Heart of the matter !

Ok, been busy with a lot of problems, those days. (blog, host, contributions, moving out and other stuff…) but, thx to good people and tons of hours of personnal work on the game, here is the brand new update !
Check it out closely, there’s juicy stuff in all this ;)

Bugs fixed :
- Fixed : “Family Ties” and Conference levels, clicking on younger girl then the parent bugged, only the younger girl is shown, but the adult disappearred.
- Fixed : freeplay mode : races came back everytime, screwing with everything.
- Dialog plethoric bugs : mainly fixed (80% of them)
Big and small improvments :
- Reminder on loading page for saving system (been asked a lot)
- New age condition : milf
- Cum stains on mouth for BJ’ poses.
- Third set of random generic dialogs (softer ones)
- “Clothes contributions” button, linking to clothes tutorial. (and scenario contribution info redone)
- Roof on sets !
- Brand new cop uniform & nurse uniform (only in freeplay mode for now, probably in future scenarios)
- Colors on girls torso redone.
- 2 brand new boobs style, in addition of normal one : “perky” (for young girls), and “big” (for milf or gigantic bosom)
- Passwords ! (at last !) : “amplebosom” (huge boobs !), “giganticjugs” (enormous boobs !), “makethemsmall” (girls always small), “makethemtall” (girls always tall). Note : those codes are memorized from game to game ! (clear the textbox and retype same to cancel a password)
Sex poses work :
- Improvements : adult top juice brute & adult suck deep
- Abdomen location fixes : titfuck, adult suck, and adult still.
- Additionnal ass bouncing on : dog back, top love, floor fuck, deeper, adult grim, adult stuffed, and adult still !
- Additionnal tits bouncing on : down back, top love, floor fuck, adult floornicate, and adult hips !
Big core engine stuff :
- Clothes template (underwears, stockings, shoes and else), available on blog for users to play with.
- Dialogs now imported to stage, depending on scenarios, which lightens a looooot the engine. (previously containing every dialogs in each scenario)
- Brand new map on Devil shop’s stage selection ! Make new system of scenario linking less confuse and quicker to understand, as well as making room for future new sets and buildings ! Indicate new scenario when needed.
- Big work to lighten stages definitions (invisible but priceless)…
- Big work on depths problems we have till the beginning of the game. Now set elements, girls, fuck locations & public tend to stay at their right depth, avoiding lots of visual superposition aberrations.
- Girls’ customisation interface redone, in freeplay mode, with new options.
Brand new alternative campaigns :
- “A Family story”, containing 9 new scenarios !
- Milf hunter campaign : 7 new scenarios + specific dialogs for all of them !!
- Futa campaign : 7 new scenarios + specific dialogs for all of them !!!
(now the game can go global, it’s not about one main story anymore, lol !)
Big thanx to PoliFem, Dandy, Maatyox and Blackheart for their suggestions and their contributions !
Additionnal thanx to Maatyox, who really put lots of energy and initiative into this !
THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)
Note : for people who want a desktop version, here’s a tip old as internet : right click on a page containing an hentai game, click “show sources”.
In source, search for the game file/direct link (example : “king-of-porn-city.swf”).
Open it, then save it, here you go : you have the desktop version.
Note 2 : latest version of the game is only available on mysexgames.com !
It’s the point of a sponsor’s exclusivity, and it’s just simplier that way !
So don’t ask for versions elsewhere or trust other sites to have the latest one, just go on mysexgames.com !
One game for everyone, one place for everyone, easy and quick.
improvments and new costumes, weepee !
New map system, for actual and future improvements !
You know you like it.
Aside from that, I’m currently progressing on “girls stereotypes” thingy.
It’s an old subject : being able to have different sounds for girls, dialogs for girls, and different behavior (screamers, angry ones, happy ones), etc…
A good theorical solution was found a long time ago, but hard to program, because of… problems.
I find solutions to some, with time, and that was just a head’s up to tell you it’s not forgotten or put aside, it’s progressing !
On another subject, I can’t repeat enough this game is free, fun and full of possibilities (future or actual), open to contributions and suggestions, and getting bigger with time.
But it’s one man’s job, and it’s hard, triple hard, bros. Tons of sweat and blood all along the way.
So please help and donate on a regular basis, pretty please.
Personnally, I made 300$ since the beginning of the game, a year ago, split among less than 15 donators.
I don’t know what to do or think of that, given what I heard of other creators’ experience.
I can just beg, from time to time, and appeal to your heart and lust.
Think about all the tits and joy I offered you ? ^^
  • Irish Red says:

    Way cool Mattis! Gonna play it tonight, and let you know. I'll drop you some more funding ASAP.

