Engine roaring…

Hi everyone !

Just a word to say I finally finished the next update of the game…. a week ago ! 
But as my agrement with my sponsor says I must wait for him to upload the game on his site, and as he didn’t answer me since last sunday, I’m just stuck right there, waiting for him to finalize the upload to be able to show you the work, argh !
So, it’s done, but not available, boo ooh !!!
Of course I asked him again for the upload, but no answers so far…
It should come out quickly, just a little more patience !
To help you with that, here’s some other drawings of mine.
2 people unconditionnally ask for more while only 1 people ask for no more stuff of that kind, so here comes.
Again, it’s much more “lolicon” stuff than what you can find in my games, and crappier quality.
I already stated my games and my drawings were two completely different approach and stuff, so don’t mistake or be surprised.
If you don’t like it…. you should have voted and answered when I was asking your opinion about publishing those stuff ! 
(when I ask questions, it’s because I need answers. If you don’t answer, assume the consequences, loool !)
(due to a change of policy on blogger.com, I removed some images to avoid problems !)

Some try on bigger drawings. Not very good, sorry.

There was a story with it, but just make your own.

Enjoy !

  • Nice job ! the first and the fourth picture is soo hot ! Can't wait to see your update on the Game !

    Don't stop your work, your game is fucking good, hope you can have more help in your bussness cause you deserve it.

    French fan ;)

  • luigi tayag says:

    These are one of the most amazing drawings I wish I could see in animation.. Truly great I swear..
    The first one is great although it's lolicon.. but still great
    The rest are my favorite especially the "FIFTH ONE".. I told you I love Matures!! So hot and sexy!!
    I hope you'll make more of these…
    And I hope you'll make more games with your good animations..
    Wonderful! Thank you Mattis..

  • Jinx says:

    My favorite drawing is the 3rd one!
    Also, very excited for this update.

  • nem2013 says:

    Nice… that first image needs to become the next game one of these days.

  • Mattis says:

    I was really not sure about them. Lolicon + gruesome porn + creampie is not a mix usually well perceived on the web.
    Glad people don't take them the wrong way !

    Hope I can't get help on my work too, it's far from easy, keep supporting, it's a great motivation !

  • Mattis says:

    I hope too !
    And thx for your appreciation of my drawings, it's nice.
    I will try to do more mature girls, but on paper I'm not satisfy with my style on mature sex poses.
    But in the game it's easier, so it will surely include more mature poses soon.

    Keep supporting !

  • Mattis says:

    Third one ?
    Could you develop ?
    As it is the most incomplete and unsatisfying drawing (for me, I mean) of these bunch, I'm interested in finding why you don't like the other (aside from obvious lolicon debate, of course), and/or why you prefer this one ?
    It could help me figure out more horizons. (like forcing me to do mature girls or prego stuff on the game was not that bad, after all !)

  • Mattis says:

    Lol, I would like to be able to explore this stuff !
    But I'm not sure about that, as I don't like lolicon stuff at all (contradiction, I know), and I think it's a too dangerous and sensible subject, I don't really want to throw myself in that. (at least for the time being)

    But in some way, actual KoPC is very near, with its impregnation fest on poor conscious abused girls.
    And there's always some drawings of mine for that.

    Best thing would be to be able to do 3D animations, like umemaro and all.
    But starting from nothing, it would take me a lifetime to obtain a minimal level of skills, ressources and energy on that.

  • Arioch says:


    I really like the idea of the name of the girl in cum style :)

    I hope your problem whith your sponsor will soon solve.
    keep the faith you done a really impressiv work

    another french fan

  • Brian Z says:

    dude can you put a download link so we can play it in flash before the website?

  • Mattis says:

    The cum-name is a nice, yes.
    Like the addition of used condoms on stage, it's those kind of details that empowered drawings.
    I think about adding the age of each girl, in the cum-name, but it wasn't better looking.
    Still I feel like it lacks something of that kind, I just don't know what.

    Thx for the support, it's always needed ! :)

  • Mattis says:

    I would like too, but that's basically against the purpose of the contract with my sponsor : if and update can be first found elsewhere than on his site, the first big wave of viewers is lost, the update spread everywhere on the web, and his site gain pretty much nothing in showing my work after most of people already got it.

    If he doesn't have the first coming, the update is pretty much useless to him, so it's not worth any money, it's only logical.

    In the same way : if there's a release elsewhere, why paying anything ? He can just take the game where it is and put it for free on his site !
    But as it is, he also pays the right of being sure to be the first and only one to see and possess each update.
    Again, it's only logical.

    But if you pay me for it, I'm sure we can make a deal, lol ! ;)

    Conclusion : yeah, I'm freaking impatient too, it's very frustating to have to wait like that, but I don't really have a financial and technical choice ;)

  • First two pictures are so gorgeous, i like them, and i wanted to see it in game, maybe like a bonus scene or hidden content, but best of all to see it like a full game content!

  • Hi Mattis!

    I rally must say, your work is excelent! Keep it up!!

