Going for the one

Hi everyone !

Got a little time to work on some stuff for KoPC !

Shirts added (uneasy ^^)
Difference between lingery/swim-suit made
(and so we can add lingery, now)

Re-work the climax. (the shake is on purpose)
Hard one to program, but it works !
(still I have to animate heads, add some stuff
and correct some bugs, I know, but it’s here !)

Got to correct a lot of small bugs, too. (a nose disappearance, and condom management went mad, got to track down a lot of crazy behaviors !)
And I re-route a lot of split functions in order to … whatever, you don’t care, and it’s boring stuff ^^

I still think about all those quest thingy, in order to put life into all this, though, but I still don’t find how to make the story believable and enjoyable.

As usual, all comments are welcome !

Step by step

Hi everyone !

Didn’t progress a lot since last time, got a lot on my hands those days !
Got to fight some morons on feminism. Because I’m a convinced feminist, as strange as it could sounds regarding the stuff I draw/program.
Catharsis has its own way of being logic.
I will surely come back on this subject another day, but the point is I end up trying to do the most messed up and enjoyable hentai stuff I can.
Maybe one day you’ll understand why ;)

Whatever, I was still able to improve boring but important stuff :

Some facial diversity (new noses, eyes, mouths).
 Not perfect, I know ! Comments and ideas needed !

Re-work on womb, on x-ray view.
(but first cum cock was better, don’t do you think ?) 

Let’s do the square dance once again

Happy new year to everyone !!!

As I spend the holidays with my family, you can guess I was not in a good place and context to work or think about hentai games.
So no big or small news for the moment, you’ll have to wait a little more !

But I was still able to find something in my old archives : a small game I totally forgot about !
Incomplete, of course, but hey, it’s not christmas every day !


Hope you spend some quality time, and will continue to lose some time on my blog and works :-)