KoPC January update ! (and forum !)

Hi, my superb followers !
New KoPC update is here, with a whole bunch of fun stuff inside !!!
As usual, a detailled list you should read, to be sure you don’t miss anything !
(with names of users that feedbacked me the info or the suggestion. I got short memory and you are numerous, it helps me keep tracks, lol !)

Bugs fixed :
- bug on some “scene select” buildings.
- bug on reset button, with resilient options (thx ballisticwaffles)
- bug on caucasian freckles (thx neill)
- main character’s dialogs disappearance
- in x-some : clicking on girl while cumming clones main character (kaetzer)
- when exiting stage with moaning sound playing, keeps playing until next level (kaetzer) (not sure, but seems fixed)
- main character’s hair disappearance, on some combination of tails (hookahlord) (not sure, but seems fixed)
- happy mood : eyes disappearance during climax (ruykaze)
- standing pregnant girl’s hand color not following global skin color. (ruykaze)
- adult licking penis weird cut (lola)
- main character ear’s color problem (ruykaze)
- exiting a stage during bonus poses kind of crash the game.
- clicking on a bonus pose while already doing a bonus pose crash the stage.
- all game crashing when adding new scenarios. (we reach the limit with existing system, I had to change it !)

Various improvements :
- girls upper arm (+ all clothes) redone
- gameplay : new shop button to choose your gameplay
- timing gameplay : bigger zones, lesser speed
- brand new gameplay : scratching !
- starting location variety for main character !
- new girl outfit : wet shirt.
- new girl outfit : pizza.
- new girl custom option : furry head ! It’s a test, need feedbacks !!
- main character male outfits added to female version also !
- main character : swimming outfit (forced in some water-ish stages)
- new main character female head (damn it’s hard and long to do!)

Big cheese :
- main character : 7 new skin colors !
- main character : new alien skin/heads !
- main character : alien hairs : small and big antennas, etc…
- main character : demon hairs : additionnal sets of horns !
- tons of small intro texts errors (thx kaetzer !)
- 4 new sets : loghouse, beach, asian house, & metro station ! (janko & sweetsally suggestions, and based on maatyox sketches)
- 11 new scenarios to go with that ! 2 loghouse, 3 beach, 2 asian house, 2 metro, + 1 new for strip bar, and 1 for jet plane (last one submit by player).
- 12 brand new bonus poses !!! (thx asmodean & richard) :
* beer bottle (young & adult version)
* twin whipping finished
* strip pole/candelabra (young & adult version)
* prison bucket/swimming bin (cake pose customisation)
* lifering (young & adult version)
* tables/park bin (young & adult version)
* dog ! (thx maatyox for limbs sketche)

So, a big content-oriented update, to catch up with engine improvements, and keep the good stuff going !
I know there’s always other stuff that could come up, it’s the whole point of the game, people : to add and improve everything with time ! ;)

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)


How to help the game easily : must read !

Note : latest version of the game is only available on mysexgames.com !
It’s the point of a sponsor’s exclusivity, and it’s just simplier that way !
So don’t ask for versions elsewhere or trust other sites to have the latest one, just go on mysexgames.com !
One game for everyone, one place for everyone, easy and quick.

New Forum :
Also, with funding you help me reach, I worked and opened a brand new forum !
See previous blog’s post for all details, and here to see that forum of ours :
The Hentai Warehouse


Ouuuuuh, pole bar stuff !

Ouuuuuh, pole bar stuff !

Welcome to the beach !

Welcome to the beach !

And THAT's what we can call a crowd show !

And THAT's what we can call a crowd show !

First bestiality ahead, captain !

First bestiality ahead, captain !

First furry test. Gosh !

First furry test. Gosh !


And as usual, we can start right away the funding for next update !
The sooner we reach the goal, the sooner I can get back to work on tons of good stuff and suggestions you made !

Next update donation funding : 65/300$

Please help, have fun, and all hail to the King !

