Everlasting ways

Hi everyone !

A bunch of interesting stuff today !
- First set of standard dialogs completed (meaning : text bubbles for suck action, brutal suck, deep suck, titfuck, normal fuck, brutal fuck and deep fuck)
- A second set of random standard dialogs added.
- Dialogs for the first scenario added. (meaning : text bubbles more specifically linked to the first scenario)
- Uterus graphic improved
- Shop interface changed, for additionnal sets and scenarios to come ! (working on it right now ^^)

And the most promising :
- Slipping in/out/poking added, for “stand up front” position (you can test it in freeplay mode, the fourth button for this pose)
That’s promising because I will add that in the standard gameplay to obtain a more fluid link between fuck steps when playing, that will be more fun.
And it’s promising a second time, given I will be able to add ‘anal’ stuff and ‘anal/vaginal switch’, thanks to that !

AS USUAL, RELOAD THE USUAL GAME LINK TO OBTAIN NEWEST VERSION ! http://fadrax.enix.org/ren/demo_kopc.swf


Aside from that, here is two awesome soundbank provided by IrishRed, a great thanks for sharing that !
(will be added in future KoPC version, of course !)

Note : I’m still in search of male sounds, brutal and dirty moans. If you got some, please tell me and share them !

Enjoy !

Slow-mo Summer.

Look who’s back in town !

Okay, folks, some news today.
It’s a one shot, no promise for the future, as usual, but it’s still something.

- Add sounds, enjoy (If someone got small proper male rough moans sounds, feel free to share !)
- Add dialogs. Still not completely effective, and need to add scenario related ones, but hey ! ^^
- Cock remade.
- Improvments on “suck” and “deeper” sex poses.
- Added two new clothes…. I think. (I already forget if that’s new or not o_O)
- Fixes issues on freeplay timer, cock’s transparency, ponytail on some poses, etc…

- And I try a new presentation for the very first level (but only this one), tell me if you like it or not, so I can now if it’s worth working on it or not.

AS USUAL, RELOAD THE USUAL GAME LINK TO OBTAIN NEWEST VERSION ! http://fadrax.enix.org/ren/demo_kopc.swf

Reference inside…


Aside from that, not much news.

You will see I added a paypal donation button, because one of the main reason news take so much time is because I need to work a lot, IRL, to pay bills. Dozens hours I can’t spend on hentai games, you know the drill, nothing new on earth !
So it’s facultive, but it’s there, just sayin’…

And just for fun, some magnificiently funny animation ^^
(nothing to do with the rest)

Have fun !