New game out : Strip Poker Slut !

Hi my gorgeous hentai lovers !

As some of you may already know, I was working on some side collab since months (with an artist named Pornsketchz, this time), and it’s finally done !
Please welcome a brand new game in the Mattis Sphere : Strip Poker Slut !

As usual on my side projects and collabs, I try to use them as training field for different stuff.
It expands my skills, offers you fresh air (when and if needed), allow people to join our community with other premises than a single fetish (which always as been my point, if you look well), and bring some joy to hentai sphere which lacks new games (classic or not) !
Especially “good” ones, because slideshows or short films are nice, but it’s not “games”. Regular flash games can be so awesome and fun, why not hentai ones ?
So I really like bringing all this to the scene, and I hope it pleases you as well ;)

So, this time, a strong enjoyable “classic” strip poker, except it doesn’t end with the lack of clothes, of course, you know me ;)
Have fun everyone, and don’t forget to spread the word about our games !
(on forums, patreon, wherever, whenever !)

A brand new Mattis collab game : Strip Poker Slut !

Sponsored by, once again, enjoy and we’ll keep going on !


Who would guess it's about to get real messy, hmm ?


On other news : my patreon page begins to build up.
It’s a hard and long process, we’re far from done, so please please continue to support it and try to spread the word about it ! (I don’t know, talk about my games on your forum, and just say I’m building a patreon page and a big mmo for those interested !)
And thanks again to all people from here that pledges there ! (even if no one answered me to get his august reward. Kind of weird, but that’s pledgers choice, I suppose ^^)

The first good news is it helps the KoPC funding campaign, for example.
So next update will be able to come sooner ;)

Second one is it should help building a brand new project, too, about a massive multiplayer hentai game of some kind. Which I would want to construct on players wishes, if you have any.
If you miss the topic about it and want to make any comment or suggestion, just read next blog’s post, it’s all there :D

Next things to come up : what should be a nice collab I’ve awaited to do since yeaaaars. But as I don’t know if the guy will deliver, I keep to myself the possibility of transforming it into a non-collab somehow.
We’ll see. (should have been a YTPP game, but as the guy I wanted to do something with was available and motivated… started something else, sorry !)

So…. let’s get cranking, Mattis, got tons of work to do !

About the future : biggest project on the horizon !

Hi my beautiful ones !

A specific post to talk about my future projects, and one especially : a massively multiplayer web-based game (evolutive, of course).
Past months, as some of you noticed it, I’ve been working on obtaining some “tools” to develop it.
I won’t go into details, but now it’s… “possible”.

1. What is mmo web-based games ?
My previous job, so I know how to bend epicness and endless possibilities into those stuff, but most people are not quite sure about the nature of this.
So, best examples : Ogame (non hentai, but most known one), LulaOnline and SexGangsters.
Not 3D/video games, not “live interactions”, but it’s still a big bowl of new gameplay possibilities, waiting to happen.

2. Where do I go with that.
Those games are examples, but don’t have flash animations, are unbalanced and completely real-money wired (for sexgangsters at least), and exploit very very badly the possibilities of interaction between players !
I can do the same, but much better, with all that lacks, far much more player interactivity, evolutions, and injecting all good animations, customs and everything from KoPC or other flash games into it !
Flash as its limits, web-based games too. But both combined ? Wow, man, awesome!!

Remember : no one imagined or trusted KoPC could be anything interesting or original, at first. I destroyed a lot of preconceptions about “hentai flash games”.
If you think there’s no good places to go with some ‘lulaonline’ type game, look me in the eyes, figure out what new wonders I could have in mind, and think again…

3. What we have for now.
What is already sure is that I will focus on players interactivity/confrontation, which doesn’t exist AT ALL in the whole hentai world. (as far as I know)
Think “Heroes of Might and Magic series”, or “Medieval Total War”, or stuff like that.
Whatever the universe and gameplay is, main point in the game would be something like :
A – you develop your empire/clan/harem somehow (like in SexPit, Breeding Season, Lula, SlaveMaker) in solo.
B – you can attack/conquer other players to progress more. Asynchronously, meaning you attack some IA defense other players would have built, when they played. So it’s not “one on one” or “PvP”, it’s more like “one against defense IA” or “PvE” (where the “E” is built by other players).

Imagine… I don’t know : SexPit, where you can deploy some of your crappy girls in the streets as prostitutes, to gather more money, while you make the most of it inside your warehouse with your best ones.
And when other players go “hunt”, the girls they obtain, if they are lucky and fight well enough, are in fact the ones you sent out.
It’s just an example, but that’s what I mean by “players interactions”. It’s not “each player on its solo corner gameplay, but with a common chat” like it usually is.

That’s just to give you a raw idea of the main guidelines.

Also, this project will be :
- Linked to patreon. Developpement of it will depend on what patrons are able to gather for it, and in-game monetized options will try to help this free-to-play (and not pay-to-win !) project to exist, but I can’t pull it out of thin air, alas.
- More ‘mainstream’ style. We got KoPC and mini-games for twisted personnal stuff, I would like to try something more manga-like, less ‘rape-intensive’, or just more in adequation with players expectations and wishes.
- Focus on a big gameplay. It’s been too long I want to do a real “game”. I would like to develop an action fighting game (street of rage anyone ?), if I could, or a huge space battle game (star wars battlefront in flash, fuck yeah !), or a mecha NOT-turned-based skirmish game, or a flashback tribute (old amiga/genesis action game). I mean a live nervous one, with tons of upgrades, combos, strategies and all. I’m not sure it’s good, because that means a person bad at the game (or who simply don’t like this type of stuff) wouldn’t be able to progress !
But it would be so awesome, to have a real hentai game, not just RPGs and quickdraws anymore.

4. My problem, and where I need your comments/opinions/ideas.
My problem is, really, to focus. There’s just too much possibilities, and I got too much imagination and see them. So I need your comments on what universe and what gameplay we could go for.

Point is it must please most of people, and universe must be “open”, so that we can develop expansions, like “bondage stuff” or “far west stuff” or “sci-fi stuff” or “disco stuff”, etc… that still feels coherent with the rest.
In a space battle game, the gameplay is… well, “specific”, but going from planet to planet would allow this “open” universe to have expansions still coherent. (”Welcome to planet hospital-nurses”, “and now’s for Medieval planet”, lol)
Or a “clan” stuff : some weird universe where there’s lot of clans at war, and each clans depict a fetish/style, than you can puncture on somehow to build your own.

I don’t know, I’m all over the place right now, too much possibilities.
We don’t HAVE to do a lot of them, we would start very small anyway, but it’s just something we have to keep in mind : it could go a long way, like KoPC, so it must allow the possibility of it, so we don’t get stuck 3 years from now because we didn’t take the time to think about it before.

I don’t know. I would like to do a mainstream stuff, very easy to deploy and develop, so I can focus on granting people wishes more easily than in KoPC.
Give me ideas, comments, tell me what you think about that, etc…

5. KoPC and other games ?
Goes without saying, but I’ll say it nonetheless : it doesn’t mean I will stop anything else !
KoPC will keep growing, as well as all other series and projects !
The point is to make something “different”, so it doesn’t cancel each ones out, and it allows me to not get exhausted on one singular project (I often need fresh air), and to test stuff here that will help them there, and vice-versa !
Yeah, I know, you would love me to be a dedicated machine. ;)
But I’m a versatile hentai-god, that’s how it is, sorry, muhahaha !
Come on, I know I’m frustrating, but admit we would have miss my games, if they didn’t came to exist ! ;)

Your turn, now, shoot it out !