Update released !

Hi, everyone !
Big update finally released ! Tons of fun stuff ahead, thx everyone for funding this continuous adventure, gave feedback, suggestions, helps and support of every kind !

Bugs fixed :
- Xray tongue visibility on Xsome problem fixed
- Goth lipstick colors missing fixed
- “Sponge” button improved
- “Waving hair” stopped when needed (still only one test haircut and one test color)
- Inertia of “cop” or “swimming”, etc… outfit fixed. (that’s for alphacix)

Small additions/improvments :
- New blog, new blog links in the game, and tutorial redone to include latest possibilities.
- Music choice debugged, and now saved in cookie
- Pulsing testicles in climax redone
- Addition of little prop (office case for standing girls in lawyer outfit)
- Loading/Intro screen : new buildings and little stuff.
- Pass codes : panel now open at the very beginning. Once again, the codes are : : “amplebosom” (huge boobs !), “giganticjugs” (enormous boobs !), “makethemsmall” (girls always small), “makethemtall” (girls always tall), “santacomeclose” (for santa level and outfit), “supporter” (work only once, gives money), and “normal” (get everything back to normal).
- New clothes : opened jacket.
- New clothes : bow stockings (made by Sky, with clothes template !)

Engine changes :
- Size can now vary from one scenario to another (which affect all zooming system)
- New city map ! (and will change again in the future, lol)
- All girls conditions are now attached to invidual, which allow you for lots of customization fun in freeplay mode !
- Main character : new hairs and tails system !
- Girls archetypes : 6 archetypes (screaming, crying, grumpy, contained/inner, regular, and happy), going with specific facial expressions and brand new girl dialogs ! (needs contributions !)
- First new gameplay : “timing” click (1 out of 2 chance of having it at beginning of a scenario). (other gameplay will come with time)

Big cheese :
- Countless small improvements on lot of sets and poses, limbs, interface, etc…
- Lots of new hands, for male or female, and changes going with it in tons of poses (down love, 2-some adult dignity, adult grim, adult floornicate, 2-some stay put, standing girl poses, etc…)
- 3 new mouths, 1 new eyebrow, + new tears (for “crying” girl archetype)
- Main character : 2 new male tails
- Main character : improved standing animation
- Main character : new/converted female and male hairs
- Main character : 3 brand new outfits, as well as new stripping system for main character ! (male only, don’t work on futa for now)
- New foreplay pose : licking (small and adult versions)
- New foreplay pose : fisting (small and adult versions) (ila_play suggestion)
- 3 brand new outfits ! Plane hostess, office/lawyer (made by rebecca, with clothes template !), and cheerleader (as suggested by… many people : arlo, AJ, sweetsally and janko)
- Scenario changed : replacement of “playing cards” with the new lawyer/office outfit
- Ouuuuh new sets ! Pizza, private jet (idea by mysharona), strip club, locker room (janko hrasko), and swimming showers+pool (not new, but new !), + 9 new scenarios to go with that ! (or something like that).

Long story short : I just can’t list everything, there’s too much things done, lol !
Very big thx to maatyox, who takes a lot of time doing tons of sketches for the new sets ! Raw or polished, with feedback, additions, corrections and everything.
A very constructive and motivating teamwork, give him a hug !

Big thx to all other contributions, and kind of contributions, too.
Even if in the end I’m the one doing all the big hard lifting work to pull everything together, it’s would be impossible without the support system and all those “litte hands” here and there !
(and sorry when I forgot to mention you. The fact your suggestions are released is already a proof I read carefully what you said and did something about it, but still)

And again, it’s just the beginning, there’s still countless stuff to add and improve in the game !
So let’s continue this work !

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)


How to help the game easily : must read !

Note : latest version of the game is only available on mysexgames.com !
It’s the point of a sponsor’s exclusivity, and it’s just simplier that way !
So don’t ask for versions elsewhere or trust other sites to have the latest one, just go on mysexgames.com !
One game for everyone, one place for everyone, easy and quick.


(sorry, no screenshots this time, I have internet and computer problems, it doesn’t work, aargh !)


So, without delay, let’s start funding campaign for next update, so I can get back on my workdesk as soon as possible !
The already good news ? People kept donating during the elaboration of previous/current update, so we have a really nice head start on this one !

Next update donation funding : 232/300$

All hail to the King !

  • Kote says:

    hi mattis,
    i love your game! it’s unimportant, how often i reload the link of the game on mysexgames.com, i don’t get the latest version!

    • Mattis says:

      Try emptying your navigator cache !
      Click SHIFT + CTRL + R, to reload the page of the game, this should work ;)

      • Kote says:

        i tried both. i emptied my navigator cache and i clicked SHIFT + CTRL + R to reload the page of the game, but it does not work… :(
        thx for the fast reply!

        • Mattis says:

          You’re welcome !
          I don’t have any further solution for you, alas, the update works for everyone else, so it’s on your computer side that there is a problem :/
          Hope it will resolve quickly !

