Ouh yeah ! A forum !

Hi everyone !

Just to let you know next update of KoPC should be out ultra soon !
In fact it’s already finished and sent to MySexGames.com.
I just wait for the upload to give you details about it !

Anyway, another kind of big news : I have finally put up a forum for my games !
It’s very empty for now, but I count on you all to help me rise it as it should be !
The Hentai Warehouse

Of course the point is not to let me do everything alone, or to expect me to spend hours on it everyday with you all.
I would love too, but my energy and time should be focused on KoPC and creating other hentai games, I think we all agree on that ?
So that’s why it’s very important you don’t let this forum down “just because mattis’ not here a lot”, and come up with some sense of community and self-fun on it. (self-fun is kinda our thing, isn’t it, as hentai lovers ?)
So yes, I created this forum, but no, I can’t run it by myself.

I hope you will jump on the opportunity and have fun with this new platform ;)
We will all do our best anyway, and that’s good !