Writing scenarios & campaign

King of Porn City (KoPC) is open to contributions, especially on scenarios and dialogs contained in the game.
You can send your own scenarios and campaigns at mattis.chastan@gmail.com
By sticking to following rules of format, your suggestions will be much more easier to include in the game, so much more likely to be!



A list of informations must be given for each scenario, which will help including your ideas into game’s existing engine.

1) Campaign : the general campaign in which your scenario occurs.
Example : Rape campaign (which is the main game), Futa campaign, Happy straight sex campaign, In the family, End of the world, etc… or even a new custom campaign (see below ‘creating a campaign’)

2) Set : the set in which your scenario occurs. Important : must be an already existing set ! Example : Warehouse, School, Indian’s flat, Photo studio, etc…
If the set got alternate sub-sets, feel free to precise. (like the Stadium, which have the field, the locker room, or toilets) If you don’t, I’ll just go for the main obvious one, of course.

3) Title : the title of your scenarios. A short, symbolic and simple title, must be different from any existing titles.
Example : ‘Personnal party’, ‘Birthday gift’, ‘My own private hell’, ‘Enjoying my cousin’, etc…

4) Intro text : the short text explaining what your scenario is about to players, at the beginning of each stage. (see screenshot)

5) Number of girls : number of girls in the scenario. Try to stay at one, but that’s not an obligation.

6) Type of girls : adult (tall) or young (small) ones. Can be a little of each (see “generation” condition below), but avoid it, it’s hard to program.

7) General specifications : you can add ’specifications’ in your scenario, among existing ones. It’s a facultative option : don’t mention them if not needed!
Overloading specifications narrow down the fun, stay simple when possible. (most current scenarios of the game, for example, mostly have 1 or 2 specifications maximum, all categories included!)
In each category presented down below, you can pick one specification (at max) (example : “asian, sexy, grumpy” or “swimsuit, young”, or none, but not “swimsuit, sexy”, which is 2 specifications on the same list) :

Race specification : asian, indian*, caucasian, african, arab, coast girl

Outfit specification : swimsuit, bunny, schoolgirl, sexy**, casual, convention, dance, dance teacher, cop, officer (cop in black), nurse, cheerleader, plane hostess, office, goth, naked, scientist, maid, rags, chains, vault outfit, savage/razorgirl, soldier, office (secretary), virgin robe (pink), promqueen (blue prom robe), princess, silver dress, racer, disco, fast food, frenchy, bear, cowgirl, football armor, lingery football armor, ship captain, april o’neill, powergirl, wonder woman, catwoman

Cosmetic specification : piercing, indian chain, jewelry (neck & earing), heavy makeup (eyes & lipstick), chic (sunglasses on head), glasses, blindfold, mask

Hair specification : redhead, blonde, etc…

Body specification : busty

Age specification : (between 18 and 35 by default) young (18), milf (35+), family (for multiple girls of same family), generation (same, but with age difference, like ‘mother & daughter’ scenario), twin (you can guess it…), mixed age (for multiple girls. some will be young, other older, it’s a mix)

Temper specification : grumpy, crying, inner, screamer, regular, happy, submissive

Main character forced outfit : (default : player’s current settings) naked, swimming, formal (office), metal, casual, sport.

* : add sari (indian) costume too, and indian chain earing.
** : no tshirt, no pants : just underwears + stocking + gloves.

8) Dialogs : (facultative) you can add specific dialogs for the scenario.

- Dialogs are for main male character (scenario specific female dialogs not programmed yet), must be short and syntax proof.
- Dialogs fall in 10 categories, which correspond to the kind of sex pose they can activate in.
- If you do a “dialog pack” for your scenario, do it completely, or don’t.
You can still send dialog packs at a later date, if you need time to do finish them.
- Dialogs must also try to be in relation with the scenario as well as the action. (”yeah, that feels good !” isn’t a pertinent dialog !)
- If you don’t have ideas, don’t force it, better have no dialogs than crappy dialogs. (I already do enough bad dialogs myself, don’t add more if not to raise the level :p)
- To ease inclusion process in the engine, dialog packs have to follow this precise category order :

titfuck dialog
regular suck dialog
deep suck dialog
hard suck dialog
footjob dialog
fisting dialog
regular fuck dialog
deep fuck dialog
brute fuck dialog (usually an impregnation innuendo)
alternate fuck dialog (usually an alternate impregnation innuendo)
assjob dialog.

