Wut ?

I know, I know, no news, that’s a fucking shame !!!
Try my best, free game, no promises made, no responsability can be charged on me, but still it’s just frustrating, I know.

So, no news yet, but don’t drop the stick : ever heard of “Wet : the sexy empire” ?
A game old as hell, but good as hell, believe me, I just discover that.
It’s just soooo like what I try to develop here, with kind of the same atmosphere and all (ok, not as sick and as hardcore as my work, but still).
You must try to install and play it (both task are difficult as hell, I must warn you. But I think it’s so worth the pain I talk about it, so that must be fun, right ?)

Just do your research and enjoy to forget how pitiful I am for not having found time to make some improvements on KoPC ^^
(PS : all the desert city is only the first “stage” on three, those who hang on will see how exciting it could be to imagine a flash-sick mattis-version of this game ^^)

Freeplay ?

Hi everyone !

Found some time, so now you have, in KoPC demo :

- Music
Didn’t find a lot of good loops, so if you find very interesting but light ones, share the link !

- Freeplay mode !
You have to impregnant all women in a stage, to unlock freeplay mode.
Still need some work, there’s bug and all, I know, but at least we got a base to work on it.

- Some invisible fixes
Lighten the suck/titfuck animations, rebuild the reset button, etc…)

AS USUAL, RELOAD THE USUAL GAME LINK TO OBTAIN NEWEST VERSION ! http://fadrax.enix.org/ren/demo_kopc.swf


For gossip, this night I had a dream in which I found a great flash hentai game.
At first it was just fine, but I discovered, exploring, that it was exactly what I try to do with KoPC and my games !

I was just so glad ! I was saying to myself, in the dream : “gosh, there’s just every options I need, there, and the graphics are so like what I try to do ! The ambiance is so greatly twisted and fucked up !”

Exploring deeper, I finally conclude that in fact, this game were so complete I didn’t even have to make my own, which was a little sad, but it was so great I didn’t have any doubt left : too bad for KoPC, but I HAD to share this link with everyone, the guy behind this game just deserved to be much more notorious.

And then… I woke up.
Noooooooo !!!!

I was just so great, I wish you could have seen it, argh !
But as every dream, it’s just vanishing from my memory, as the hours go by, and I’m incapable of drawing and doing the same quality stuff, for now…

So now I’m just a bit demoralized by the huge gap between what I see in my dream and what I’m capable of, but this gives new perspective, and I will work on them.

For now I’m just afraid you just get bored with the very poor rate of improvment of the game, and the fact it’s basically the same game, evolving very slowly… something I oversaw too quickly, I think ^^
….. anyway, I just can’t go faster, so it’s not like I could do something about this, and in life, you can only do your best ! ^^

Enjoy anyway !

Nearby and updates

Nooooo !
Forum’s down, because of a “no porn” policy !
We’ll need another one, work on that, guys, I can’t be everywhere ^^

Regarding the game, I made a lot of small and not-so-small improvements.

Be sure to reload it to have latest version ! (hint : it’s the one with today’s date on main screen ^^)

I will not list all improvements, I already done that on the now lost forum, it’s long and no one reads it, so just play and discover !
(note : yes, I know, progression’s been erased. that’s part of the process : you cannot benefits from former bugs and easy money, you will have to start over, from time to time, when I judge it necessary. Yeah, I know, I’m a fucking tyran, forcing you to play hentai game, right ?)

Same link as always : http://fadrax.enix.org/ren/demo_kopc.swf