Howdy !

So, I was able to convert all the game into a “single-handed game”. Good !
And I was able to develop some kind of mini-quests system for each location.
It loops against my will and isn’t as versatile as I would want it, but it’s a good start anyway.

Each building contains X locations that contains Y scenarii

And as usual, in order to keep you waiting, I made a gif of one of the sex animation…

Not a full perfect Mezzo Forte stuff, of course, but at least I’m honest with the product and its evolution.


So in fact I don’t progress at all in the game.
Got really tired and busy, and I’m not satisfy by some stuff in my game.
1) I thought the system I develop would be fun, but it’s just boring.
2) The game needs the keyboard AND the mouse to be played. That’s not… pertinent. I let you figure why ^^

I have to re-think some elements of gameplay, in order to access sex stuff more quickly and in a more fun/exciting way.
Some sort of storyline or scenarii would be better.
I always thought gonzo was more exciting, because you imagine your own stuff, but as everything, it depends how you do it, and the context of KoPC offers unique opportunities, don’t you think ?

But I will not leave you on this “blablabla”.
Here’s a little screenshot of x-ray view, for K.Peta fan(s). ^^
(got some screen bugs on it, I don’t figure why yet)


As asked, I start to work on an alternate “dude”.
So here comes Ron Jeremy, this ugly pork we hate so much !

(and for those who don’t get the “ugly dude” fetish, don’t worry, you will still have the main character to play with !)

So that’s not a lot since last time, but as I say before, I’m a very busy man, I try my best !