  • j t says:

    your code for supporter stopped working so sorry one more big bug. also I can’t save game cus I don’t have my own computer so I use that code to catch up it would be cool as it grows if you could use it more than once. thanx keep up the great work

    • Mattis says:

      So… you didn’t like anything at all in the whole new update, and just dismiss everything after you find out the supporter code didn’t work with you ? ;)

      For this problem : it has been asked already, yeah.
      But anyway, the supporter code is linked to the save cookie.
      So, if you don’t have your save where you play, you shouldn’t be blocked on supporter code either.
      I will look it that.

  • ballisticwaffles says:

    This is a great update!

    A few bugs i noticed.
    When you select a level and go into the stage selection screen, it says undefined under the level name rather than the name of the level, IE the warehouse or the Indian House.

    Occasionally during a bonus pose when you click the button to end the pose, or during a M/M/F scene, the Male Characters go bald. Even the Futas.

    And i am not sure if this is a bug or not, but when you are under the “Scratching” game mode, the timer does not go down.

    Also when you are in the Milf Indian Twins level, selecting the bondage makes them turn into Teens.

    Also a minor gripe, in the Happy Campaign and the Family Campaign the girls are all set to crying and sobbing. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have them set to the happy setting?”

    As for suggestions, really the only thing i can think of is either Female Character saving, or Static Females for the more storied campaigns.

    Great update, as always, i cannot wait to see what comes next!

    • Mattis says:

      Lol, thx for the support !
      (but don’t be greedy with “next next next” syndrom : the new update just came out, take time to enjoy what you have ! :p)

      For suggestion : it’s not an obligation, lol !
      I already have thousands of ideas of my own. It’s people CAN make suggestions if they want, and SHOULD support the work and share bugs, but they don’t HAVE to do anything ;)
      (even if I admit to be an arse on supporting, but mainly because I know too well people very quickly quit on any kind of support to focus exclusively on suggesting, then complaining, then flaming anything you try to do, alas !)

      For bugs :
      - “undefined” building names : unable to reproduce the bug, so, can’t really fix it ! :/
      - bald character after bonus/y-some : same, unable to reproduce the bug.
      - scratching timer : good one ! will be fixed !
      - teen twin instead of milf twin on whipping pose : my bad, but I will not fix this, it would be tons of work and I prefer focusing on more high-priority stuff. (hope people will understand) :/
      - happy mood for happy sex campaigns : nice one too, will be fixed !

      Thx for being thorough, but especially precise, on bugs.
      (it’s always the hardest part : getting to know the exact context of the bug. It’s 90% of the fix !)

      • ballisticwaffles says:

        Your right man, sorry about the next update insistence.

        I get a lot of mileage out of this game and sometimes the anticipation overtakes me.
        I really like the new character creation options, especially the aliens and the new Female face. And i really like the new bonus poses.

        A few more bugs to report.

        In the character selection screen, if you press dude head while you are an alien, your head turns into a normal dude’s head and wont switch to anything else.

        When you exit the Strip club level while during the Pole sex Bonus pose, the pole vanishes when you go back. It returns if you go to a different stage.

        Impregnating a girl as any non normal color defaults the baby to red. This happens with the Blue and Green Alien and the Blue skinned dude.

        • Mattis says:

          Anyway I love you being excited like this about the game, lol !
          That what motivates me to do my best about it ! ;)

          For bugs :
          - heads : I know this one, but I can’t fix it as it is, for now.
          - the rest : nice ones, will fix those !

  • CS says:

    Great Game so far. :-D

    I wanted to put my bug reports in the forum, but I never got the activation E-Mail. (No serverside spam filter)
    I will just leave that here than. I wrote this while playing, therefore it’s a bit brief.

    Bug report:

    Scratching Timer does not count down.

    Sometimes you can buy every upgrade in the shop even without money if you klick “Prego fuck” first. (Works at least when the game has just loaded. Did I find the hidden Dedug mode? :-P )

    x-ray is always on at the start of a new game. Shouldn’t that be off when the x-ray upgrade is not brought?

    You don’t always get money for bonus poses or slaping. I think you get it one time per location or scene (not sure, but seems once per location for teens and once for MILFs), but not if you repeat a scene, even if you return to the shop after the scene. (Works as designed?)

    One of the women has her stomach and back switched in one of the 3 Girl scenes (I think 3 MILFs, 3rd girl fucked). Easy to see if they are pregnant.