If your dialogs don’t fit in said category or any category, it will not be kept, alas.
(the day I’ll figure out a new dialog system or new categories, I’ll edit this, don’t worry)

9) Miscellaenous : price, exact location, perversion factor, and all other info will be decided by the creator, for balance purpose between all other scenarios in the game.
Note scenarios will still use the main game engine, so it’s not a “total conversion”, accept that there will be plenty of details here and there not corresponding exactly, or that might be changed a little just to fit in existing engine.
Feel free to add one or two special requests, if needed, but no promise can be made on their inclusion.

10) Your alias : the name you want to be credited with ! (mention only once, if you send several scenarios)

11) Wrapping the result :
After all this is decided, put the result in a text file in a summarize form (example below), and send it to me (mattis.chastan@gmail.com)
Example :

“Campaign: End of The World – Alias : Dark Bohemia
BEACH (empty beach at sunset if possible ?)
BEACH ASSAULT (5 young, swimsuit, chic)
You and your gang heard some noise down by the beach, sounded weirdly playful. And what do ya know? Some rich kids decided that the apocalypse was just an excuse to live it up some more. So wrong… After ‘removing the males’ might as well have fun with these rich girls! After that, maybe they’d be good slaves? Or maybe their just extra mouths to feed…

titfuck : Ooooh, Those are nice! Did daddy pay for them? They’re mine now!
suck : What to do with some slutty rich girls…?
suck deep : Where’d you learn that, slut?
suck hard : Hmm, Maybe I’ll keep you… or maybe sell you!
foot : Pretty feet that didn’t travelled a lot, hu?
fist : Lets get you warmed up for your new life, slave slut!
normal : Aw… What a surprise! You’re not a virgin! Slut!
deep : Feel that in you? Get used to it.
brute : Now you are no longer a rich whore! You are a slave whore!
alt : You’re gonna make a nice fresh womb for my babies!
ass : So soft and clean, you were right to hide until now!”

All those rules and conditions will be updated as game evolves.
Creator keep a right of doing what he thinks he must do with your suggestions (reject them or not, partial inclusion or rejection, etc…), and you must agree to respect that. (or program your own game :p)
Contributors will of course be credited, but there’s no money in here.
And don’t use your contributions and/or their popularity to make demands.
(sorry for this precision, but there’s a lot of people who use that kind of moral leverage to ‘push’ on creators. I’ve been pushed to much, don’t try me, and don’t transform a window of opportunity for the community into an psychological arm-wrestling weapon)


(or several/lots of scenarios)

If creating scenarios is not enough for you, you can create your own campaign in the game.
For that, just give :
1) – a short main name for your campaign. If possible : name of the main fetish/idea depicted in your campaign.
2) – the order in which your scenarios must happened. Note that in a custom campaign, scenarios can be chapters following one after another in a main story.

Campaign must contained at least 7 complete scenarios, following the rules of scenario creation above. Exception : precise the campaign’s name and your alias only once.
I will not include half-done campaigns (on promises of future additions or not), or new ‘whole campaign’ of just 2 or 3 quick scenarios.
If you don’t have enough material for a real badass campaign, just contribute to other campaigns, there’s plenty of room.

In fact, try to re-actualize/contribute to other campaigns before try doing your own.
Some of them are really left out, and I got far too much work on my hand to take care of everything.
Appropriate yourself the beauty of continuation !

Same rules as scenarios regarding updates, creator’s right, credits and moral/money leverage.

  • Onimonipea says:

    Yay an update! Its always good to hear you retain interest in the project.

    What do you mean by , a more open system of scenario's?

  • luigi tayag says:

    Glad to hear this..
    It'll be more easier to expand the game
    Giving ideas then just pick the condition, it'll be faster..

  • luigi tayag says:

    Mattis in general condition 1 how exactly do we add costumes?
    What is sari costume?

  • Mattis says:

    I never gave up the project, lol, it's just my life making obstacles around it !
    And I don't want people to become greedy and push me, also.
    I've seen that too many times before : I do a lot of stuff and listen to people, so quickly simple gratitude tranform into ultimatum and constant agressivity on 'when' and 'why' I do stuff or not.
    No thank you, kind gentlemen ;)

    More open system of scenario's mean we will be able to have side campaigns and a more flexible way of linking scenarios between them.
    So, there will be a room for people to contribute by making their own scenarios to share with others.
    That's time saved for me to work on other stuff ;)

  • Mattis says:

    You don't "add" anything, you just use what exist ;)
    A "sari" costume is a common indian costume.

  • Onimonipea says:

    I am always amazed by the level of honor and dedication that you hold yourself too. It is refreshing to say the least.

    What, may i ask, are you working on implementing in the game now?