      • Pheng says:

        Hi Matt, I’ve follow your games and commission for a long time. I have a question here now (I know your busy with life and work i’m trying to pressure here) ON KOPC the “game options” – virgin options, it doesn’t seems to work in the game like virgin for all. IDK if its a glitch or program error. Just to let you know.

  • Poli5 says:

    Hey Mattis! great update, nothing to slack Down, there is some bugs here and there but nothing major that the player can’t Work around…

    Sorry i did’t came back with any clothing from the templates you uploaded, but i lack the know how to create anything in adope…

    Thx for the update it’s appreciated!.

  • jinken says:

    Very nice update! Hey i was wondering, i was able to pick up some scripting. I wrote something on the previous/next buttons. Those buttons you use on freeplay to switch between clothings, etc. I noticed it doesn’t seem to know to stop when theres nothing more to browse to the right.

    I’m not sure if this is similar to what you have set up, but do you want to take a look at what i got? I don’t have a spot to put this online, so do you want me to mail it to you?

    I don’t know where to though. Let me know by mail. You do see the mailfields we have to enter to leave comments, right?

    • Mattis says:

      Write to me, it’s easier than me writing to you (lots of mails/comments/other stuff to handle everywhere, lol)

      And yes, mail it to me, I will see what I can pull out of it and if that could works !
      (as for now I have no idea, I’m not good enough to guess well that kind of stuff, for now)

  • hamncheese11 says:

    I love the update! The only problem is the devil skin clashes with the standard hair and sometimes leaves the normal face where the devil face should be, other than that, everything is working great!

  • HookahLord says:

    Hey man,
    great update, but found some bugs:
    -guy´s hair sometimes disappear (mainly with the tail option)
    -guy havent said a single word entire game (played few times to see if it happened just by chance, but in the end i couldnt get a word from him)
    -sometimes when girls are supposed to talk, there is only part of the speech bubble and no text (mb same issue as the guy´s talk)
    -futa in some positions have shoulders too high

    thats about all i could find, i dont know how i will have time this week, but I´m gonna try to test more :)

  • RyuKaze says:

    Progress bar sometimes compresses it’s color to a narrow rainbow band and doesn’t track clicking properly. (mostly on new levels, goes back to normal for a while if you change heads)

    guy’s beard and hair change.

    guys ear color seems to only have 1 of the light color options. looks strange on all other body colors.

    girls hands seem to change to a light brownish when pregnant or waiting, no matter what color the girl is.

  • RyuKaze says:

    oh. and nice job on most of the stuff.

  • Lola says:

    I love the new opitions for female’s moods. And I appreciate the fact that they have matching speech bubbles with each mood. However, the happy one seems a little odd. I don’t know if that’s because her mouth is closed or what.

    The new levels, outfits, and hair options are awesome.

    I hope that there will be some clothes options for the futa in the future.

    And I’m not going to lie, I’m not a fan of the timing gameplay.

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for the appreciation on new stuff !

      For the moment, not one point out what they liked or not.
      Like usual player’s liking is “implied”, but like usual I’m not fan of that. “Silent treatment” don’t build lasting good memories and work atmosphere, we’re not machines ;)
      So, thanks for voicing yourself !

      For happy mood, I must admit I didn’t tested it.
      It’s mainly to extend players contributions possibilities.

      For “timing” gameplay, yeah, just like some people hates “mashing” one, it’s sure some will hates “timing” one.
      With time and gameplay addition, I will probably do a button making you able to choose your favorite kind of gameplay to stick with.
      (but for now I got too much other stuff to focus on)

      Glad new levels please you !
      Outfits and hairs too. I was unsure people would appreciate it, happy to see it did !

      For futa clothes, yes, for the moment I try to figure out how to easily improve futa options, because it’s much more tricky than it seems.
      I try to level everything, for now, so keep faith, maybe I will come up with something !
      (what do you think about full clothed/half clothes new option, for main character ?)

      • Lola says:

        “what do you think about full clothed/half clothes new option, for main character ?”

        I also like this new option. It would be cool in the future if they could just keep the shirt or bottom on. Sort of like with the female option of just the shoes on, or nothing but the underware. That sort of thing. But I also know that this would take a lot of work, so I won’t expect anything.

        By the way, I don’t know if I haven’t played a level long enough, but the male speech bubbles don’t seem to want to pop up anymore.

  • RyuKaze says:

    Also recently tried more of the moods in free play, and the happy mood seems to have her eyes dissapear durring the cum shot.

    I don’t think I ever saw a description of the ‘timing’ mode, so I was unaware of it’s behavior or that it randomly popped up and didn’t seem to go ‘off’ again until I exited the game or change heads.

    Tried the santa mode for the first time too, is it supposed to be part of shirt and some arm bands with brown shoes for the guy’s clothes?

    I’m not sure what to make of the clothed option for the main character. If it’s supposed to be clothed all the time for ‘full’ and naked when you start actions with the girls, then it seems to work fine and I like the option. If it’s only supposed to be taking part of them off, then I’m not sure it’s working for me.

    It was also neat we can turn the showers on and off. Wasn’t expecting that.

    • Mattis says:

      I note the happy mood problem, looks like a bug.