    You don’t get money if you klick on the replay button after a scene. (May work as designed, but you lose a lot of money if you klick replay until you get all girls pregnant, and you will need the money.)

    The fuck on desk bonus scene is not animated for teens.

    Public can make infine scenes. fuck until “go for the cream”, invite public, finish public and you are back to “force unsave sex”. You also get more money every time.

    Missing girl names in Freeplay (Multigirl, says level0.panel_int)

    I had devilbabies once with a non-devil char. Didn’t reproduce yet.

    Suggestions and wishes:

    More and earlier talk in scenes. I miss dialogs quite often… (You could also mark scenes that have custom dialog so we don’t have to search so much.)

    Let the public (”fuck her”, “knock her up” …) and uninvolved girls talk. (”Leave her alone”, “You came in me” …)

    Female watchers, maybe a lesbian public scene.

    Bonus scene money could scale with the timer. 500 is not much in the endgame. (Actualy I’m not happy with the money earning model. Seems unrealistic to get more money for DVDs with shorter scenes. :-D )

    More personalities. (For example a slut (”Fuck me” …) and a girl that wants to get pregnant (”Take that condom off”, “Knock me up” …))

    Oral and body cumshots. (We can have anal and condoms if we want, so impregnation isn’t everything. :-D )

    • Mattis says:

      Gosh ! ;)

      Ok, so…

      - Forum activation : done manually.
      - Scratching timer : signalled, will be fixed.
      - Prego fuck : maybe there’s something here, but I didn’t find it yet.
      - Starting xray : unable to reproduce the bug, works fine with me. (??)
      - Bonus money : will be fixed. (should be “once per stage & pose, start fresh at new stage, even if same scenario”).
      - Slap money : not a bug. When a girl’s loaded, a fixed random one among slap locations will provide some bonuses then nothing.
      - Pose with 3 milfs : will be fixed.
      - Replay money : it’s on purpose (good or bad), not a bug.
      - Teen desk fuck : works on the other side (teen on left side). Will be fixed.
      - Public infinite combo : good point, but… didn’t find a technical solution yet. So.. have fun ;)
      - Freeplay girl names : will be fixed.
      - Devil baby : fun, lol ! ;) Not on purpose, but not sure it’s a bug right now.
      - Bonus scene money aligned with time : will be fixed.

      Wishes :
      - Mark scene with specific dialogs : good idea !
      - More and earlier talk : hmm… will have to think about it and see what’s possible.
      - Crowd/uninvolved girls dialogs : nice idea. But still struggling with regular dialogs, so, will need patience ;)
      - Female watchers : there are, sometimes.
      - Lesbian scene : already been asked and noted, don’t worry.
      - More personnalities : still haven’t really have any feedback on that, and don’t work quite well, so, maybe later.
      - oral and body cumshots : on my list since day 1, years ago.

      You can also extend a lot on what you like in the games and each update, you know ? ;) So I don’t end up with the impression whatever I do is unsufficient, and people cares only about errors, bugs and what else could be done. You know, the “human behind” aspect. Huhuhu :)

      Anyway, thx for the extensive feedback and bug report ! ;)

  • Tenebrys says:

    Hy Mattis !
    I follow your adventures since a long time so be assured that I love your games :D
    I’m really jealous of your rag-dolls, your animations are so nice !
    and it is dynamical, with a lot of available customization = jealous ++
    I’m currently working on external resources and mods but my next project should be focused on animations :)
    your blog is in my blogroll so it should help you to increase your traffic with new players :)

    • Mattis says:

      Thx, dude !!!
      It’s a lot of work, especially given I’m not “gifted” like other creators, but I still think it’s worth the result.
      If you need a backlink for your blog, feel free to tell me (and explain me how it works, because I have no freaking idea, lol !)

      • Tenebrys says:

        Sometimes Flash act very weirdly ! But it’s a great tool and we love it ^^
        You are working with Flash AS2 right ? Did you already try Flash AS3 ?

        yes, please, if you are OK, create a link to my website :D
        just put my url in your links, wordpress will do the work
        did you see the trafic I have send you in your dashboard ?
        in my blog I have a “Site Stats” submenu (menu Jetpack) where I see my referrers and the number of clicks generated for other sites.

