For the Greater Hentai Cause!

Hello there.

I almost never come back to this blog (or just to fix the FaQs, links or trash comments, lol xD), because I spend waaaay too much time and fun developping TOOONS of content for all my existing games, lol xD
And there’s just so much you can squeeze in “24 hour” days, so, I prefer delivering content updates over spreading myself thin on too many websites, alas xD

So, here’s just a quick recap or where you’ll find my work :

Sexforge project (absolutely insanely full of content!) :

School Breeding Orgy (legendary harem game for sure!) :

Mattis Games (main page for everything else, and there’s a lot of “everything” involved!) :

And also, my games are in Flash (with .swf files), so you’ll need this little program to make them work (or some other flashplayer of some sort).
Here’s how it goes :

1 – Download the archive file using this link :
2 – Extract it with winzip, winrar or a free unpacking software like that
3 – Launch and use the .exe (or .dmg, depending on your system) file inside to open Flash games!
4 – Have fun!