    All your pics are awsome, but 1st, 2nd and 5th are simply boner-makers :P

    Especialy 5th one .. looks like some teen guy fuks Mature pretty deep.. just like in KoPC – a slim dude with pretty busty woman. It would be nice to enhance this somehow more.

    I have some other thinks that would be nice in game, but I dont want to dictate too much. And dont know where to send it to you.
    Thx for your work!


  • Mattis says:

    Lol, thx a lot !
    Alas, for first picture, as I said here and there, it's… unlikely !

    First reason was because a lot of people in this blog expressed their "unease" or dislike about lolicon stuff.
    Can't blame them, but as people who don't bother didn't say anything until now, I was having the feeling this door should be kept shut.
    But there's a lot of people who say otherwise, on this picture, so maybe it's on the table again.

    Second reason : it's a dangerous and sensible subject (both), so it's not an easy decision…
    Plus, lolicon + gruesome porn + creampie is a very brutal mix, even among lolicon stuff, not easy at all.

    Third reason : I would prefer keep KoPC on one hand and lolicon stuff on another, as KoPC could end up being a massively huge game, potentially gathering a lot of people.
    (but I don't make high hopes on that, I already done amazing stuff promised to glory, in my past, on other domain, and nothing ever work even a little)
    It would be a shame to be blocked or banned for lolicon problem.

    But I could work something out, someday, if you people keep supporting me and motivating me like that ;)

  • Mattis says:

    Thx for the appreciation !
    It's really nice to see people getting my work the right way, or even just liking it !

    For the 5th picture : I got a "slim" phase, but I'm far more on bulky guys, since a few years.
    That's the beauty of a game like KoPC : with several male customs working on every animations, each one can choose its favorite kind of character !

    For pretty busty woman, I'm lacking skills, for now.
    All mine are too… "squares" instead of "curves", lack dynamic, and global picture lack intensity.
    I try to understand how "meet n fuck games" do, because they're astonishing, on those kind of mature pretty women stuff ! (garnet maclane, train fellow series, jailbreak series, and pretty much all of the last 20 games they release !)
    One day I will be good enough, maybe ?

    For thinks about the game, feel free to post them in comments ! As long as you keep in mind I never promise anything, on suggestions received, and don't accept "dictates", yes, it's ok ! ;)

  • Speaking of lolikon, what do you mean by a dangerous topic? How drawn porn can be dangerous? Remember the hentai lolicon stuff. If you don't like it, you don't watching it. So think about it again wisely and may be you can figure it out how to implement that content. I know a few games with lolicon and they are popular. I believe that it has good potential. Good luck!

  • Mattis says:

    Hmm, don't play the 'naive' card, lol. I myself don't play it, even being the one who draw that kind of stuff !
    Lolicon (even drawings, I mean) are illegal in most countries of the world.

    Aside from that :
    1) – it's obvious showing lolicon hentai is a way of spreading this fetish (worldwide, not only in our specific education and cultural little bubble)
    2) – which leads to teach it to a lot of young people that will grow with it instead of having a chance to ignore it (like rape fantasy, brutality, or anything else, in that matter)
    3) – that will extremely banalize it therefore
    4) – and as hentai and porn don't contain any lesson or education of any kind…
    5) – … and have a tendency to be seen younger and younger by unaware people with some lack of education and objectivity (as a normal people wouldn't watch it ! Don't lose time trying to defend, I'm not some kind of puritan you could convince, lol, I'm probably already deeper down that hole than you, and even I don't defend it, with all my objectivity and seriousness) …
    6) – … it can only produce what any psychologic mass structure of that kind result in : pushing back limits, making frontiers very blurry and foggy, and producing on its borderlines real deviant maniacs.

    Not directly, but it's a processus well known since centuries : first you invent, then other people discover, then the idea spread, then it drifts from "impossible to imagine" to "understandable", "cautionnable", "normal", and finally "acceptable somehow", and in a fringe of more fragile or more confused minds, the "well secured and cautious fetish" became a more and more "normal" idea that push its way little by little into monstruous realities.

    We are already halfway : even given the whole world mind-opening about the destruction of IRL loli-loving and the global illegaty that follows, that should have wiped out, at least for a few generations, even the concept of lolicon, lolicon spreads like crazy on all internet.
    Worse : there are guys like me that draws unspeakable act of pornography, and who are supported by other people to do it more !
    How more obvious the "dangerous" aspect of this fast spiral of evolution and logical consequences can be ??

    Off course, right now, we are all still well aware of the frontier between drawings and reality, and even zealous defenders of this frontier.
    But that doesn't mean we do nothing wrong at all or can overlap the sensibility of this subject, or have the right to pretend we don't have a responsability to assume, here.
    Because those who will follow after us will not have the same background as us, and probably not as much remorse or cautiousness. And those after them even less, and lesser and lesser with time, until it's too late…

    So : yeah, I draw strange but exciting stuff, I like to do it (somehow), and I would like to explore my art deeper and share it with other.
    But it's a sensible and dangerous subject anyway, so I don't take it lightly, and I'm begging people to do the same ;)

  • zed says:

    Still no luck with your sponsor?

  • Shaun says:

    Just checked and the new version is up.

    Thanks Mattis.