Wipiti wopeti woo !

Hi everyone ! (yes, even you, hiding in the corner drinking on the house :p)

Just a quick heads-up to remind you : next funding campaign is on !
As usual, the quicker we reach the goal for donations, the quicker I can get to work on next KoPC update !
And as their additionnal rewards for good samaritans, have fun with it !

Next update donation funding : 70/300$

Expected on next update :
Aside from usual new sets & poses (we got a good run on that), I will focus on lots of new dialogs & dialogs options, as well as saving options for girls preferences !
I tried a few stuff on spare free time, and it’s promising, so, help us get real on all that !


Also, the new forum is feeling a little lonely.
So be sure to drop by and discuss stuff (old or new : feel free to take initiatives !)

Forum link : The Hentai Warehouse

That’s all for now, folks !
Have fun !

  • Paul says:

    hey are there any cheats for the game?

  • ballisticwaffles says:

    You are in luck, saved them in a text file.

    “amplebosom” (huge boobs !),
    “giganticjugs” (enormous boobs !),
    “makethemsmall” (girls always small),
    “makethemtall” (girls always tall).
    “santacomeclose” (Santa and X-mas Stage)
    “supporter” a million bucks

  • TooskilledforU says:

    I have some ideas for KOPC: First, make a “virgin” button, so that you can select whether or not the girl is a virgin, and therefore will bleed and scream when you start to have sex with her. Another Idea that I have, is that the girls can reach full climax too, and when this happens, they squirt. Lastly, make it so that you can choose whether or not the girls have pubic hair and the style (Color will be the same as the hair color). I do not know how hard these would be to incorporate into a KOPC, but I am just making a suggestion for a future update.

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for the suggestions ;)
      Obvious ones, but not a lot of people made them (for virgin and pubic hair), I will write that down and see what can be down.

      Aside from that : did you like the game ? In what way ?
      Don’t hesitate to go in lenghts about that, we will neeeeever go short on suggestions and complains, but it’s always a constant and systematic battle to obtain any positive feedback or observation ;)

      • TooskilledforU says:

        I really love the game. One of the better adult/porn games out there. I browse through websites, and all I see is cheap mediocre porn games that an eight month old could make blindfolded. I keep ending up coming back to this game and it never disappoints in any way whatsoever. The work that you do on all of your games is extremely quality work. KOPC though, is my favorite. Keep up the good work, and I am happy to support. :-)

        • Mattis says:

          Wow, thx!
          I’m not sure I’m as good as you feel I am, I’m very bad on a lot of aspects, objectively (that’s why I compensate with other stuff), but still, good to hear!

          Like I explained somewhere : whatever people think and feel it works like, at the end of the day, creators only have what people factually said.
          And as it is 99% complains and work-more!-suggestions, most of them just give up on trying. You can’t feed your soul and motivation on silence and reversed reality.
          It would be like thinking a man will act self-confident and happy in a world without any smile or woman, just because you tell him there’s 3 billions smiling girls who like him on another continent.
          No : if you want a man to be happy, you need to give him the girls and the smiles, factually !

          So, just like that, making in-lenghts positive feedbacks isn’t ‘obvious and useless’ or ‘for the creator ego’ : it’s mainly to avoid giving the impression nothing the creator’s do is worth it, to ease the hostility, and to let him know what precise aspects you like or not!
          After that creator can deduce what you don’t like, but also focus on aspects that please people, instead of working blind.
          (it’s a natural process : the more people like this or that, the more you feel like developing it! Much more efficient and motivating than knowing too well what people hate in your work!)

          It’s just a question of method, there’s nothing personnal.
          But it’s an important fight, as it seems no one understood it before it was too late.
          Players have been flaming any attempt of anything for years, always very hostile and critics, and now hentai games world is shattered in pieces, with almost all creators disgusted for life to even “try”, face to such agressivity and no rewards at all. (I remember a time when you had at least 10 new great hentai games a week. Now you have 3 per months, at best!)
          As long as players will keep responding this way, hentai sites and games will continue to shut down one by one, alas. :/
          Time to start over and build on new deal and way of interacting, lol!

          “I’m not perfect, I’m not the best, I’m just a very satisfying mount to ride on, if feed well!”