Getting awesome one step at a time !

And a new release coming our way !

Detailled news of this update (must read, as usual !) :

Bug fixed : 
- Light pole cum !
- Big back belly on “Birdy” and “Stand screw” sex pose, with pregnant girls
- Stripping problems
- Futa/strap-on switch, on main character custom options.
- Penis color not matching, on futa mode
- Age & fertility not showing up on custom panel
- Some fixes on bonus pose (especially in indian house)

New stuff & changes : 
- Now start at devil shop
- Re-worked the intro screen (fixed bugs and improved stuff)
- Added a real grip on “Dog grip” pose.
- Ass size added to custom options, on freeplay
- Improved slapping hand (on bonus slaps)
- Warning on “reset” button
- New clothes : minishort, 2 dance uniforms, 1 new tshirt with puffy shoulders (don’t know the exact name).
- New hair color : let’s go purple !
- 1 new bigger type of areola (worked on bouncing tits, still not working, guys, sorry !)
- Bunch of new girl names.
- 4 additionnal male face expressions, for each type of head.
- Girls’ eyes now follow mouse movement on freeplay (I tried a lot to do a ‘eye contact’ thing, but no way to make it work, alas !)
- 3 new specific dialogs for “mother & daughter” sex poses.
- Progressive mouth-splurt when sucking !
- Add main character tongue for kiss & cunnilingus on some x-some poses depicting it !

Contributions : 
- Re-worked the dialog system, to make it more open. (now you can make specific contributions !)
- Re-worked all the scenario system, making it more opened to special branching, parallel campaigns or even secret levels ! (there’s just santa one for now).
- Added a tutorial on scenario & campaign creation, for people to make their own contributions upon those new possibilities !
- First scenario made by player Alan.S in “happy sex” campaign : ‘Midnight Lust’ ! (more to come !)

Big cheese : 
- 3 new scenarios : “Sorority Lost” (warehouse), “Parent-Teacher’s day” (in school), “Indian welcoming” (indian house) !
- New y-some pose (girl+public) for adult : “mating” !
- 4 new adult sex poses : “still”, “floornicate”, “stand screw” and “top juice” !!
- Brand new set with 4 new scenarios : the dance room !!!

Special thanks to Shaun, zed, nem2013, and all contributors/inspiration/efficient suggestors/koala/beavers/etc…
Enjoy ! :)
THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)

Note : for people who want a desktop version, here’s a tip old as internet : right click on a page containing an hentai game, click “show sources”.
In source, search for the game file/direct link (example : “king-of-porn-city.swf”).
Open it, then save it, here you go : you have the desktop version.

Note 2 : latest version of the game is only available on !
It’s the point of a sponsor’s exclusivity, and it’s just simplier that way !
So don’t ask for versions elsewhere or trust other sites to have the latest one, just go on !
One game for everyone, one place for everyone, easy and quick.


Bigger, better !

New set : dance room !

One of the numerous new poses !
  • Onimonipea says:


    I hate to be a debbie downer, but i have a bug to report.

    I went into freemode to customize one of the girls, and now all of the randomly generated girls are spawning in as Indian, rather than their assigned catagory. Not sure if bug, but great update regardless.

  • Poli fem says:

    Great game Mattis! The best out there!!! You probably have alot on your plate at the moment but some more lingerie like garter belt or some uniforms would be INSANE like nurse og police or something like that ;) thx for the update! you rock!

  • Fantastic game! I really hope you continue to update and perfect it.

    I unfortunately do have a couple of bugs to report.

    1) I got the same bug as Onimonipea, after doing an Indian scenario the girls kept spawning as Indian until I choose something else in free mode. Then they always spawned as that choice.

    2) There are scenarios that aren't appearing for me. The Warehouse shows 4/5 scenarios, The House shows 5/6 scenarios, and The Dance Studio shows 3/4 scenarios, even though nothing new is showing up to buy in any of the locations.

    But even with these minor bugs, the game was a lot of fun. Keep up the great work.

  • Onimonipea says:

    I had that same problem, Fallensteward. I say that it said 4/5 on the warehouse, but i figured that was the bug. After i bought all of the scenario's however, including the new none rape one, The new one in the warehouse showed up. And then the House, and then the Dance Studio.

  • Yea i have the same problem gentlemen i had to restart the game and not play the Indian scenarios so that is doesn't bug also i have the same problem with the missing scenarios

  • luigi tayag says:

    Wow! This is just great!
    Love the new stuff.
    Thnks man!

  • luigi tayag says:

    This update is was fast..
    It's like the game is developing 10x faster

  • Mattis says:

    I made a quick fix for it and ask my sponsor if he could re-upload the game, but for now, no news. ^^

  • Mattis says:

    Thx for the compliment and for your support !! (more necessary and appreciated that you can imagine !)