        • Mattis says:

          No, I don’t have that kind of skills or knowledge, lol ;)

          AS3 : I should try it someday, but it already took me so many years to master so little in AS2… Not sure I want to spend 10 other years to make the transition to AS3, lol !

          Stats : my wordpress engine seems as old as me, and don’t have stats, sorry.
          Anyway I’m usually very bad at finding any info, in those very complicate engines.
          Example ? I spent the last 2 hours trying to add your link. (finally succeded !)
          Yeah, that’s how “good” I am. :)

  • Hal Jordan says:

    Huhu Mattis,i like what is done in two years of KoPC…
    As i first see that Game..I thought: Hm,interesting,but need some more
    Finetuning. And now its a fine Piece of an Adult Flash Game.

    In my Opinion:
    that was CS says about more and specific dialogs were fine.

    A little weird thing(for me,and evtl others?): if you wanna inmpregnate a Woman/Girl,Why do you use a Rubber??
    and what me irritates is why are Girls in KoPC 18+?
    Its Fantasy,so come on,let teenager girls be Teenagers,not little adults. Im not talking about Child abuse,but in real Life you enter sexuality with 10 Years or so,and between 12 & 16 you fuck for the first time.Young Underage Mothers are not so rare.

    Bestiality & these furry /tentacle things is Not my thing.

    I had this written in your nice Forum,but i have not get an Activation Mail? but under newest User i am there,but dont let me in.

    BTW: your new Game Is cool stuff,waiting for Part II

    Enough from me for the moment.

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for the compliments !! Always appreciated a lot, lol !

      About tuning games : yeah, it’s possible with almost any games, that’s why I’m so pissed off when I see people flaming new or unskilled creators for their crappy games, instead of seeing the long road and give them time and motivation to improve !
      (imagine if we had disgusted peter jackson from doing movies after his first two. No lord of the rings trilogy, period. It applies to so much things : you just never know !)

      For the forum : I will activate you manually right away.

      For the rest : noted ! Feel free to continue speaking up those things, it helps to know what people like or don’t care too much about. (for what they don’t like, it’s usually never a problem, lol, they’re tireless about it and don’t need additionnal help :p)

      • ballisticwaffles says:

        IT seems quite a few people are having the forum activation thing not work, because i too have not gotten the Email.

        • Mattis says:

          I can’t figure out what the problem is, with the forum.
          Other users didn’t have that problem.
          Could you check and search your spam mails for the activation one, for me ?
          So we can know once and for all if that’s a forum problem or a spam problem.

  • anonymous says:

    where’s the whipping scene :/

  • Vince says:

    THX Mattis for this. :)
    I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. Love the dog top of woman deal. Tell maatyox thanks for me. Anyway, love it.
    The dog needs to climax in her would be awesome, as well as getting them pregnant to where it’s either a puppy or a baby to where it’s random.

    Another idea would be a title called; “Double Doggy” Where 2 women are on top of each other in a doggy style position.
    Anyways great job Mattis, Your hard work and dedication is paying off, trust me.

    • Mattis says:

      So the dog bonus pose worked for you ?
      It seems someone else reported it as ‘not working’.

      Double doggy : did you try the “pack” 3-some and 4-some poses, with small girls ?
      Triple doggy, lol ;)

      Thx for the support, anyway, it’s always great motivationnal stuff !
      For the puppy baby, looool, I will note that down, maybe I’ll find a way, yes ;)

      • Vince says:

        The only problem I had with it was, when if the guy knocked-up the lady on the left, and then you clicked on the on woman on the right and have the dog fuck her, it gets stuck in that pose and can’t get out of it. Because the knocked-up woman is in the way of the pose button.

        As for the pose itself, yes it worked for me.

        And what I mean for the double doggy, was for the dog. ;)

  • Mike says:


    Please include more options for slapping. Such as “strength (soft / hard),” “backhand / palm,” “painful / fun / brutal,” etc. I love your slapping games!