    #1 fan!

  • bucknaked13 says:

    Family Campaign, Teacher of the Year level doesn't let u click the button under its scenario to begin.

  • Arioch says:

    Hi just few bug tu report :

    the total pregnacies mask is a bit short when it's over 100

    the "next" button when the public is on a girl is reversed

    the button for submiting new senario or cloths send to a my sexy game 404 page

    in the milf hunter on bombay B. stage there is 2 girls ti make pregnant but there is only one on the set

    in family campaign the second stage of the school dosen't work i've got a message for a script too slow

    as usual you make an amazing job ;)

  • Bookfisher says:

    the last 2 things happen for me too, send a bit coin your way btw

  • Mattis says:

    Always very glad to have you around, IrishRed ! ^^

  • Mattis says:

    Holy poop ! I tested almost every scenario, and I miss that one ! Thx for noticing it, will fix that.

  • Mattis says:

    And thx again, lol ! ;)

    Nice ones you found here !
    Will fix that !

  • Mattis says:

    Much thx for that, it's appreciated !
    Yeah, bad luck for the bugs, I will get to it as soon as possible.

  • Louis Rui says:


    Your Game is so freaking amazing, i stay in touch everyday to know when new releases come and i finish it everytime! This is awesome, please, keep doing!
    Sorry for English, i'm french x) Try to understand b^tch!

    Anyway, i don't like posting comment, but i notice some kind of bugs, or thing that you probably already know but i wanted to tell them:

    -When I come to the CLIMAX point, my character seems to shake weirdly, this is not a "fluid" animation. Don't know if its wanted but i feel it kinda weird O.o only one situation is fluid: from behind with the arm blocked, the end animation is great… Is it a bug from me or its on purpose? That's just a detail and don't damage the awesomenesm!

    -I have still some bugs with the mom and daughter scenario, i can't chose a mother when im with the girl and sometimes girls change to mother etc…

    -When a girl wear a skirt, the ass become all blue and the skirt is buggy, probably a bug like the indians one, it seems to be the same when i fuck a girl, i can see her underwear getting in front of the other clothes…

    I hope you understand something D: i'm not well skilled in explaining problem in english but im tryharding x)
    Keep going, you're awesome!

  • Louis Rui says:

    Oh i forgot: The doggy style position when the man's leg is in front is really frustrating x)

  • Mattis says:

    Thx for the support !

    But don't call me "bitch", please, there's never good reason to use that kind of language, even for fun, for real people, lol !

    Don't worry, I understand, I'm french too ;)
    (but I keep the english language so everyone can follow what we say)
    Don't need to come everyday : I usually take a few weeks to do updates. (and if that changes, it's a better surprise to discover a few updates you miss instead of being frustrated everyday for not having new updates, right ?)

    For comments : try to comment even when there's no bug, just to say you appreciate.
    If not, we will end up having only "critics & bugs" comments like everywhere else, and it's not the point ;)


    For climax : it's working fine, don't worry.
    It's just doesn't looking as good as it could.
    Sometimes ago I try another version of climax, where the guy was shaking all along the climax animation, but that doesn't pleased people.
    They prefer this static climax, even if it can be improved.
    "Deeper" pose (names of pose can be found in "freeplay" mode) kept a little difference, compared to other, with this fluid animation.
    But I think I should work on several possibilities, one day, and offer them as options, just like anal/vaginal, see cream/see preg/see both, and this kind of stuff.

