Webless but priceless !

Hi my dear hentai lovers !
I was absent for a few days, because internet was shut down at my place.
So, got some work to catch up !

First : a new game !
But before I was cut, I was able to finish a brand new hentai game, out of nowhere, yes ma’am !
And mysexgames.com receive and release it during my absence.
So, here’s the official mattis announce :

MEETING REBECCA, a brand new hentai game !


Proudly sponsored by mysexgames.com, so enjoy and make some noise !



About next KoPC update :
Funding has been reached, I will start to work on it as soon as possible !
I would have liked to do a december update, but it’s too late, with holidays coming.
Alas, days have only 24h, and it will not be enough !
So : as soon as possible, but no idea when, as usual !

Last blog’s post didn’t receive any comments (until, like, right now :p), but I hope you’ve read it anyway, there’s still questions in the air open to opinions and suggestions !

Ok, I got to go, have fun ! ;)

  • Garruk says:


    very hot game! You labeled this chapter 1 so I assume you would like to do more of these, which is a great idea!
    Don’t know if you are taking suggestions for this game (series?)
    but if so here is what i liked and what i think could make it even hotter:

    What I liked: Animation/art – both very well done in your signature style
    The short story intro – I like my porn with context haha
    The emphasis on penetration – The beggining was hot with the player “getting ready” and then forcing it in with the zoomed in view was a great start.
    Building up sperm – another cool thing you did was showing the balls swelling up with sperm, building up for the finale!
    Attack on the egg – ok I laughed when i saw it but i thought, “that’s awesome”!
    Character customization – obviously not as great as in KOPC but i appreciated the breast size button! and all the other buttons!
    Stage Props – Room decoration / animated teddy bear added a nice touch to keeping the fantasy of this porn star defiling some guy’s daughter.

    What I wish it also had:
    Sound- most of all this I personally would not have had issues with reusing KOPC stuff since it seems you are using the same character/story
    X-ray/zooms on bonus play – it was going through the same stages so I thought, why not have them all available again? could just be one of the buttons to show/hide
    Dirty dialogue lines – it was a porn shoot right? could just use the same ones from KOPC!
    Stages in Anal sex – was sad you couldn’t attack it faster/deeper and finish in it !
    More customization for both characters – i know thers no chance of that happening on THESE games, but the whole time I thought, i want to use “my character”! but Perhaps small accessories like bunny ears for her and dark sunglasses for him?

    Overall I absolutely loved it because it felt like a high-quality mini game right out of KOPC (new idea?!?!?!?!)

    great job

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for the in-depths feedback !

      I had and have the same old problems :
      - drawing a scene is very long and exhausting, for me. So I try to make the best out of one single scene.
      - animate penetration is hell, also, it’s practically a “frame per frame” stuff.
      - still not good on sets.
      - this kind of game can’t have the great possibilities of KoPC, in terms of customisations and re-use/build-up of them !

      Because of all that, it’s tons of work, and making other games of that kind depends a lot of a great reception of this first one.
      If the reception is mild or even “just fine”, there’s no need in bothering most players with that and losing tons of my time and energy, where KoPC’s updates would be far more appreciated, giving, numerous, and easy to do.
      But if the reception stays at “top notch ! bring more !”, from time to time, I could give it a shot, yep.

      For sounds : been asked, but it’s big work, and people already complain (and they’re right) of the lack of variety in my bank of sounds.
      With the big drawback of last months on finding working sounds, it’s something I’ve put on sidelanes for now.

      All the rest : need some work. Can be done, but for this first episode, starting from scratch, it wasn’t the right time ;)

      So : it was a hard job, but it seems it was worth it, and it could go on if people really like that ;)

      • tingphish says:

        I definitely love the new game.It seems that you could do 3-4 times
        the amount of content on KOPC as you could on it.I would rather see
        upgradeable cock size or horses on KOPC than an all new game,at least
        for now.I wish I was artistic or an animation adept to help it along.
        There are a few horse animations on swfchan but most are 3d stuff. I
        guess I’ll just have to send $ in lieu of talent.

      • Joseph says:

        How do you pass the “building up sperm” stage? Do you have to click on something? Do you need to move the pills somewhere? What exactly are you supposed to do?

  • Lloyd says:

    Wow I knew you could do another game. I loved it. I wish this game could and would grow like KoPC. I’m looking forward to this new game and KoPC ofcourse!.. Loved the angry penis head ramming inside.
    I just hope this game would grow. not just like FUG or Take turns.

  • Orzhov says:

    Wow, the new game is really good and really hot. I definitely wish KoPC would have this art style upgrade as well!

    Can I request an alternate head for the guy in Meeting Rebecca though? And while the sex position lets us see the all important penetration action, it means we can’t see her belly that much when we’re doing the preggo sex. Still, a great new release.

  • RedShocktrooper says:

    I really like Meeting Rebecca, and feel that more “short distraction” games might be a fair idea as well if cash allows. I might not have the money myself to commit to donate yet, but I can offer feedback.

    However, that said it might be worthwhile to find a volunteer proofreader as I noticed SEVERAL grammar and spelling mistakes. I don’t expect you to go back and fix them but it’s something to keep in mind.

  • Bloodangel says:

    I’m Not gonna lie it fun but still not as awesome as KoPC. Be that as it may i think it might be cool to see more work put into meeting Rebecca

  • Simon says:

    Dude I love your games. These are the best games online.

    I would love it if you could slap her face and tits – like KoPC. And also choke. Same style of animation as KoPC. Hard slaps during anal and have her cry out.

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for the compliment !
      For the slapping, problem is it’s one of the hardest thing to animate I know !
      Maybe if you know some other hentai games (hentai !) showing good slapping animation, so I can figure out the pattern ?