  • zardoz says:

    Why can’t I get any levels to unlock after the third in the Warehouse? I’ve played previous versions and had no issues. Love the game, kinda clueless as to what is wrong. I have cleared my browser history and tried multiple browsers, nothing works.

    • Mattis says:

      Before deploying heavy cyber artillery, did you try to just go back to map screen ?
      After third warehouse stage, it’s supposed to be first level of strip club, now. (as the game evolve, so the roadline)
      Maybe you just miss that ?

    • zardoz says:

      Thanks for the assist! I feel like an idiot, but the reason I didn’t click on the strip club to to confirm is because it had 0 of 2 scenarios available when I placed the mouse on it. Same for the other locations. I clicked a few randomly, but they were all locked pending more previous level purchases. It would be helpful if new locations updated with the number of potential unlocks available at the point in the story. Please don’t interpret this as a complaint, just a suggestion from a fan. Thanks again!

      • Mattis says:

        Don’t feel like an idiot, it’s a common problem, for people, to search for “heavy artillery” and technical stuff before just trying easy things ;)
        (just like people think “technically masturbatory-impressive games” will work better than “fun to play games”)

        For the “available scenario”, it looks like a bug.
        You didn’t have the pink halo stuff around ?

        • zardoz says:

          Well, to be completely honest, I have the pink halo stuff now, but I don’t recall it before. This may mean that I’m on par with a blind dude so far as visual perception goes, but I did a lot of looking around for clues at the time and didn’t notice it. Regardless, thanks for the amazing game and value placed on the somewhat obscure kink of impregnation. Much appreciated!

  • Sop says:

    Is the metro set out yet? Cuz it’s not on my map. Btw love the new update….especially the strip club bonus pose!

  • ballisticwaffles says:

    Another bug to report.

    If you click the Dismiss partner button while the Twins are strapped up in the indian house, the partner is dismissed, but the pleasure button ceases to work.

  • Dragon21 says:

    Mattis .. my man… delicious. haven’t found all the new..”scene’s” yet.. (looking for the twin whipping), but.. have a problem.. it stopped loading.. do I need to clear cookies? (wasn’t sure if I should put this here or the forum) gona hate life if I have to.. had just passed 700!

  • Dragon says:

    Mattis .. my man… delicious. haven’t found all the new.. “scene’s” yet.. (looking for the twin whipping), but.. have a problem.. it stopped loading.. do I need to clear cookies? (wasn’t sure if I should put this here or the forum) gona hate life if I have to.. had just passed 700!

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for that !!

      No, I don’t think you need to clear cookie !
      (or at least try to locate the game cookie and copy/save it somewhere, lol)
      Maybe just empty cache and reload the game itself a few times ?
      I don’t know, but it would be a shame to lose all that.

      700 pregnancies ? It’s amazing !
      (ranks can go far higher than that, if you want to keep going to discover new ones, lol. In which one are you, now ?)

  • Vanguard says:

    I noticed that some of the cheat codes do not work when entered. The supporter, big, and perky codes do nothing when entered. Still an excellent game and update just figured I’d give you a heads up regarding those codes.

  • JoJo says:

    Suggestions. If you are curious, I am a lesbian.

    – Adjustable boob size for female main character
    – More hair styles for female main character
    – More outfits for female main character (lingerie? dresses? just something sexier please)

    Also, dialogue in this game is terrible. I don’t mean to be rude, but the dialogue really is quite bad. If you want, I’ll try to write up some dialogue you can add? I’m a pretty good writer. (I don’t write porn, but I’ve published other stories.)

    • Mattis says:

      “if you are curious, I am a lesbian”.
      I didn’t ask, but that’s fun to know ;)
      I am a little frigid, straight, and I wish I was homo, or at least bi.

      - boob size : should be doable.
      - hair styles : more difficult, but should be doable also.
      - more outfits : dresses are impossible to do in current engine, alas! The rest, I proposed times and times again that players contribute to existing catalog. But you should define “sexier”, because it’s very subjective, and change from one player to another.