    - Mother/daughter : it's crappy, yes.
    It's a big structural problem. When doing x-some with girls, program just remember "girl 1", "girl 2", etc… it's not random.
    So, choosing "daughter then mother" or "daughter then mother" it's two different thing.
    I made an animation for first possibility, but then I got stuck on this philosophical problem : is it better to do another animation for the other way around, or to find a way to exchange data to keep a single "daughter/mother" animation ?
    The second way is better, because the same problem will happen if we mix, in the future, 2 small girls and 1 tall girl : if I made animations for all possibilities, we got tons of useless work : small/tall/small, small/small/tall, tall/small/small.
    It's exponential.
    So it's better to find a solution to swap data, so whatever the number of girls we have, the program just count how many small and tall girls it has, and process with the right corresponding animation.
    But…. easier said than done.
    So, until further notice : you just got one animation of this kind, for now, and problems if you try to mix more than two girls of different size.

    - For the skirt problem, I will need a screenshot, I don't understand precisely, and it will be far more precise to have visual reference for that.
    Try to make a screenshot and to send it to me at mattis.chastan@gmail.com, please.

    - For doggy style, I see what you mean. I will try to change that.

    And again, thx for the support ! It's what fuels creation and motivation !

  • Diegoxroxasx says:

    Yo Mattis!!

    Sorry to bring bad news but I have problem whith some stages.

    Teacher of the year: The game Freeze when I enter in the stage.

    The milf Hunter/indian's flat/bombay b.: The stage's inside is not Indian's flat scenario, it's house stage with another theme and just have one girl but the stage's says it's two.

    Well I think thats all, anyway the game it's GREAT I can't wait for the next update, you are amazing.

    Keep it up Bro.

    (Sorry for my english)

  • Louis Rui says:

    Thanks for the answer, it's cool <3 (sorry for calling you like that x) thats not fun at all)

    -I love the way how you can change option like anal/vaginal or Xray/noXray etc, this is cool to enjoy totally the game! So if you can make an option to chose jerky/fluid climax it will be awesome <3

    -I took a screenshot of my skirt problem but i think its my bad, the problem is just a color problem, with the grey blue skirt! I'll screen the other problem with underwear thats come in front of.

    Anyway,i got the same problem as diegoxroxasxx, i just discover it after commenting! It crashes just when you click the button to play the scenario, it blocks everything on mozilla.

    Keep going, you got all my "encouragements"

    Continue comme ça! C'est génial!

  • Mattis says:

    Diego : been signaled, yes, will try to fix that ! :)
    For "next update" concept, as I said before : it's more important that you enjoy the update you have, instead of the hypothetic update to come !
    Because this way of appreciating stuff tend to neglict and diminish the importance and pleasure of current news, with people always waiting for more, whatever colossal and enjoyable work was released at the moment !
    With time, we all end up enjoying nothing, so focus on present, don't look for the future !! ;)

    And thx for the support, it's welcome !


    Louis : yeah, alternate option appeared with the "prego fuck" debate, which is a big "turn on" or "turn off", depending on people.
    So, if I can make a game "à la carte" where you choose your way, it could be a solution.

    thx for screenshots, really helped a lot !

    I get back to work, lol !

  • Diegoxroxasx says:

    Sorry if I seemed rude or that I did not enjoy your work, it was not the intention.

    The game itself took a big jump, I recognize and I'm happy with it. This chance you gave Fans to share and contribute to the development of the game was great, pity I can not help because I lack time and money (at the time).

    I'm not charging you anything but I was a little anxious when I saw Family Campaign and realized I could not continue to play the campaign.

    Not mean that you are should give an update to fix it, I do not have the right to do this.

    Thanks again for the game, good work, and sorry for my rudeness.

    PS: Sorry Louis Rui, wrote in his comment and did not even realize.

  • Mattis says:

    Diego : don't worry, you were not rude.
    It's just a little conceptual point I wanted to make, because I've seen too much games and players falling in that kind of dynamic after years, where "making news" is more important than the news themselves, or even the game, and it becomes only a matter of "what's next ??".
    And I don't want that, it's not a good way to think or to work with.

