Progress and stuff

Hi everyone !

Just a few words to say I’m finally able to work a little on the game ! (hurray !)
So I was able to fix a lot of bugs, and finally make “y-some” works !
(I use the term “x-some” for “one guy and several girls”, and “y-some” for “one girl and several men”)
At least for now, there’s surely hidden bugs everywhere, lol.

But the update are not for now because I try to hire someone to re-do the sets of the game, to make them look more alive and less empty. And to do the whole freaking long bunch of new sets we all put on my to do list, lol.
You know that could help BIG TIME, and improve, accelerate and add a lot to the game.
Also, fixing bugs and making new system works is huge for me, but not so much for you, so I need to add new poses and contents in all that.
(but that depends if we get our new sets or not, so, stay chill and cross fingers)


That brings me to another point (suggested to luigi) : feel free to participate to this KOPC game/project.
Aside from suggestions (which everyone do, by tons !), there’s plenty of room for everyone to accelerate the growth of the game, by taking in charge some aspects, that could easily be done without me and then put in the game.

For example sets of dialogs, or new scenarii (with texts and conditions going with it so I just have to put them in the game engine right away without working on it, because without that it’s just suggestions I have to work on).

Even for stage sets or other stuff, I don’t know, shoot. We can even discuss money if that helps.
We don’t talk about big money here, but who knows : multiplied by a lot of work done for the game, it could be interesting for you.
It’s always a sensible field, but it’s just to say : don’t think I enjoy struggling to release stuff, I would be glad to give away some aspect of it.

So, given the spirit of the game is respected (at least for now. Maybe in the future we will go outside this “rude pornstar kind-of-raping and knocking-up girls”), I’m more than open to the idea of getting helps to accelerate the growth of the game, and give opportunities to people.

Just to say ;-)
And some other drawings of mine, as hentai-foundry keeps rejecting them.
(beware : it’s probably not the taste of everyone, but KoPC is one thing, and personnal drawings are another thing)

(due to a change of policy on, I removed the second image to avoid problems !)

If you like it tell me, I could add more.
If you really don’t tell me too, so you avoid seeing more ;-)
  • James Bond says:

    Sup Mattis,
    I loved the first drawing and it's awesome
    The second? The female's body is kinda small like the 10-16yr old cute japanese hentai girls which is not really my type and even the penis reached her stomach… hehe
    I would love it to be like the mature or milf getting there in the 2nd picture..
    Maybe a scene in the couch would be great..
    Thanks Mattis
    Your awesome…
    Tell us what kind of idea would you like us to share to be more specific…

  • Flying Guy says:

    You've got a real telent for drawing! please keep showing them … more !

  • zed says:

    If you ever want me to brew up some little stories, i'd be happy to offer them.
    I'm a massive fan of the pregnancy side of it, but I have no flash skills… got some 3D, but no flash i'm afraid…

    If you want me to make some stories for the scenarios, I don't want paying (not till you're all rich and famous ;P) but i'd love to see my name in the credits :)

  • Help says:

    You asked me to check on jiggling in the other thread.

    I think the issue is that tits in the game don't really move independently or fly outward to the sides, and they're always super-perky, pointing straight out. Animation's not my strong point, though. I'd recommend watching some porn where a big-breasted woman does some riding — the movement is different than in the game.

    Also — as if you didn't have enough work — consider having some clothing hanging off the girl — panties around her ankles, shirt pulled down to her waist, and so on. I think I already suggested the idea that players could save their favorite clothing options.


    As for scenario suggestions, my first thoughts were not entirely genre-appropriate, but here they are:

    • You beat a criminal gang in a streetfight and their girlfriends/wives join the winning team.

    • The bride and her bridesmaids in a wedding want revenge because her fiance and their husbands all cheated on them with prostitutes at the bachelor party. Now you have to service these angry, horny women before the wedding . . . and also on the wedding night itself when the husband is to drunk to perform.

    • A powerful, corrupt political couple has bled your town for years. They arrest enemies when they fight back, including some of your family. but the people rose up and threw them out — so they stole the town's money and ran. You caught up to them, captured the husband, and the wife gives herself to you in order to gain your protection.

    • You're leader of a bizarre cult and you have nubile victims who must be impregnated in an erotic ritual. They can be tied down on an altar, on the side of an altar, and to other objects. Other cultists (women) help all of you cum.

    Here are some ideas where the women dominate you:

    • The altar scenario above — but you're tied down on the altar, and you have to knock up several cultists. . . and if you run out of juice, they'll sacrifice you instead.

    • You're at a religious school and the nuns decide the only way you'll learn is if they take turns "punishing" you. Or you could be there to help the nuns release their tensions. . .

