So !

Hi, my little frozen hentai folks !
I don’t know for you, but damn it is cold, those days, in my region !

Ok, so, what’s up ?

Next update :
On KoPC side, the next update funding campaign is already started, and already almost finished !
Kind people gave most of it very early, but now we are stuck a little before the finish line, give it a little push ;)

Content expected :
I never know what can be expected, but “bugs fixing” is for sure (thx for your feedbacks !), as well as a bunch of new sets (because I’m still way behind ressources maatyox provided me, so let’s keep digging into that !)
Will try to work some more on main character (dude or futa) as asked by people, and because that’s an important part that was left behind for too lon, as well as new gameplays.
Question would be : do you want more little gameplays (given you will be able to choose the one you prefer, starting next update), or do you want some “big” one completely different ? (RPG will not come soon, too complicated for now, but it’s planned)

Future thoughts :
Ideas were thrown :
- Starting an campaign, for KoPC. It would be partially illegal, and crappy as hell (I can’t offer a clean and shiny project description with stable ideas for pledge rewards, main lines, etc…), but do you think it would be worth a try ? Would be pledge to it ?
- Transforming “single update funding” into “trimester update funding” or “semester update funding”, with higher objectives, but allowing people to plan and make continuous funding, instead of “on/off” funding like now. What do you think about that ?

Aside work :
As next update funding is not reached, I started working on another mini hentai game, aside from KoPC.
Not much, and progressing veeeeryyy slloooowwly, but it’s just to share the info with you ;)


Static infos reminder (because there’s always people who get a little lost or miss those) :

How to help the game easily : a list of ideas !

Next update donation funding : 252/300$

Keep on and have fun ! :)

  • Lazram says:

    Hey Mattis! I just gave a little donation to show my appreciation for your work. I just saw another minigame you made. Rebecca? How come you didn’t tell us about that one? Is there any more of your work we may not have heard about? :)

    • Mattis says:

      Everything is here on the blog (check the links)
      Aside from that, given my chaotic way of working, people who wants to be kept informed must read carefully my posts, lol !
      I announce at least in the previous post that I was working on a new minigame, aside from KoPC ;)
      But that’s still fun if it’s a surprise !!

      Thx for the support, it helps a lot to go through all the work and problems !

      Enjoy ;)