    So, no problem, it was just preventive detail ;)

    And for bugs of this version, yes, a fix will quickly be release, it's no fun this way.
    It's just that I like to hear about all the rest of what updates contain, also, and how people like the game, too ;)

  • tasha s says:

    noticed bug in indian house sex slave and house girls night b-day party if u click on girl then one that has been already fucked u get 3 girls (all same one)but girl list only shows the one girl yet u have 4 switch buttons idk if it happens in others

  • Mattis says:

    I wasn't able to reproduce the bug.
    Do you play on the last version of the game ?

  • Poli fem says:

    Great update! a lot of good new stuff, definitely worth the wait!

  • turner bob says:

    hey i love your work its awsome but im having some problems. when ever i press the time to fk it just freezes

  • Mattis says:

    Thx for your participation in it ! :)

  • Mattis says:

    I'm not sure what you mean.
    Could you develop into more details (or even better : some screenshots) so I can figure out what exactly doesn't work ?
    Have you tried updating your flash player, maybe ?
    (usually my game work in every flash version, but who knows, you may have an unstable version of it ?)

  • luigi tayag says:

    Well done! Although the "giganticjugs" with their nipples are freaky.. haha
    I just don't see the cumstain on mouth in bj.
    I'll just ask what improved with the top juice brute and adult deep suck.
    and do you have any new sketches or scraps
    i love your sketches.

  • Synks Therek says:

    great job man, a win win right now, i have a question, this is just a hardcore game right, you wont be putting ilegal stuff in it, like underage teens, animals fucking girls, golden shower to girls, etc, right? (i know it sound dumb to call it "ilegal" its just a game XD) big fan btw

  • Mattis says:

    Are, thank you !
    Fir "giganticjugs", nipples size are still random, they can be a little smaller ;)

    For cumstains on blowjob, they just appear during blowjob actions, for now. (you need to stay some time in those actions to see them appear)

    For top juice brute and adult deep suck :
    - some elements were moved (girl's head back and guy's arms for "top juice", and guy's right arm for "adult deep suck", I think, but I'm not sure anymore)
    - limb's connections have been worked on, usually to fullfill "blank" inconsistencies.
    - details of animations have been changed, to make everything look more "smooth" during animation (like hairs, hands, body global mouvements, neck, testicles, or ass rotation)

    for sketches, I don't really have new stuff, and I avoid uploading them online anyway, as they usually contain illegal stuff, and those days internet blogs are not really kind with that.
    I don't want this blog to be closed upon some specific sideline raw drawings.
    Maybe if a lot of people ask for it, I could to another blog about them, but it's not the case, for the moment, and I don't feel very at ease with them anyway, so…

  • Mattis says:

    Thank you for compliments !
    Always appreciated ! ;)

    What is illegal depends a lot on what country you're in, but in the end only underage stuff is really globally hunted down. (for obvious reasons and even in hentai)

    For the rest, given "unprotected sex" and "harsh language/behavior against women" are strictly illegal (because ultra dangerous and killing people on a daily basis) and are still the main line of real porn industry all over the globe without any kind of pursuit, I just feel like giving the middle finger to any court who would argue about hentai "creative" fetishes…
    Boycott real porn, canalize everything through hentai, that's the only constructive motto ;)

    Sorry for that, back to matters : what to expect in KoPC ?
    Everything except underage (which I would like but can't) and guro & scat (which I could but don't like).

    So, golden showers and animals : yes, of course.
    It's just it's not the most urgent stuff, and they require skills I don't have for the moment (liquid mechanics, drawing animals) and tons of work I prefer investing on other stuff right now.
    But I got no problem with having that on the to_do list, anyway.

  • Onimonipea says:

    You could always upload your sketches to Ehentai. I am almost sure that they have no content limitations, and the link will be permanent.

    Great update as always.

  • Synks Therek says:

    thanks for the info and the attention to reply to your fans man, if i had those skills id help you gladly, btw i live in mexico, you could create a stage for it, tons of ilegal stuff in here too, american officers getting girls from the buses that try to cross the border alone, promises for girls to become singers in usa and end up in whorehouses etc etc

  • Mattis says:

    e-hentai.org ?
    You saw raw incomplete loli images, on that site ?
    Because I didn't.