    • You're a captured spy and your nemesis and her lieutenants "torture" and "interrogate" you, threatening to fuck you to death unless you can get them all satisfied and full of cum first.

    • You want to be with a girl but her mother is rich, powerful, and criminally connected. . . and horny. She demands that she and your girlfriend's aunts get to take turns on you to make sure you're "worthy" for her daughter. The daughter can, of course, join in.


    Sexual positions:

    • You lick a girl, making her scream and cum and get wet.

    • After you fill a woman up, another lover eats her out and cleans up both you and her, swallowing anything that doesn't get past the cervix. (Maybe the daughter has to clean up the mom in the above scenario.)

  • Mattis says:

    For the second drawing, what exactly is not your type ? The japanese looks, the japanese drawing style, the apparent age or the too big penis ?

    For mature and milf, in drawings that's not really my stuff.
    In KoPC it's easier and hotter, thx to the animation, so I'm doing more of it in the game than on paper.

    For the "idea to share", I mean everyone share a lot of ideas, critics, thoughts and suggestions with me.
    Which is interesting and open a lot of nice debates and future opportunities for the game.
    But in addition, it would be good to receive a more substantial help, because for now I'm mainly alone to develop physically the game.

    As I played SIMSEH, a game of my web-friend denzel-crocker, I realize he was a lot faster and better than me on doing sets, landscapes and stages, in his game, so I ask him for help in doing sets for KoPC.

    But I thought the process could be copy : why not ask the players for "material help" ?
    So if you want to draw some new location and sets for the game, or want to create new scenarii with precise text and game conditions using actual options available (or other stuff, I don't know), you can !
    After that you send me this and I can include it in the game more quickly than all the "verbal suggestions", that in the end I still have to develop/draw/program myself. (even if they are still interesting as verbal suggestions, don't get me wrong, the problem is just "verbal suggestions" have to wait for me to be developped, wherease "material help" can be done 80% without me)

    Even if players don't have skills in flash or drawing, there's still help to give, in many ways.
    All that, "if you want to", of course, no obligation anywhere !
    But as sometimes people hesitate to contribute and think I'm better off alone, I feel the need to precise it's false, and that I'm open to any help offer !

    It's not very clear, I'm sorry, I have difficulties with english, but I hope you got what I wanted to say, lol : feel free to contribute actively to the game !

  • Mattis says:

    Thx for the reply !
    I hope to bring more opinions in the bucket, because my drawings depict things a little different from what KoPC game do (far more lolicon and no animation and colors, for example), so I don't want to impose that to people if they prefer the way I do and draw things in KoPC.

    So I hope to get a lot of reactions to be able to judge what the majority wants !

  • Mattis says:

    I like to add names in the credits ! :-)
    For paying, you're a gentleman, I appreciate, thx !

    For pregnancy side, yeah, I'm a huge fan too of this exploration of clean and shiny conceptual profanation.
    It's freakingly difficult to depict and point out, it's taking me years of tries to find the words and the style to get out those hot nightmares, lol !

    For stories : please, do !
    To bring a real help (meaning to spare me to have to do most of the work myself), do complete package, if possible : reproduce what you find in the game.
    Meaning for each story :
    - the set used (warehouse, school, etc…)
    - a short but efficient title
    - perversion factor, price (in a vague coherence with the rest)
    - intro text explaining the plot
    - stage conditions : number of girls, size young or adult, and if they have a special uniform or twist. Try to avoid more than one condition, the point is not to list everything, the game can't handle it anyway.

    - For all that, use actual options available in the game, if possible. (if you bring me a scenarii about ten-some mixing men and women with new uniforms and all, I just can't put it in actual game, so it becomes a "future idea, for some day when I will have time to implement all that")
    - Always take example on the game : we play on very few conditions each time, and can bring possibly one or two new elements from time to time, but it's often vague main lines more than ultra specific stuff (which should be contained in the story and possibly the dialogs)
    - oh, if you have time, add dialogs (but do it only if you feel like it. It's difficult and I'm still thinking about changing the whole dialog system one day, so don't put too much effort into it)

    - One last thing : try to keep open space. I mean the game will obviously contain much more sets, titles and scenarios, with time, so it may be the more difficult concept to get, but try to "avoid putting everything in your stories", which could result in closing doors for future sets and scenarios.
    For example : if you have a idea that would be better or more coherent in a bar stage, hospital, nightclub, swimming pool, beach or whatever, keep it waiting until we have those stages.
    It's a subtle concept, don't worry if you don't get what I'm saying.

    To sum it up : don't worry to follow all the rules or not, I just give you the full stuff to help you, but in the end, the only important thing is to do what you feel like doing, and just try to bring those "set/title/text/numbers/condition" package, which after that will be much more easy for me to put right in the game !
    (and we can ALWAYS improve/change things afterwards, if needed, as you saw with this game growth)

    Thx !