      “I don’t mean to be rude”.
      You completely are, but your feeling towards KoPC dialogs is a subjective call again ;)
      But feel free to write up some dialogues, yes, I’ve been asking for it since months, I would be very happy to include some other people’s work, if they fit the spirit of this or that campaigns/scenarios.
      (you can write me e-mails, or suggest your lines on the forum, either one is good)

      Aside from that : no kind words for all the work that has been done ?
      Next time, maybe :/

      Have fun :)

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi there! Just wanted to say that I look forward to each update of the game, and this one is my absolute favorite yet.

    I especially enjoyed the scene with the dog! I also think that the new metro scene is one of the best designs yet, and that the dialogue seems to be constantly improving (though I admit that sometimes I click too fast to even see them).

    The new skin colors are great too! Will the babies eventually match for green/blue/etc? Right now they seem to be appearing as red, which I actually think is kind of neat.

    Anyway, I just thought I would drop this comment to say THANK YOU for putting out such a great game, and for always bringing such awesome new content. Thank you!

    • Mattis says:

      Thx, it’s really heart warming to read that kind of support !
      It will keep the man happily working, lol !

      For the dog as well as metro scene, thank maatyox too.
      Even if I’m the one to draw, program, animate and make the things work, in the end, I couldn’t have done it without the raw material he sent me.

      For the baby colors, yes, will make it correspond !

      Keep following, supporting and having fun, and I’ll try to keep providing !

  • HookahLord says:

    Hey there, Great update, cant stop playing :) .
    Just some few bugs i found:
    -in the airplane levels, in bonus scenes with the table, dialog bubbles are swaped (dont know how to say this, probably the are “mirrored”? as in turned around)
    -in prison levels, there probably is a bonus scene with bucket, but all sex happens on bed, so its not possible to access that (maybe its just chance, dont know)
    -also, happens always, after first creampie, music stops, even when theres more girls

    but anyway, keep up the good work :) love this game, here are few suggestions.
    -more asian levels
    -more levels with more milfs
    -fuck girls with audience at a same time as main character
    -Nurses? :)

    thats all i can think of right now, but thanks for the game :)
    and GO MATTIS! :)

    • Mattis says:

      Hi hookah!

      Thx for the “GO MATTIS” cheers and support ! We should put up a team, it’s important for the long run ;)

      - airplane bubbles : noted, will be fixed!
      - prison : noted. You can’t use “unzoom” during sex to access it, but you rise a point anyway, will think about it.
      - music bug : noted. Been struggling a lot with sounds&music, so I’ll try to see what can be done.

      - for asian & milfs levels, I don’t have a lot of material and ideas. Just like furries, bdsm or happy sex, those are not really my thing, so it’s hard to come up with stuff.
      But feel free to give a hand on that.
      - nurses : we got the outfit, should get on with a hospital set, yeah.
      - girls & audience at the same time : difficult as it is, it might make my computer explode, and the engine not fit for that yet.
      BUT, we managed to do worse stuff in the past, so it goes on my list, and maybe someday I will find a solution !

  • MaxInsane says:

    hey :) im a big fan of kopc game and i always check for updates and posts… i have bugs to report but i saw people on here already reported those so… i have no bugs to report, hooray XD i would just sugest some things… i know you have been working on getting sounds for girls to make them more different and unique… which didnt end ok… i just say to just add specific dialog for specific scene… when scene with more girls than just stick to what it was… but when some special girl with story than yeah… make her different… some girls should want to get pregnant… like that second lvl porn pregnancy contract… or happy sex scenario… so giving them specivic dialog about it would be great… i think almost all girls in game are crying types… i never saw happy ones… so changing types and specific dialog would give them personality making them different and unique… anyway i wanna say you did good work on the game and special thanks for it :)

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for the support and feedback !
      Always appreciated, like you surely know ;-)

      For sounds, yes, that’s a shame :/
      But scenario-specific dialogs for girls are an elegant solution I will surely try to implement, yes.

      It will be difficult, though, because even if I have limitless imagination for all other stuff, for girl dialogs or happyness, I got absolutely nothing! And never have.
      I kind of have a blockage, on that, it seems.
      I stated this before, and that’s why I asked repeatedly for players contributions, on those matters.
      At least for alternative “happy” campaigns.

