Even in pote

Hi folks !

As usual (borriinnnng !) I didn’t have a lot of time to improve the game.
But I was still able to do some stuff, so… better have small news than no news !
See following images (better than a long speech ^^)

High heels (user request)
“thank you mattis !”
You’re welcome ;)

Fishnet and skirts (user request)
“thank you mattis !”
Of course ^^

A new set and a new complete uniforms : dance class opening !
(it’s all about flexibility, right ?)

For eye candy, you greedy pigs.


And I’m glad to announce I’m working on the possibility of threesome !
It works more like a new pose, I can’t just add girls on a previous pose, so it means I will have to work on them one after another, but it opens a world of potential !
(and yes, my objective is more or less “ten-some” stuff or even more, but hey, stay calm and patient, my magic wand doesn’t work that well and fast ^^)


So, my current real problems are :
- Adding new sets, or improving the existing ones.
Maybe some of you can help with this ? For example, the dance class or indian house are very empty.
If you have ideas about them, just edit existing screenshots and send it back to me, I will be happy to implement those.

- Ease the “X-some” process to specify girls 
You can’t help me with that, it’s some programming stuff.

- Uterus dynamic diameter.
Yeah, right ? I don’t know how to do this. Any idea or example ?

- “Wetting” animations.
There’s a lot of games showing nice fuck scene and everything, but there’s always a big problem in them : it always seems too “dry”, that breaks the magic !
So any idea or examples about adding sweat, drool or any disgusting semi-liquids to this simple flash game would be welcome.
Konashion’s got a whole particule generator for cum, but it’s far too heavy and complicated (and I don’t even have sources for it), we need something simple and efficient, here.
I’m working on that since a long time, and I think it’s just a matter of ideas, but I still don’t find the answer.

That’s all I got problem with.
I just worked, work and will work on it by myself, but maybe some of you can help accelerating the process, with ideas or examples ;)


Hi everyone ! Various stuff and infos today !

First, news for KoPC :
- A very good news : I was able to put sex poses in separate modules, and make it work ! Meaning ? Meaning we can now potentially add an infinite number of poses ! (given the engine and body parts, of course)
Before that, everything was in the same clip, and tend to be very heavy and to slow the game down, and it was very long and complicated to add new poses.
Now it’s light and fast as hell, and much easier to handle !
Visually, nothing change, but in terms of future possibility…

- I worked hard on interface too, and as I say in some comments, now you can choose what and who you strip or not, in the order you want, and only if you want.(see image below) You still have to strip pants and panties to access fuck scenes, but that can be changed, it was just for credibility fun.

- Girls’ ID. (see image)
- New sex pose : brute suck (see image). We already have a regular suck scene, but this one is harder.

Enjoy the indian’s house set ^^
(I know, a little empty, don’t say)

Now for some other stuff : 

Last week, Konashion’s hentai blog, on blog-spot, was down.
Given internet activities, I don’t know what future will give us.
So, if someday, somehow, this blog and my e-mail adress disappear, for days, weeks, months or years, don’t worry, and keep looking for me, with  ”mattis” and/or “chastan” keywords/profile.

I will always try to come back and to post stuff under those names, so in case I got warped out and you want to find my stuff again, you know a way, now !

And finally, I would like to introduce you to two great hentai authors that inspire me a lot.

There’re billions of hentai artists and mangas, so the point is NOT to give hundreds of links about bunch and bunch of stupid, boring or weird stuff, and not to relay catalog of links (even quality ones), there’s already tons of websites for that.
The point is just to make you familiar with some names, and it begins with those two :

Raita http://lu.scio.us/hentai/albums/mahou-shoujo-6-0/page/1 (but 7.0 issu is even better ^^)

John K Peta : http://lu.scio.us/hentai/albums/monzetsu-explosion/page/1

Search for their work, you will not lose your time ! 

Peek-a-boo !

A bunch of news, today (but hasn’t got the time to create one or two gifs to go with it, sorryyy !)

3 new lingery sets and 1 new shirt (screens not perfect)
+ fix to be able to strip all girls before fuck any one of them

Fix the bug on creampies (stays in womb, now)…

… and fix gravity for those ones (no upside-down creampie)
… and fix this pose (not as if you care)

Delete the talking interface and replace it with those scenario panels.
Game lose depths, but you will gain much time on the date of release ;)

And finally, I begin to work on girls ID. (because it’s funnier when you have name, age and some infos about girls, right ?)

Comments welcome on all this, as usual. (and especially on the scenario panel : good idea, bad idea ? Tell me what you think !)