From behind the bushes !

Hi everyone, hope you doing well ?

Given the lack of response on KoPC and some personnal issues, I got a little time on my hand.
So I work out behind the curtain to provide you the next episode of my new serie : Young Teen getting Porn Pregnant !!
A lot of you have been asking for it, and I tried to consider all feedbacks you gave on the first episode.
So, it should be awesome !

Here goes YTPP 2 : JENNY’S LIVE RAPE, a brand new hentai game !

Proudly sponsored by, once again, so enjoy and make noise !

new minigames, options, buttons, story, everything !

new minigames, options, buttons, story, everything !


About next KoPC update :
Funding campaign still awaits for you ! Got a lot of interesting stuff in my bag I want to develop for you (especially lots of new dialogs and save for girls preferences !), but no one seems to be here, those days, alas !
Keep a little thought for this project, people !

Offbeatr :
A little note on side, also, to tell you I’m trying to start an offbeatr campaign for KoPC developement.
Ready yourself to vote and support it when it comes out, if you love what this project have brung and could bring in the future, it would be a unique opportunity to show it and gather the world around it !

Have fun with all that, and don’t forget the forum, comments, feedbacks, and everything !
Rock on !

Wipiti wopeti woo !

Hi everyone ! (yes, even you, hiding in the corner drinking on the house :p)

Just a quick heads-up to remind you : next funding campaign is on !
As usual, the quicker we reach the goal for donations, the quicker I can get to work on next KoPC update !
And as their additionnal rewards for good samaritans, have fun with it !

Next update donation funding : 70/300$

Expected on next update :
Aside from usual new sets & poses (we got a good run on that), I will focus on lots of new dialogs & dialogs options, as well as saving options for girls preferences !
I tried a few stuff on spare free time, and it’s promising, so, help us get real on all that !


Also, the new forum is feeling a little lonely.
So be sure to drop by and discuss stuff (old or new : feel free to take initiatives !)

Forum link : The Hentai Warehouse

That’s all for now, folks !
Have fun !