      So, I completely understand the wish for that, but I’m just not fit to concretize it, sorry.
      Feel free to bring it to life ! ;-)

      • MaxInsane says:

        Hey again :D ok i can work on writing some girls “happy” dialogs which you can use to put on happy type of a girl… and happy type of girls can be put in “happy” campaign… for which i could also come up with few scenarios… i have some good ideas for it… but you should explain me some things… how dialogs works? are they specific for teens and milfs? as much as i saw some foreplay trigger different dialog… and its different for phases, for example ” go for the cream phase” im not sure so i ask? i wanna know how much dialogs i need for one campaign and for what exactly? so i can come with complete list of dialogs for girls and i can make for main character too cuz he will need specific ones for happy campaign too, or not? its up to you :D

        and yeah just write me email to which i can send my work to :)
        have a nice day ;)

        • Mattis says:

          You can write me directly at mattis.chastan@gmail.com
          Good questions about dialogs & scenarios.

          It’s easy : each scenario got a dialog pack, containing a little male text for each of 10 categories (like suck pose, foot pose, fist pose, titfuck, regular fuck, brute fuck, deep fuck, etc..)
          After that, it’s just about trying to provide complete dialog pack for as many scenarios as possible.

          Girl dialogs are even simplier, for now : one pack for each mood (not scenario or age related), with just 2 categories (”response” text, triggered after male speaks, or “out of nowhere” text)
          With help, we can add more categories (necessary !) or think about extending stuff somehow.

          Maatyox campaigns already have all dialogs, and “happy mood” is already working for campaigns that needs it.

          So, to sum up, what would be needed ?
          - Extended standard girl dialogs, in each mood pack.
          - Additionnal scenarios for alternative campaigns (respecting the spirit, of course)
          - If inspired, dialog packs for main character, for scenarios that don’t already have one, in alternative campaigns.
          (I prefer to take care of main campaign, to maintain coherence, for dialogs and scenarios)

          Waiting for your response by e-mail ;-)

    • Bloodangel says:

      I like all this guys ideas MaxInsane :) Btw love the new sets and the dog had me rolling. This isn’t really a bug but why do u have to enter a code to get big and bigger boobs? I mean wouldn’t it be easier to add them to the pre-sets

      • Mattis says:

        Thx for positive feedback! Always welcomed, as you know ;)
        For big boobs : easier, certainly, more coherent, I’m not sure.
        If I find something satisfying to improve the system, I will program it, anyway, but for now it’s easier and funnier to have some codes for that.

  • Keks says:

    I’ve found KoPC a few days ago and downloaded the .swf to play the game on a computer without internet. Seems to be a great Game! Now I found your website and wonder if I can play the new version with my old savegame?

    • Mattis says:

      I worked on the game in that direction, anyway!
      So it “should” work. But I’m no tremendous technician, so, I can’t promise anything, you may need to work around that. ;-)
      Glad to see newcomers !

  • Coyote says:

    Just got into this game the other day and it is amazing! The no save is kind of killing me since I can’t get very far in one sitting, but I’m finding ways around that.

    Anyways, I had just a small suggestion. It seems like some of the random girls have unusually large asses, I though maybe an assjob in the humiliation section would be appropriate. I don’t know how doable that is or how much demand there is for that, but I thought it would be pretty cool.

    Oh and I love that you can be a demon, just… wonderful.

    • Mattis says:

      Auto-save don’t work with you ? That must be crap !
      Try accepting cookies, for this game. (’cause it’s a global save by cookie)

      Assjob : noted !

      You like the demon ? Cool ;) What about the E.T ? (not the same kind of stuff, but…)

      Keep supporting the game if you like it.
      There’s still ton loads of amazing stuff to do, but alas very few donations and popularity to do so !

      • MaxInsane says:

        i have the very same problem too… i have accepted cookies and i checked its written how much kb they used and it all ok but every other day i turn on my pc its all lost… so i cant save in kopc :( it really sucks cuz it takes long time to get to last stages… is there any code or something that unlocks all stages? i really dont know what to do about it… i tried some things nothing helped… btw dont worry i didnt forgot abut dialogs :D i didnt come with so much as i thought but it will surely help :) and yeah i tried new ytgpp game :) great work!