Keep faith !

Hélas, no, I’m still not come back from all my IRL problems and works !
But here and there, I try to progress anyway on the game.
So, two little screenshots to help you keeping the faith ! 
(don’t build up yourself on the “public assistance” stuff yet : I did my best to program it with the few time I had, and it just don’t work at all, the screenshot is kind of a lie, just a glimpse of a long hoped future !) 
Aside : have you noticed ? It seems I’m not the only one struggling to come back on the hentai web sphere.
Here and there, all sites and programmers seem to a little down.
Gosh, that’s a really harsh business we cope with…
Anyway, if you have a good site to replace the sad shutdown of, in matters of hentai games and flash games, share your links ! 
And I’m thinking about a contest on your favorite girls and males customs on KOPC, just to see what are the most loved characters !
Feel free to start sharing your screens about that ! ;-)
See ya A.S.A.P !