Christmas something…

Hi everyone !
Hope you’re ready to enjoy holidays !
Me, I’m not, like always, and have a hell of a time organizing all that, but still, I was able to work on some stuff for you !

So, what’s been added, in this special Santa edition :
- Options memorized (xray, prego preference, vaginal/anal preference, etc… but not music yet, will come)
- Change in some upgrade’s names (has been asked by users) and a big rebuild on prices to make the game less “fast”.
- Added some options during the process.
- Prego fuck ! (as bonus sex on already finished women)
- Prego xray with baby inside, with character colors ! (and even a devil baby for the devil skinned’ main character) Not my taste but hey, a lot of users ask for it. :-)
- New stage menu interface, which allows me to put back unwanted past scenarii and which will allow me to add a lot more stages and scenarii.
- Santa special ! (outfit + special level and scenario) Unlockable after all stages are finished and a special code is enter (those who don’t read this will not have it, muhahaha) : santacomeclose 
- Babysitter scenario’s dialogs by janko hrasko ! Big thx to him ! 
- Fixes on splash-screens, condom management and xray.
- Brand new gameplay interactions : players can now spank women’s ass, face, breast and thigh ! (each girl has one dedicated spot among those that will bring some points if spanked). More to come ! 
- Brand new object interactions ! For the moment only light projectors and couches work, and bring bonus points the first time they’re used in a stage containing them, but more will come with time !   
- Note that spank and object interactions works only during sex scenes.

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)

(The game is freaking proudly sponsored by !!)

Prego fuck and santa special, damn !

Santa’s stage (you should really read the list of updates)

Bonus pose and bonus face slap ! 


Nothing much to add, the usual : enjoy, comment, donate, support, promote, have fun and stay calm while waiting for all the other stuff that would come one day ! (I do my best !)

Thank you all for making this year and game possible !!

Chika boum chika boum

Ok, here’s the update I was talking about in the previous post !
(already lost ? Tss, get a map :-p)

First : thx to everyone who take the time to find and explain precisely those bugs here and there, it’s priceless !!! 

Still no big big contents, but there was a lot of programming invisible stuff redone, for the big changes coming our way ;)
It makes the game a little lighter, faster, and less buggy !

List of news :
- Fix on a animation bug in “stay put” threesome pose.
- Fix on “birthday party” stage about the first girl name (need “Rebecca”)
- Fix on a x-some issue : when finishing a girl in x-some, then coming back on the first girl, guy couldn’t creampie anymore.
- Age limit : 80 yo. (bouya !)
- Goth outfit/accessories/tattoos/make-up/clothes.
- Goth stage.
- 3 new hair style
- 2 hair colors (white and black with pink dyes)
- Suck pose rectified
- Left hand graphics (for dude as for girls) instead of a right hand clone.
- Fix on some superposition issue between stages elements.
- Extended dude’s head customisation (now we have all colors on all heads, + all hair colors on all heads)
- In anal mode : no more pregnancy.
- Several options put in cookies memory (x-ray view, see preg/cream view, anal/vaginal switch)
- Condom management redone (simplify a lot the structure, which could lead to cock customisation)
- New pregnancy-splash messages, as well as situation management (vaginal, anal, condom) !
- New pose : adult suck 69 !
- New threesome pose named “topper” !

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)

(The game is still proudly sponsored by !!)


1) Coming soon…
Aside from all your ideas I noted, some of them will be released soon :
- Prego fuck (harder than it looks, but I should be able to pull it out)
- Santa special (don’t expect a total revolution, but I work on a fun santa skin for the dude !)
- Tons of small special sex poses…. but I don’t promise anything yet, I’m not sure when I will be done with that.

2) It goes without saying…
… but as you still asking, I should clarify this : of course I will add tons of stages, scenarios, gangbangs, public participation, more dude customisation options, younger dude sex poses, and everything else ! :-)
It’s just that I can’t work on everything at the same time, so I just try to get the most work possible done, on every domain at the same time, to be able to release good and quick updates.

2) Getting big…
It’s always about a lot of small issues and additions, but as you can see, the game is getting bigger and much more consistent with time !
That’s the way it will be : never really astonishing in it’s step by step, but never getting smaller and always growing, so in the end we will have a freaking awesome huge engine, offering tons of fetish, custom options and poses !
Just count how much sex poses we already have, if you’re not convinced… I add them one at a time, but in the end we have tons of them anyway !
And those who will have been here since the beginning will be able to say “I was here when it was a crappy small game, dumbass, now pay respect to those who got onboard the adventure from the start !”
Because there’s lesser value in helping a big game than in supporting a small one.
If the game is that size today, it’s because of you, I would never had done it without your support !
So thx to you all, and let’s get back to work ;-)


Hi everyone !

Just a heads up, to say I got a new update ready to release, but I wait for some answers in a discussion with our new sponsor,, before being sure to release it !

So, it should comes quickly after that.
And during the wait, here’s some appetizers…

3 new hair styles, and 2 new hair colors  !
(white and black with pink… dies. Is that the word ?)

Goth outfit stuff (tattoos, shirts, piercing, lipstick, etc…)
+ goth stage + new dude customisation !
Of course, a new pose… and maybe more ? Who knows ;)

It’s not all, there’s a lot of other stuff, but I just listed some main contents.
And credit for a lot of those works goes for you all commentators who gave me ideas !
Well… I already got thousands of ideas, but you are good supporters of your owns ;)


And as I got time to work on another update waiting for our sponsor response, I started working on some… little special candy for the end of year ;)

Well… who is this ?


Also, be sure to read all other people comments if you want to know what’s already on my list or not.
As I usually answer almost everyone, you will know exactly what to expect or not for future updates, and what’s already been asked several times or never !

Keep supporting and sorry for the wait or development time !
It’s a one man’s job on his spare time, and as I often repeat, I’m far from a professionnal or skilled guy !