  • Mattis says:

    Lol, I don't really understand what you talk about, I'm just being myself (which is a lot on your hands, trust me, lol)

    Right now, I'm trying to motivate myself to finish the next update as quick as possible, and wonder what kind of bug I may have forget in the new scenario system, lol !

  • spike4379 says:

    Why not add like a dog or something? there could be a "in debt" scenario to the mafia so the women have to do bad things like that. sex with the dog would be the final stage, or make it as a playable character

  • Mattis says:

    There's three obvious ways :

    1) – you create your own complete scenario using this tutorial and following its rules.
    Work on my side : very little.
    Conclusion : more likely to be released directly in the very next update.

    2) – you suggest an incomplete scenario, or just a concept or idea of scenario, using content already existing in the game.
    Work on my side : need to fill the blank, that can take some time.
    Conclusion : less likely to be included quickly. After that, the probability depend on the relevance of the scenario among existing game, compared to urgent or big stuff I have to work with utmost priority to provide stuff to people.

    3) – you suggest incomplete scenario or concepts, needing new stuff like "dog", new costume, new set, new pose or new anything.
    Work on my side : need to fill all the blank, + to think, draw, program, test and debug every new stuff, in a way that would work with coherence in current game.
    Conclusion : that usually comes after all "urgent" stuff to do, alas !


    Global conclusion : yes, I could add dog or anything else, but that's a lot of additionnal difficult work.
    It's not for now, I'm afraid, you'll have to be patient !

  • so like has anybody's scenarios or concepts been made ?

  • Dasdude101 says:

    Have you given any thought to including guro scenarios/animations?

  • i would but i dont know how to i dont get it how it works

  • Onimonipea says:

    A question, is there a way we can collaborate with other people on scenario's? Like a forum or such? Or would you mind if we just posted ideas here for public perusal?

  • Mattis says:

    Guro is not my stuff at all, but in theory if there was guro gameplay in the game you could do scenarios about it, yes.
    As it is, there's none, alas, and I don't plan on doing it soon (as there's already hundred of other urgent or asked stuff)

    For guro games, anyway, there's already a lot of games flirting with that fetish.
    There's even full Circles dedicated to it, so there's no absolute need for a faint-hearted guy like me to go this way.

  • Mattis says:

    I don't really understand your question, but yes, there's already a lot of concept and scenarios from several people included in the game.
    And there's already one scenario (coming up in next update of the game) completely done by a player using this tutorial (unlike previous "incluced scenarios" which were more "suggestions" than precise and complete stuff)

  • Mattis says:

    Good question !
    If you dig this blog's archives, you will see I ask several time for players to open a forum, to help those kind of stuff.
    I still merely have time to work like I should on the game, so I can't waste time on creating and managing a forum on the side.

    But I invite anyone who feel like creating it to do so, so we can have a place for this kind of collaboration and developpment on several themes (like customisation contests, lol)

    Waiting for that, feel free to post ideas in comments for other people to see or ask for public annoncement I could relay on next blog message !

  • how do you create a scenario or a campaign?

  • Mattis says:

    You just read carefully this very post you commented and follow its guidelines/rules.

  • Mattis. There are NO links or any other ways to BEGIN constructing a scenario. You have only wrote the rules. What are the rules needed when you can't click on any button to BEGIN creating them?. And by the way, WHY DON'T YOU SHOW SOME CODES ON YOUR BLOG. I have surfed and surfed and surfed and can't find ANY codes for the game. I hope there are some that will make it easier, because right now I am stuck with only five out of six pregnants

  • Mattis says:

    By some braincells and basic computer skills (like reading on a computer screen, writing in a text file, using search bar in web browser, sending an e-mail, etc…), it will get much more better, you'll see.
    But more importantly : by some respect capability, it's urgent.

  • I was talking about a TEMPLATE. Have you ever played Age of Empires or Empire Earth. That is what I need but I will think on what you wrote and maybe send a campaign. But most of all. I really could use some codes for those scenarios where you need to impregnate six girls at once because there stands that you can activate codes. But I don't have any.

  • jon says:

    I believe your game has ultimatly become the best sexy fantasy rpg I have played.I have played several online versions and you can notice the growth in both game play and style. I would like to obtain activate codes. But I don’t want to steal them. If your willing my email is attached I believe it asks me to fill it in. Thanks lots

    • Mattis says:

      Thx you !
      Fun thing is the game can be improved thousand times more, lol (and will be, with time and support !)
      So it’s a neverending additionnal pleasure and surprise !

      For cheat codes, search this blog, you will find them easily ;)
      (I like for cheat codes to be searched a little, in a game. It spices things. And in our case it’s not very hard to find anyway !)

      See you on next update !