    "Classic" stuff (nurse, police, etc…) never been my kind of work, but I will try to. ;)

    For garter belt : interesting, of course, but same problem as bra : game engine really don't work with those stuff, for now.
    I got to dig deeper into this, one day…

  • Mattis says:

    Yep, missing levels is not a bug : it's due to the new game structure, making me able to link scenarios anyway I want, instead of "straight systematic linking".

    I needed that, because for example, 'SORORITY LOST' offer 6 girls, which would mean tons of money in the very first level, without the new structure.
    It would break the game's progression.

    But now, we can hide levels, or put those kind of stuff in the order we want.
    For example, now 'multiple girls' levels are linked as a progression in number of girls, whatever the set is.
    (so, sorority lost comes last, with 6 girls !)

    It's not visually obvious, right now, but with time we will surely find an idea to make that clear to mind.


    For race condition problem, it's fixed, but not uploaded yet. Be patient.


    "Fantastic game! I really hope you continue to update and perfect it."

    Fantastic support ! I really hope you continue to fuel and motivate me. :)

  • Mattis says:

    Thx for that, love the support, it gives wings to continue !

  • Mattis says:

    If you look at the frequency of updates, since the beginning of the blog, you will see there's absolutely no rules.
    You can have tons of stuff and several monumental updates in a matter of days, or nothing for months.

    It just show how impossible it is for me to plan anything (complicated life, and not enough skills) or give any date or deadlines to people asking me that.
    But when I can, I do, and it's christmas time, it's as simple as that !

  • Poli fem says:

    Ok no problem Mattis and thanx for the answer. I just think that you have made so many great poses but there need to be more variety in the apearances and some new "packs" of costumes, by pack i mean like the bunny costume or the emo girl. Nurse and police where just examples, but anyway i always love your updates and pls keep going on working on the game, it's only getting more awesome update by update ;)

  • Hey Mattis, love the new update but I was wondering if there was a way to get unlimited money. To easily try all the features, if not it's cool.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Mattis says:

    Feel free to give a hand anyway you can, in all this !
    I mean for example for costumes : I would love to have someone quickly drawing me those outfit parts I struggle so much to do.
    Even if it's not in flash, I still have other problems, in converting people's suggestion into real KoPC-looking stuff ! Drawing a jacket from side view and in KoPC style, imagination, choices of colors, of details, or thoughts about how I can cut it so it looks nice, etc…

    The best thing would be if people tried to draw clothes in flash to send them to me directly, of course, but even without going this deep, any helps that could speed the process by going further than just throwing ideas and let me handle everything after that would be appreciated !

    It's like watching a guy doing the dishes, lol : I will do it anyway, but if you want to eat faster, at one point grabing a plate and washing it yourself or drying the clean ones with tissus can only help you, in the end ;)

  • Mattis says:

    I could give a way to obtain unlimited money, yes, it's far easier than try to develop this money system and progression, but experience proves "easy accessed sex stuff" are almost NEVER the one you enjoy the most.
    That's why I didn't do that, and why we will keep developping and refining the existing money system ;)

  • Poli fem says:

    I will really try to put some effort into this because i really want to help! if you could send a few cloth files from flash that would be a good starting point, then i could use them for sort of like a template if you know what i mean? i will put some work into this and get back to you when i have something. :)

  • hey mattis, idk if its my laptop only but before the game used to save or go back to where I left off in case i had to go. was there ever a save for this game?

  • Mattis says:

    I will try to make template files to edit, yes, if people are motivated to help !
    They may not be definitive at all, and will not represent the game engine and structure, but I think I can pull out a template like that, yes !

    I will do a specific new post about it when done !

    Thx !

  • Mattis says:

    There are saves since a very long time, yes !
    But they are local saves/cookies, linked to the game name and location.
    That means if the game file change name, or change location, it doesn't find back the save and create a new one to build on.
    Playing online, you will have one specific save.
    Playing offline with downloaded file will be another different save.
    Change the file name, in offline playing, or move the file, and you will have again another different save starting.
    Change computer : another save !
    If you go back to where you were playing before, you will get your progression "back", as you just jump back into a previous automatic save.

    Last exception : when I change deeply the game structure, and feel like it will create a large gap of experience or progression between new and old players, I reset all saves for everyone (including me).
    But that happens really really rarely, and it's indicated in the list of updates, if so.

    Does that answer your interrogations ?

    Of course, I could work on a "manual" save file you could move around, but I don't know how it works, and it could be too easily break, and it would not save everything you do everytime (unlike present saving system), and would require to destroy everything previously build to put a new system in place.
    So much precious time that could be spent elsewhere, given we already have a strong saving system (with flaws, but still)

  • Onimonipea says:

    I have two more bugs to report, a little late i know but might as well for posterity.

    First is that when you are in the Family Ties and the Conference levels, clicking on the younger girl then the parent bugs to where only the younger girl is shown, but the adult disappears.

    Second is that sometimes the dialog box doesnt work, it only shows the tip of the box and the rest is missing.

  • Mattis says:

    For dialogbox, it's been a while it bugs, and a while I try to fix it. (I think I finally been able to)

    For family ties, I will check on this, thank you !