      For timing mode, my bad : tons of news so I get lost listing them, and as lots of hentai game use this timing gameplay, I thought people will not be lost with this depiction.

      For santa : er… yes ? I don’t know if there’s a bug or not, I will test it, but yes it should look like what you describe.

      For half/full clothes main character : works perfectly, then ;)

      For showers on/off, there’s a lot of small improvements of that kind with each updates.
      It comes up slowly, because it’s hard to find ideas and to realize them (and there’s already tons of sets to work in), but maatyox helped a lot, by taking screenshots of stages, and editing/photoshopping them to add objects, details, or animation suggestions ! (clouds moving in plane, or fountain and water stuff)
      If you feel inspired, don’t hesitate to do the same !

  • Lola says:

    Also, when the dude “licks” the chick, his dick gets cut off.

    And is just me, but fisting FREAKS ME THE F-OUT! I just hear about it, and all I think is “OW OW OW OW!”

    I know some people are into that, so whatever, but may a strictly fingering option be added.

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for the “cut” bug, will fix it ;)

      For fisting is just another fetish, it’s all a matter of taste, lol !
      Personnally that’s not my stuff, but I think “light pole” bonus pose or “rape theme” of the game are far more “OW-ish” than this new pose ;)

      Anyway it’s just a choice among foreplay, you will not encounter it if not chosen ;)
      Will see for strict fingering, yep.

  • Mark says:

    Hey Mattis, update is awesome! Great work. 9/10. Only reason it’s not 10/10 is because of the new timing gameplay feature. Whenever you do a scene with it involving more than 1 girl it gets moving so fast that you can only get 21 points. That’s a little bit frustrating and makes it so whenever I get timing as opposed to click I just spam through it as quickly as possible to get it over with. Other than that, fantastic work.

    • Mattis says:

      Thx a lot for cheering up !!

      For timing, like I said to Lola : some people will hate “timing” gameplay as well as some hated “mashing” one.

      Anyway I just try to add gameplays.
      With time, there should be a lot more of them, along with an option to choose which one you prefer to encounter in the game ;)
      During the wait, as you said, just spam through it, in the end it’s faster to cope with than “mashing” gameplay, lol ;)

  • Luna says:

    I’ve been playing your game for a while, but haven’t come around to give any comments. This update I had a few things I wanted to say though.

    Firstly, I love the new sets! And the girls dialouges as well. Not too fond of the timer-gameplay, but that is just my personal preferance.

    There was one thing that bugged me though, and I’ve seen a few other people having this problem as well. The main character dialouges are missing. I’ve used free mode to allow for more time, trying to see if they just take longer, but they don’t seem to show up at all. Doesn’t make a huge impact on game-play but it just… kinda bugged me xD

    Other than that, you’ve done a great job with this game so far and I look forward to any new stuff you decide to throw our way. Keep up the good work!


    • Mattis says:

      Thx for throwing your voice in !

      It seems “timing” bother more people than expected, will try something about that.
      Dialogs bugs : thx for confirming the problem too !

      For new sets, game and everything else : you’re welcome !
      Thx to you, players, for keeping supporting me, donating, and everything !
      (if it was not for the good responses I received first months of making this game, I would have gave up long time ago, lol, and same thing for all the process !)

  • Zgogery says:

    Wait, so where is the link to the in-game codes???

  • SLIMSHADT says:

    Are there any links to in-game codes like the person above asked

    • Mattis says:

      The codes can be found on my blog, but here they are :
      - supporter : gives money !
      - santacomeclose : give santa claus skin !
      - amplebosom : give bigger boob !
      - giganticjugs : give even bigger boob !
      - makethemsmall : give only small girls !
      - makethemtall : give only tall girls !
      - ilikeitrough : all girls got ’submissive’ mood !
      - normal : make everything back to normal.

      • Rax says:

        Just to clarify though, does the ’santacomeclose’ code only unlocks a Santa Claus skin ? Because you did wrote “for santa level and outfit”. No worries if there isnt any though. Keep up the great job !

        • Mattis says:

          Should unlock a santa skin AND one or two levels to go with it (I don’t remember how many)
          But with the tremendous amount of upgrades there’s been since his appearance, it might very well not work anymore, I’ll try to squeeze in a patch for him.

  • Kayla says:

    Hey i cant seem to move from the warehouse stage i got multiple pregnancies but cant progress what am i not doing? am i missing something here?

  • joe1986 says:

    the game is great but the santa level don’t appeared and santacomeclose code disabled each time you close the game

  • Storm33612 says:

    I just recently discovered KoPC. How do you save your progress?

  • Ozmandias says:

    Can I know how to save the game progress? I’m playing the game in Private Window.

    • Mattis says:

      Hi! I don’t know how the hell you ended up on this post, lol, it’s freaking 5 years old, and it’s lost in between hundreds of other.
      But anyway : I don’t know how to save on a private window mode, alas. Game should save automatically all progresses. If it is not, maybe you’ll want to access it on a regular window. Keep me posted anyway!

  • Chorky says:

    It keeps getting stuck at stage 53