Pumping up the volume.

Yeah, I finally got published on funny-games !!! F.U.G now available on the site ! (with flame and bot comments, of course, but still ^^)

A quick eye-candy showing lastest upgrades in King of Porn City :
- redrawing of dude hands, feet and arms
- to show you I’m not bullshitting you, a new foreplay pose : standing tit-fuck ! (for MajinSaint ^^)


Note that :
- it depicts the kind of animation you have in the game.
- it’s a unfinished one (no eye/mouth animation for the girl, to say the least)
- don’t waste your time to decompile the file, I delete everything else but what you see ;)

Finally, a question : how do you find this blog ? (you arrived so fast on this site !!)

First comments !

Hey, cool, my first potential bots’ comments ! ^^

Sorry people, but as I don’t know how to make difference between fishing bot and real people, don’t expect me to send you e-mails ;)
You will have to wrote comments for some time to build some trust on this ;)

Some answers :
- easter eggs : could be done. What kind precisely ?
- cheats : don’t know for now. Maybe later.
- “have you considered taking donations to make alterations or bonus packs ?” : depends. Not for now, too worry this is a fishing bot’s offer.
- “how about going into android gaming ?”: I don’t know how to program for android, not very good on technical stuff.

Latest improvements :

- “strip” action now works on panties, bras and stockings.
- preloader fixed.
- “visible penis” after foreplay fixed.

(I know, you don’t have access to the game for now, so fix news are useless, but that’s just to keep things up to date)

The Big Cheese !

Now let’s talk about the main purpose of this blog : development of my first big hentai game, called “King of Porn City“.

Main goal of the game is to progress in the city, buying new locations and options, with money gathered by fucking women.
Simple, deviant, fun : hentai like we like it ! (or do we ?)

- A lot of place, a lot of sets, a lot of sex poses (with three version of each : regular, brutal and deep), randomly generated women, with a lot of alternate hairs, skins, boob sizes, and clothes (…to come. For the moment I just worked on some stockings and swimsuits)
- A lot of options around this core are already in place or expected : xray view, light talk, harsh talk, foreplays, potential scenarii, assisting crew or not, alternate version of “the guy”, etc…

- All of this working around a small system of gameplay, with some funny characteristics that we will be able to work with. (trust, perversion, rage, weakness, resistance, satisfaction, etc…)

For the moment, it’s kind of “brutal fetish” and “exhibitionnist” oriented, but the system is open enough to try other stuff if asked.

Here’s some screenshots, note that all is “work in progress”.

Intro of the game…. hmm, not good, I know !

Current city… will be completed with time !

A foreplay scene (only one for now)

One sex scene (note all others already programmed ^^)

Another one. Everything fully animated, of course.

A climax scene (and a bug on talks : work in progress, I said !)

Another location. (a little empty, maybe ?)

Let’s go swimming, shall we ?

Here goes nothing.
But as the game’s incomplete, I propose no “playable” version of it to download.
Because the point is to develop it to make something really big, but that takes time, and I need to know, first, if players are interested in that project, or if that’s a complete waste of my time…

So, if you want this to be release some day, and to be improved, say it ! Ask for it ! Shoot, comment and criticize it !

Getting started !

First, one of my early work : “F.U.G” (for Filled-Up Girls)

I did a lot of other stuff before this one, but nothing really “playable” and complete enough to be released, so I skip directly to this !

The game :  fill_up_girls.swf

This one is dedicated to Raddacus, creator of one of the “April sex game”.
I discuss with him : really cool guy, too bad he doesn’t do more stuff like that ! And too bad he decides to close his page !
April sex game : http://www.funny-games.biz/april-sex.html

And this game is also dedicated to funny-games.biz, a website that provides hundreds of games (hentai or not) since years.
Activity and quality has dropped down those days, and people start to flame this website.
It’s really unfair, regarding the astonishing work his owner (Petr) did for years, week after week after week !
The hentai page : http://www.funny-games.biz/adult.html

First post, blog opening !

Ok, people, I open this blog because I’m always working on various hentai projects of my own, and it seems no  can’t find any place to publish it and talk about it on the web !

So, here we go…
If you got something to say, feel free to do so !