    Given there's tons of raw unfinished stuff on hentai-foundry, and they've already rejected me, I don't even try on sites that don't seem to have the same kind of stuff I would upload anyway.

    But maybe I've missed something ?

  • Mattis says:

    arsh indeed, dude.

    In every country you have of course a "dark side" of whorehouses business, kidnapping, raping, etc…
    I'm not naive about all that.

    What really keeps me awake at night is what "official public opinion" tend to admit as "normal" and even promote.
    Because anything is possible, in the world, among the good and the worst thing imaginable, but what's important is the "official behavior line" mankind follow, after that, because that's what will solidify tomorrow's behavior for 90% of people, not only a few percent of deviant ones, and what their children will learn and grow into thinking "it's normal, so let's continue on this premisse".

    What's really dangerous, nowadays, is the banalization of violent porn.
    More and more, it's officially considered "not important" and "don't make a fuss about it, it's just porn".
    We just skip the "it's bad behavior" message, and little by little, we just give up on every small fights, until a gigantic change took place.
    At first, banning porn, who cares ?
    Focusing all our efforts into strong site protection, to avoid young people to find out about internet 70% porn sites ? Pfff, not important !
    Trying to categorize away the most violent porn content so people first end up on soft stuff, and not on violent screenshots or videos directly ? Who cares !
    First bitch slap ? Who cares !
    First creampie, in a world where aids still kills millions, even in "developped" countries ? Who cares !
    Disappearance of "this is not normal sex behavior" messages in porn videos ? Who cares !
    Disappearance of "put a condom" messages ? Who cares !
    Education about the difference between porn behavior and normal sex behavior ? Who cares !
    Little by little, one step at a time :
    Sodomy ? Normal !
    Hair pulling ? Normal !
    Rough sex ? Normal !
    Dirty talk ? Normal !
    Spitting on women ? Normal !
    Treating them like meatholes ? Normal !
    Devastating throatfuck ? Normal !
    Tearing up violently their clothes ? Normal !
    Making every new stuff more intense and angry ? Normal !
    Spreading violent advertising all over internet, where you show all that in a flashing mash-up ? Normal !
    Talking about porn everywhere among friends ? Normal !
    Talking about porn with complete strangers ? Normal !
    Talking about porn in non-porn forums and sites ? Normal !
    Spreading "good porn links" everywhere, here and there, when there's a funny stuff going on ? Normal !
    Making subtle porn references more and more obvious in PUBLIC series and movies ? Normal !
    Making not subtle porn references and quoting real porn uncategorized sites (like redtube) in mainstream production all over the world ? Normal !
    Making jokes about it, making it cool, for all youngsters out there having no idea what's normal or not ? No problem !

    For all gods' sakes, we know live in a world where you can't watch TV without catching complete links to sites showing REAL RAPES without any child protection, and every one laughing about it !!!
    What do you think the next generation will do, when it only takes us 20 years to landslide from "hidden videos of softcore porn" to "public laugh about hardcore rapes" ??
    Given the size of this change, there's no way it will slow down to this, prepare yourself for a world of hardcore stuff impossible to imagine, but we could bet on filmed willing amputations, abominable freak show, public rapes TV games and necro/pedo all over the web and perfectly admitted ! (yeah, feel offended : you wouldn't have bet on filmed spitting and throatfuck mess, even 5 years ago, and 10 years ago, you would have been traumatize to see any woman crying on camera, when now it's "usual")

  • Mattis says:

    (follow up)

    "Sex scene between professionnal actors", oh, sorry, did anyone thinks real rapes happen in any different way than that ? Bitch slapping a woman, tearing up her clothes, throwing her on the floor, holding her up with 5 friends and fucking her in every holes without listening to any begging word she says ?
    You REALLY still think all those guys are "professionnals", and not just strangers with a health certificate (not even in all production) ? Are we that naive ?
    You REALLY still think you don't just happen to enjoy a real filmed rape, shooted just for you ??
    At least, real rapes don't last that long, are not repeated over and over on the same girl every week, and are not for entertainment and spectators' view !!!
    You REALLY still think those "professional actors" are not just real psychologically insane rapists, that contains themselves and act "normal", like any psychopath, until the camera is on ? Are we that naive ??
    You REALLY still think those sets are clean, with no drugs, no blood mixing, no poop and piss tissues in the corner and video cuts when women happen to gush blood out of their destroyed wombs ? Are you that uninformed ?

