We need YOU right now ! KoPC Offbeatr project started !

As suggested and talked about since a few weeks/months, I finally started a KoPC offbeatr campaign !

What is offbeatr ?
A kickstarter platform for adults, to finance great projects!

What is the goal ?
To make voice for KoPC, and try to obtain the crucial funds we need to continue this project, and make it reach the next level, and the next one after this!
If this work, you will be on for a freaking amazing fun time with “KoPC reloaded”!

What do I need to do, how does this works ?
What I need you to do, my dear, is to sign up to offbeatr platform, and follow the steps for this project!
First, we need to reach 130 votes, to approve this project!
Then, we will need pledges, to ensure the campaign works out!
If we don’t reach those goals, the campaign will go off, no money spent, but also no money received anywhere, and all efforts I’ve put in this campaign would have been in vain!
If it works : sky’s the limit!!
But there’s a twist : it’s all about timing, the campaign will not be on forever (in fact it’s a matter of a few weeks), so whatever you decide, act quickly and swiftly, my dear lads!

What changes about the current way KoPC updates and YTPP work ?
If anything, you should spent your money on pledges for offbeatr campaign.
Because it’s the first priority, now, and there’s a deadline on it.
If it doesn’t work out, we will still be able to redirect your pledges into donations for regular updates, and get back to how things were.
But it’s important we try to transform it into a big success, because it would be far more easier this way, with much more possibility and freedom to do all that we dream about KoPC!
On sides, I will keep working on new games anyway, and try to update a few stuff, depending on time and ressources I have, it’s not a blackout time where everything will be suspending.
But keep offbeatr campaign in mind, for now. It’s the current crucial goal!

So, mattis hentai army is recruiting, it’s time to get dirty and glorious, people!
All aboard the big fucking train to victory, and make us all proud of your support, more than ever!

Click on “view project” button to go to KoPC campaign offbeatr page, and make it happens!

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