From behind the bushes !

Hi everyone, hope you doing well ?

Given the lack of response on KoPC and some personnal issues, I got a little time on my hand.
So I work out behind the curtain to provide you the next episode of my new serie : Young Teen getting Porn Pregnant !!
A lot of you have been asking for it, and I tried to consider all feedbacks you gave on the first episode.
So, it should be awesome !

Here goes YTPP 2 : JENNY’S LIVE RAPE, a brand new hentai game !

Proudly sponsored by, once again, so enjoy and make noise !

new minigames, options, buttons, story, everything !

new minigames, options, buttons, story, everything !


About next KoPC update :
Funding campaign still awaits for you ! Got a lot of interesting stuff in my bag I want to develop for you (especially lots of new dialogs and save for girls preferences !), but no one seems to be here, those days, alas !
Keep a little thought for this project, people !

Offbeatr :
A little note on side, also, to tell you I’m trying to start an offbeatr campaign for KoPC developement.
Ready yourself to vote and support it when it comes out, if you love what this project have brung and could bring in the future, it would be a unique opportunity to show it and gather the world around it !

Have fun with all that, and don’t forget the forum, comments, feedbacks, and everything !
Rock on !

  • Deus says:

    Great game!! I hope this new game will grow more so it can be customized more like KoPC which is what i love about(variation). I love your work and it’s worth funding.

  • Garruk says:

    Great job!

    when i get a bit more time ill post some feedback on both kopc and this new gem

    for now hats off to you good sir

  • vanguard says:

    Excellent update, would love to see this game start growing. Given the good feedback for this game, maybe you could open up a monthly funding campaign like there is with kopc. I’d definitely give some money toward continuing with the ytpp game. Keep up the excellent work Mattis.

    • Mattis says:

      It’s always up to players, anyway, to guide their fundings !
      (but past month got not even one single donation for anything, so, I don’t know :/)
      Anyway : your move, I open YTPP update funding (see on top-right) as well as a topic on forum to make a wish-list of improvements !

  • vyor says:

    right then… it won’t let me get an account on the forum(probably yahoo’s fault), so I am forced too post the suggestion here…

    More upgrades too get more money/points… it becomes such a grin latter on just too unlock new areas, and you can max on upgrades very quickly…

  • Yay says:

    Awesome! You should let the girl keep on her shirt and/or her pantyhose! Thanks for the anal.

  • Dragon13 says:

    Once again.. Mr Mattis.. you have made my pulse Throb.. my breath quicken.. and my pants well… I’ll leave it at that.

    As for you KoPC.. love the upgrades, and the new levels.. and the delicious back and forth comments. My one question, is on the mom/daughters scene’s.. why if you pick the daughter first.. can you not get the mom to join? it works the other way.

    Your new YTPP ver 2.. OOhhh my friend.. I envy you. delectable. and hearing her.. respond.. and whimper.. so tasty. can’t wait for the next one! (donation will be forthcoming..)

    One small thing, all of MSG seams to be.. carrying a trojan horse, so I can not open any of them at this moment. Just letting you know in case anyone starts to complain.

    • Mattis says:

      For MSG, we got a forum topic on that.

      For mother/daughter : yes, it’s a very old technical problem we discussed ages ago.
      It’s not a bug, it just doesn’t work for now, and will not until I find some engine trick and tweak to make it so, unfortunately. :/

      For YTPP as other games : donations and support are everything, yes ;-)

      Thank you very much for sharing your appreciation of the work done, it’s always very welcome to read it, given how hard it is to pull out ! So, keep following, keep commenting, keep supporting, and I will keep working to provide !

  • Maericke says:

    Hey man, not sure if you’re aware but mysexgames is coming up through google chrome as an attack site.
    I bypassed the warning anyway but none of the flashes I try to access are loading. It’s weird and irritating.
    Just thought I’d let you know in case you didn’t.

    • Mattis says:

      Lol, I should program crippling bugs in my games, it seems to bring back far more feedback and comments than making stuff work fine ;)

      But yep, thx for the heads-up, and other people reported this problem on forum.
      I have contacted MSG admin to offer support if needed and possible somehow. (I doubt “irritation” will help them solve the problem)
      Unfortunately this has nothing to do with my work, so, for now I don’t have answers about that, but we will work on it ;)

  • Ash says:

    Hey Mattis, can you link to the game swf until the MSG site problem is sorted. Take it down after all starts working well. Call me impatient if you like :P
    So please could you?

  • RedShocktrooper says:

    An idea for the next YTPP… instead, MILFPP.

    Shouldn’t be too hard to make from a mechanical standpoint, I feel, just a sort of rebranded version.

    Also if you do not mind I do feel you need a spelling/grammar checker (I mean no offense by this, I feel I should note). I would be willing to volunteer for no charge, just send me the scripts.

    • Mattis says:

      Like I say here and there : no problems for spelling/grammar checking, there’s indeed work to do here!

      Problem is : tons of people are willing to make spelling/grammar check, as long as it’s me who handle the thing from A to Z.
      Nop, sorry, still not a work slave, already have 98% of every tasks to do, I wont go up to 99%, it’s morally hurtful.
      Be a man, put your words into acts.
      It’s not that hard : YOU list the texts and mistakes, make a simple and clear list of all fixes, then send it to me. I’ll still have tons of works to do with the result anyway, don’t worry.
      (or even better : gather it in appropriate forum topics, so everyone can work together to come up with the best version possible of things)

      I know you mean well, don’t worry, there’s nothing personnal, it’s just there’s lots of people in the same case. Seems the “obvious efficient way” isn’t that obvious at all, lol ;)

      For MILFPP : I note that, I’ll see what I can do ;)