Engine roaring…

Hi everyone !

Just a word to say I finally finished the next update of the game…. a week ago ! 
But as my agrement with my sponsor says I must wait for him to upload the game on his site, and as he didn’t answer me since last sunday, I’m just stuck right there, waiting for him to finalize the upload to be able to show you the work, argh !
So, it’s done, but not available, boo ooh !!!
Of course I asked him again for the upload, but no answers so far…
It should come out quickly, just a little more patience !
To help you with that, here’s some other drawings of mine.
2 people unconditionnally ask for more while only 1 people ask for no more stuff of that kind, so here comes.
Again, it’s much more “lolicon” stuff than what you can find in my games, and crappier quality.
I already stated my games and my drawings were two completely different approach and stuff, so don’t mistake or be surprised.
If you don’t like it…. you should have voted and answered when I was asking your opinion about publishing those stuff ! 
(when I ask questions, it’s because I need answers. If you don’t answer, assume the consequences, loool !)
(due to a change of policy on blogger.com, I removed some images to avoid problems !)

Some try on bigger drawings. Not very good, sorry.

There was a story with it, but just make your own.

Enjoy !

Progress and stuff

Hi everyone !

Just a few words to say I’m finally able to work a little on the game ! (hurray !)
So I was able to fix a lot of bugs, and finally make “y-some” works !
(I use the term “x-some” for “one guy and several girls”, and “y-some” for “one girl and several men”)
At least for now, there’s surely hidden bugs everywhere, lol.

But the update are not for now because I try to hire someone to re-do the sets of the game, to make them look more alive and less empty. And to do the whole freaking long bunch of new sets we all put on my to do list, lol.
You know that could help BIG TIME, and improve, accelerate and add a lot to the game.
Also, fixing bugs and making new system works is huge for me, but not so much for you, so I need to add new poses and contents in all that.
(but that depends if we get our new sets or not, so, stay chill and cross fingers)


That brings me to another point (suggested to luigi) : feel free to participate to this KOPC game/project.
Aside from suggestions (which everyone do, by tons !), there’s plenty of room for everyone to accelerate the growth of the game, by taking in charge some aspects, that could easily be done without me and then put in the game.

For example sets of dialogs, or new scenarii (with texts and conditions going with it so I just have to put them in the game engine right away without working on it, because without that it’s just suggestions I have to work on).

Even for stage sets or other stuff, I don’t know, shoot. We can even discuss money if that helps.
We don’t talk about big money here, but who knows : multiplied by a lot of work done for the game, it could be interesting for you.
It’s always a sensible field, but it’s just to say : don’t think I enjoy struggling to release stuff, I would be glad to give away some aspect of it.

So, given the spirit of the game is respected (at least for now. Maybe in the future we will go outside this “rude pornstar kind-of-raping and knocking-up girls”), I’m more than open to the idea of getting helps to accelerate the growth of the game, and give opportunities to people.

Just to say ;-)
And some other drawings of mine, as hentai-foundry keeps rejecting them.
(beware : it’s probably not the taste of everyone, but KoPC is one thing, and personnal drawings are another thing)

(due to a change of policy on blogger.com, I removed the second image to avoid problems !)

If you like it tell me, I could add more.
If you really don’t tell me too, so you avoid seeing more ;-)