Onward to 2019 !!

Yep, this blog went completely adrift, since quite some time!
Not because of lack of news & content, as one could think, but because of the exact opposite!
I got tooooonns of new stuff jumping out of my bag of hentai wonders!

And handling 3 full patreon.com pages, and even more factual hentai games & updates on a regular basis behind that, is a big work!
The output went from “an update every 2 months” to “5 updates & one full game per month” (ish. Sometimes more)
So, yes, planning that many news, a constant flow, + the real hard work behind that, is just massive, and amazing!

But that doesn’t leave a lot of time to add a blog’s management on top of that!
So, I prefer keeping it to minimal, by updating the games list on right column.
That’s where the magic happens, lately.

And for everyone who wants more, well… join me on patreon.com, and see the process of shaping all those magnificent booty & boobies unfolds!

Onward to sexier tomorrows!