Hit the road, jack !

Mattis fiction : Keeping you informed since 1856 ;) (wait… what ?)

Ok, so :
- holidays were complicated.
- got terribly sick for 2 days. (eat FRESH, mattis, FRESH !)
- had a great flat opportunity, moving out in coming days (4th time in one year… hu hu), hoping to transfer internet their in less than 2 weeks.

This and that explains why I answer very chaotically, or not at all.
Please understand, and keep commenting, all is always read and noted! ;)

That said, I still progress on next update !
Got a bunch of stuff done, looking good so far, but I hope to achieve far more. (internet or not!)
I tried the sounds stuff again, by gathering all “bonetown” sound datas (those who know the game know there are plenty to dig in !), but it doesn’t work either, gaaaahhh !! It’s a curse !!!
Keep faith, we will find a solution, one day !

Ok, I go back to work, have fun !

Work in progress, guys, work in progress, keep cool and use your imagination ;)

Work in progress, guys, work in progress, keep cool and use your imagination ;)

  • Anonymouz says:

    Hey man, i really enjoy your work.

    What about offering a place for palyer to share their experiences/tips/bug reports?

    Just an idea.

    Keep it up!

    • ballisticwaffles says:

      You are on that place to share all of that, Anonymouz.

      On that note i am really excited for this next update, Mattis. Anything you can hint at in the next release?

      • Mattis says:

        I just do my best, as usual ;)
        There should be no astonishing revolution, given how heavy my ‘holidays’ were, but I will try to provide lots of contents, to catch up with maatyox big help and my todo_list, and… one or two surprises, as usual ;)

    • Mattis says:

      There has been some attempts on a forum for the game.
      I asked several time players to take care of that, given I already invest all my time and efforts in improving this free game, but nothing really worked so far.

      Anyway I also feel blog comments are not enough for some stuff and feedbacks, and I’m working on a forum myself.
      (at least the start of it. The rest would be up to you)

      So, yeah, we’re on the same page ;)

  • jjjs says:

    this bondage thing is interesting & thanks for the hentai that you give mattis

  • Sam says:

    Hey Mattis. Just wanted to write you a line about how much I love your game. The whole humiliation / rape themes plus gangbang in front of a crowd makes this fun to watch. I played this for two hours and still can not get enough of the nastiness. You are a genius my friend. I also tried your new game ‘rebecca’ but could not get this to get the dude starting to fuck her. At least it proofs to me that you are able to draw some decent ass and pussy (something that should have been a bit more visible in KoPC if you ask me). The whole perversion could be increased by a couple of basic things that should be not too hard to be implemented and if you are interested I can write this and draw this up for you.

    • Mattis says:

      A wise man once said, some decades ago : ‘technically, everything is possible, now.’
      Then he added : ‘theorically. Because, you know, money, time, skills, energy, ressources, people, etc…’

      To take a very precise example in the big picture : yeah, for asses and pussies, it was a choice, to avoid that, in KoPC.
      Because I’d love that too, but it just multiply exponentially the work needed on each pose. So it had to be put aside, for me to avoid exploding deadlines by ten times just to pull out a few new poses from time to time.

      As it is, on the same subject, x-some poses are already an heresy, for example. It’s X * X times longer and more complicated to do.
      Indeed : single girl pose = 1 single animation of 1 girl. X-some poses = X alternative animations to make, with X girls to animate in each… it can’t end well, lol, but it’s a choice.

      So… we do what we can, as smartly as we can ;)

      For increasing the whole perversion, feel free to expose your ideas and give a hand, lol ;)

      Anyway : thx for the support and compliments, it’s my critical fuel for all this, so keep it coming on a regular basis ! :)

  • Sam says:

    And by the way. Yes. Now I figured out how this new game works. Awesome!

  • Dragon says:

    Mattis.. man. awesome stuff. Taking turns.. Rebecca.. and KoPC! if only you could make them cry out. Love seeing them there knocked up, as I take turns at their friends. Would love one with more of a storyline with the blackmail. Love the futa version. Can’t wait for the BDSM your hinting to.

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for the kind words and support !
      It’s always very welcomed, given how much blood and sweat are put into those games, lol !
      Will keep going and digging, don’t worry ! ;)

  • Dragon says:

    One more small thing. In KoPC, no one else can knock the girls up. Would love a breeding one, where she never knows who the father is. Only that its not her bf/hubby, and she can never tell. I know.. I know.. sick and twisted. But its what I’m good at.

    • Mattis says:

      No, that’s not twisted, it’s even common, lol ;)

      Real anecdotic fact for fun (or not ?) : 90% of cum is composed of a killing substance design to specifically destroy any other men tadpoles.
      Meaning the more men involved, the less pregnant a girl can end up.
      Fortunately, “hentai doesn’t have to comply”.

      For KoPC execution : problem is it’s technically not doable, for now.
      I tried to make it work, but that’s one of the many fields that I didn’t figure out yet, and need deeper digging.
      (if you dig up blog history, you will see this “other men involved” part was planned since the beginning, and was strangely one of the most difficult thing to do !)

      But hey, we saw harder stuff come to life !
      So, keep faith !