    It's not even hidden, now, it's not even banalized, it's not even official, it's far worse than all that : it's popularized, like something "cool".

    I know there will always be rapes, whorehouses and terrible stuff on earth.
    But at least, 90% of mankind don't ACTIVELY PROMOTE and spread that kind of behavior.
    We are building a very shitty future…
    Problem is I'm not sure people really want it to be full of rapists everywhere.
    If they would assume that, no problem : men always had a problem with their masculinity, and feel very threatened and afraid of feminism, it doesn't take a lot of brain to see that. But going so extremely the other way ? I'm not sure.

    It's the frog syndrom : burn up the frog (talk about real rapes and whorehouses), it will jump away.
    Warm it up degree by degree (talk about "professionnal porn production"), and you can cook it alive…

    And don't even start me on what actresses go through.
    Even chinese prisonners have a better chance of psychologically survive to what they endure.
    Those girls are the worst thing manking have ever done to himself, even the most pathetic slave had better treatments, and people just enjoy this show…

    So no, please, draw the line, stop feeding this absolutely terrifying system, just go hentai.

    And yes, we could try a mexican set, this would be fun.
    But I would need some sketches to work on.
    Try drawing a set, it's not complicated !

  • Onimonipea says:

    I guess not then. I'm just tossing out websites in some sort of pseudo-brainstorming attempt.

    There are loli things on E-hentai, it just took a few searches to find them.

  • Synks Therek says:

    love the end of it man "So no, please, draw the line, stop feeding this absolutely terrifying system, just go hentai." XD btw i can see its not the first time you had a thought about that stuff you have it completely covered theres nothing else i have to add to that i totally agree with you but the thing is that theres people doing it right now, feeding this absolutely terrifying system instead of being here like us posting about it, sad but true…

    And ok i will try to do some drawing sets next time.

    And again thanks a lot for your time man, cant wait for next update

  • Mattis says:

    Yeah, thank you for that.
    If everyone take the time to find one or two websites, we can gather thousands of tries easily, it's still freakingly more efficient than me searching for dozens of sites myself for hours without any more luck ;)

  • Mattis says:

    Yep, and sorry for getting carried away.
    It's not against you, of course, it's a global statement people just avoid to make.

    And their would be far more to say. About the girls themselves, for example, and the famous myth about the fact they choose that and some of them even enjoy it.
    A simple objective description of their job, compared with anything else on earth (like being a chinese tortured prisonner, for example ^^), would be enough for people to understand the truth.
    Or listening to several real interviews and positions of those women.
    Lots of pornstars want to return to street prostitution with pimps and all, for example, a better job by FAAAAR, when they explained to you all advantages of this, compared to porn industry. Like having condoms and 10 min sessions with one regular-penis-sized and not-so-violent stranger at a time, to say the least.

    I really should stop, lol ;)

    Ok, drawings, next update, everything's good, let's get to work ! :) )

  • Synks Therek says:

    all cool man :) i totally understand your point thats why i didn take it personally, and yes, time to work!!!

  • Select a scenario with more than two girls. Pick one girl choose an extra partner, orgasm into the girl originally selected.

    Select a second girl, after you start fucking her, pick another girl, the selected girl will duplicate and you end up with three girls.

    Sometimes after you fuck the first girl and if there are more than three girls present, one will duplicate and another will randomly join in.

    It seems that you can only choose multiple girls for only two orgasms, regardless of the number of girls present and if you had fucked them or not.

  • Mattis says:

    I was able to reproduce the bug.
    I think I got it fixed.
    Will be release in the next update (not the… "july fix" already out, next next one :p)

  • concerned gamer says:

    Hi Mattis. I would just like to say thank you for your dedication on resolving the porn issue. Also, on your latest update, there is a code for some part of the game. Where can I find this code?