Keeping posted !

Hi everyone !

Just a quick heads-up, no new release for now !

Just to say I work on the next update, which will be more of a core engine update, so nothing really “visual” for the moment, but it’s needed, for future improvments.
Aside, some nice players send me bunch of scenarios, including two new whole alternative campaigns, so there will still be great stuff to find out !

Big sad news is blogger is changing its policy, regarding adult content, donations, etc…
And I think I will have to move this blog elsewhere, or they might close it anytime anyway !
I already saved almost every past year text and pictures, but I don’t know where I could go, for now…
If someone knows a good address that would accept paypal buttons or the kind of stuff I do, tell me !

Anyway : if I disappear suddenly, remember to keep looking at !
It always got last updates of KoPC, which include updated links to my blog !
That’s how you will find me back if needed, keep that in mind !

That’s all for now, have fun with first days of summer ;)

  • Poli fem says:

    Im looking forward to the next update!

    as far as the paypal blog thing, why not just creating your own homepage, then there won't be anyone who tells you what and what not to do?

  • Mattis says:

    And where exactly would it be ?
    No one accept to host adult pages of that kind, and files for a website still needs to be hosted somewhere !
    (except for people rich and skilled enough to have their own server, but I'm not one of them, alas :/)

  • Menelik says:

    How about you make a tumblr ( ) or make an account at Hentai Foundry ( ). And you can upload your .swf files to mega ( ), they're a good site for getting your work out into the fap sphere. You can ask around on hentai forums ( or ) for good adult hosts. Or just make a thread and pass it around that way. You might be able to add a donate button to your sig on those sites.

  • Mattis says:

    Hentai-foundry : already have an account there, very bad experience. They just reject all my works again and again, even in scraps, they're no way to talk with most of them, it's just a big bunch of elitist bastards that closes doors around them, lol ! (but not all of them, thanks god. Like blackheart, which is a really nice and open guy !)
    I understand the "quality work only" policy, but I proved even among my own rare accepted works there's just two speeds in judgment, there, and when they don't like you, there's no way you can post anything.

    UMLF was as positive and motivating as them :
    Same for hongfire.

    For hosting the game, it's not the problem : it IS hosted, on mysexgames.
    I search for blog and talking possibilities, around the game itself.

    For tumblr and hentaipalm, I don't know them, I will try.

    Much thanx for suggesting a bunch of stuff to contribute and offer solutions to my problems, anyway, it's appreciated !

  • Geo says:

    I'm guessing a simple hosting plan and a Wordpress blog thrown in should suffice? Or are you saying that normal hosting companies also have clauses against hosting XXX?

  • Mattis says:

    A simple wordpress or any kind of blog would do the trick, yeah.
    But yeah also : hosting companies have strict clauses against adult stuff, as far as I know & tried.

    That's why I ask around for alternative simple online blog sites I could have missed !

    Maybe a japanese one ? They seems more open to a lot of stuff…

  • Geo says:

    Checked any of these?

    I guess hosting providers in Sweden or Norway should also be OK to host adult content, but I have no actual experience, just a guess.

  • zed says:

    eep… good thing I checked when I did :S
    I wish you luck in finding a new blog… I'd offer some help, but I have no experience in them i'm afraid…

  • Mattis says:

    They look really nice, thank you !
    But I'm not sure I trust those kind of stuff, and they require payment, which is always tricky.
    Anyway thank you, I will dig deeper into that.

  • Mattis says:

    Thanks anyway, it's just in case someone know someplace nice.

  • Sorry to bug you with this, but I keep seeing people mention some new policy on blogspot, but I've been unable to find anything saying WHAT change(s) was made. Could anyone point me in the rightish direction to find an official changelog or the like?

  • Mattis says:

    It was a notice webmasters received by e-mails, in fact.
    I don't have it anymore, but maybe it's been included in general policy :

    Anyway, it was saying, more or less :
    1) – not any "money business" stuff would be accepted anymore. And it includes "paypal" donation buttons, which is crappy in my opinion, given it's not a "money business" but a donation concept. Paypal already is very thorough on this difference.
    2) – not any "adult paying website related" advertising would be accepted anymore. It includes links of any kind to adult website, which is also kind of bullshit, given there's a big difference between spamming advertising for paying websites, or giving a static conscious link to a free website, like I do with my sponsor (who's site is free, once again, so nothing to do with money business !)

    In all that, it seems blogger don't make "degree" differences (meaning if I link to a site that links to my sponsors that contains one or two ads for a adult paying website, it doesn't work : no difference for them, you're still outlaw)

    I don't blame them for becoming an "anti-adult" and "anti-money" blog system, even if it shots down a lot of users.
    But I blame them for being so vague about stuff so very very different, in the end.
    I end up in the same bag as a spamming bots of hell trying to phish users with violent real porn thrown at everyone's faces. Given what I do and the spirit behind it, it's harsh…

  • Hey Mattis, I was wondering in a future update if you could add a facial/cumshot option. Maybe even some footjob position? You know, something for all us fetish people. Keep up the great work!

  • Mattis says:

    Footjob, could try, must not be that complicated. ;)

    For liquid effects (facial/cumshot, drooling of any kind, etc…), it's still on of the major problem I didn't have solved yet. (even internal cumshots are far from satisfying, to me)
    But I hope I do, someday !

    And thx for the support ! Always needed and appreciated !