane, we also worked a lot on his own big game project : Lust Planet.
Things are going really well, even if we’re not there yet on anything, but that’s still some productive month!

And also, I started a new KoPC update, but without much to go on, it’s just small steps here and there.

Yep, in the end, a big ass month, still, lol!
So, onward to May! (May the hentai be with you all? Rock on!)

The Sex Pit v2.2 patch!!

Hi my spring lovers!
With a lot of crafty feedbacks on v2.0 of Sex Pit, and some ugly bugs left, I took some time to work back on it a little.
And one thing leading to another… well, you know me : lots of new features! ^^

List of news :

Bugs fixed :
- big saving problems (with new girls and all)
- furry/RAZ problem (not sure on this one. Someone said you couldn’t come back from furry custom, even with RAZ. Tried my best!)
- hard difficulty mode button overlaying.
- unlimited money “pregnant farming” glitch
- beat up option not working.

Improves :
- no more dotted/cummed penises on side clients. (+ penis coloring)
- music/sound button : crossed when off.
- quality button.
- hotkeys! Use 1 to 9 to choose girls during game! (0/+/- for girl 10/11/12)
- “skip/end animation” button during fucks ^^

A NEW LINK (beware ^^) on the disliked but alas very quick!

How to help those games easily : must read !

For those who wonders : I grow to dislike newgrounds because anytime I tried releasing something there, in the last 10 years, I receive a whole bunch of insults, ultra harsh and rude critics, and lots of “get the hell out of NG, with your awfully bad and stupid work!”, with a very few nice words drowning in an ocean of hate.
Worth thing being, I know several very good creators who got demotivated to do anymore games because of that kind of treatment too, there. So, yep, even when they are nice, I can’t help but feel very stressed when I post something on NG.
This is how some communities turn to the dark side and kill everything good, alas!

Anyway, Sex Pit 2.2, YOU are awesome, enjoy, have fun, fap well, eat vegetables, see ya soon!

The Sex Pit v2.0 !!

Hi hentai warriors!
As some of you already know, the Sex Pit v2.0 is finally out! (yeaaahh!! All praise the Hentai Lords!!)
I was able to make the best addition I wanted for this game since the beginning : events!
And loads of them! Plus all kind of other serious additions that will spice deliciously your every day routine!
Let’s rock!

List of news :

Bug fixed :
- Perfect fuck happening only on “near” skin/hair, but not on “perfect” skin/hair : fixed.
- Visual artefact on “+XX” pop values erased.
- Sex poses “Birdy” & “Stand screw” pregnant belly problem fixed.

Improvements :
- Pop “+100″ at random location on the Bar.
- New “client served” message
- Standing animation cancelled (for engine overload).
- How many client left in the day
- Cops uniform for men (related to new “events”)
- More hair colors for girls!
- Better save of customs!

Big Cheese :
- STD put as a status, like “pregnant” or “virgin”. 5% max chance to catch, depend on hygiene, cure effect added to “doctor’s” option.
- Bribe the police (whoop whoop), and cancel all risk increase for one night.
- New event system : + 28 exclusive challenges and opportunities !!! Some very easy, some hard, but all adding to the ambiance of your brothel’s daily life!

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)

How to help those games easily : must read !

Usual note : latest version of the game is only available on !
One game for everyone, one place for everyone, easier and quicker.


Events for everyone!

The infamous STD problem got solved!

The infamous STD system got changed!


As for the rest of news, still progressing on a lot of stuff at the same time, and still far too slow in my opinion, and on stuff that will not be really “playable”/”viewable” for everyone or soon : a private commission (buy more, I love working on those! I learn a lot of stuff trying to shape your unspeakable fantasies ^^), Lust Planet (which is a long run project, so don’t get too too impatient yet!), or Sexforge (I wish days had 72 hours each, at the very least, lol!)

But I’ll try to squeeze in some global gud game after that!

Also, regarding the Sex Pit itself, we bounced some opinions and concepts with Lazram, and there’s still really really fun stuff left to do, in this game! This dark road will keep on going! :D

In any way, enjoy the games, keep supporting the hard work, and I’ll keep making my very best (and much more) to entertain and to provide you good deeds! :)

Interlude my love.

Hi, my beautiful ones!

Alas not much to say for now, last couple of weeks have been… well, as incredibly productive as usual (compared to what all other creators do, once again ^^), but it still feels a little empty and slow!
I must have some crazy bean bouncing in my head, for being so unsatisfied whatever I do, lol!

First thing is : next Sex Pit update. Ready (and even fixed!) since more than a week, my host is still taking a looong time to upload it. Once again, I shouldn’t beat myself up : I already released Ghost Fucker not even 2 weeks ago, after releasing the Sexforge alpha in beginning of Marsh, if I remember ? (I lose track so fast, lol), and now I’m complaining I didn’t make a 3 game release in only one single microscopic month! Damn!
Well… it’s pending, anyway!

I started my part on the Lust Planet project of SuperSatanSon, too. It’s very promising, and progressing much faster than I thought! (life gives and life takes away!) Not around the corner anytime soon, but that’s still good news!

About Sexforge, a bunch of stuff. Notably new NPCs, location and quest, and more to come!
Also, I progressed a little on the “backstage team gathering work” :
- I’ve contacted a new potential animator, to help me out producing even more games & contents, lol ;)
- I was able to implement proof-reading tools in the QuestMaker, and got myself a serious proof-reader in the person of WC Gordan (yes, yes, the one that contributed a lot to KoPC! The man himself), because it’s ALWAYS necessary. Especially with me.

Working on a very fun and sexy private commission, too :D

Plus a truck loads of other details, IRL or not, problematic or not.
Well… yes, that’s a looooot of work done, in fact, I don’t know why I keep thinking there’s too few stuff happening. O_o

Anyway, brace yourselves, more hentai is coming!!(yeaaaah!!!)