  • Mattis says:

    For jiggling, hmmm, yeah, it would not be very easy, I 'joint' both breast to lighten animations, in the game, so outwarding stuff would be really uneasy.
    I will have to think about that.

    For clothing : uneasy too, the game engine work on "limbs", meaning everything can be done, but only if it concerns only one limb (putting a dress on a girl is for the moment impossible, for example).
    But you got my attention one 'pantie around ankle', lol, I HAVE to program that, there's just no way I could left that aside, even if I have no idea how I will do it, for the moment, looool ! ;-)

    Saving clothes : not the priority for now, but already noted, yes. I think it will come when the number of customs, for men as for women, will be far more bigger.
    At this point it will be much more pertinent and interesting to have a big save feature, and this idea will come back on top.

    Sex pose :
    - licking girl : will come.
    - cleaning up : not for now (after "outside cumming" appearance, I think, which is unfortunatly far, from the moment, as I have not any idea how to program that, efficiently or not).


    Story ideas : looool !
    Thx for all those !
    But (several "but", "but" everywhere !!) :
    - I don't do women domination. I know it sucks big time, but I focus on 1) what the game depict, 2) what I find easier and more motivating to depict. Maybe one day, don't worry, but not for now.
    - For the first ideas : I thought of doing "savior syndrom" stories, before, but as for women domination, for the moment I focus the game on "coercitive devil", for now.

    For story help, read what I respond to just above to zed, it will be easier than re-writting everything : it's more about exploiting what already exist in the game, staying on the main spirit line, and giving me "packaged" stories !

    But I salute the effort, you bring several stories in one shot (always better than one isolated stuff), they are specific (better than "vague mix up", given the KoPC concept of big project), and they tend to avoid cliché hentai stories (which I always prefer, I'm bored as hell with cliché stories, I don't sweat all my blood to re-do what's already existing anywhere else)
    So, big thx, even if that's not what I was thinking of ;)

  • I have one story idea – milftoon alike(if you know what i mean, if not, then Google for it)

  • Mattis says:

    So your idea is to tell me to search about someone else idea ?
    Woaw, that's deep, lol ! :-)

  • not exactly, i just don't want to talk about it directly

  • James Bond says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • James Bond says:

    What I don't like is that the female is like a kid..
    Sorry, it's just me…

    I thought the drawings will be placed in animation and to the game..
    I misunderstood you there..

    Anyway, I really don't know how to help you.
    I don't have flash and drawing skills or anything
    The "package" you say?
    Maybe that's the only help I could give..
    I can search for pictures and anything..
    Dialogues are not easy but I'll do my best..
    I'm thinking of a Prison, Massage parlor or Gladiator Arena hehe… very weird huh!
    "Help" mentioned a lot of scenarios(scenarii) in his comment..
    Do we just post our ideas here?

    I remember you said you're going to make a new blog or something to collect our ideas there and make it organized.

    Keep up Mattis.. Don't push too hard
    Little by little you'll finish this and at the end..
    You'll make another game!!..cause there's no end.. lol
    What I love is your animation…F.U.G. Take Turns
    Can I learn animation all by myself?
    Thanks again Mattis..really great..
    We are excited..

  • Mattis says:

    For my drawings : don't feel sorry :-)
    Lolicon stuff got a hard time around the world.
    It's always a serious matter, and I don't even really like those kind of drawings.
    I mean of course on the solely concept, but even in hentai I'm like "meh". Strange I end up drawing those stuff anyway, in my catharsis exploration of hentai. (I got a unique approach on my hentai mentality, lol)
    The only site that gather good and desensitive artistic work about that (hentai-foundry) don't accept my drawings because their not good enough for them. Kind of ironic !

    For including those drawings in my game : no, I'm not that good. And I always separated my drawings from my games, as my drawings depicts another kind of stuff, and seems to not really please a lot of people, so far.


    For offering help, you just misread what I was explaining and don't have read much comments on this blog.
    What I'm talking about is kind of organised and serious help, but aside from flash skills (which I already take in charge).

    What you propose is more about the rest of the comments here : tons of suggestions and game opener that goes everyway imaginable.
    In that matter, a lot of what's possible has already been suggested. (prison, arena, massage parlor : already suggested several times, along with dozens of ideas like those scenarios "Help" spoke out)

    It's useful, but I already have entire pages of suggestions of that kind to program (+ the hundreds of my own ideas, of course !), I don't need to make the list even bigger, for now, I need to concretize them.

    So, finding pictures and proposing stuff not in direct relation with the game and it's actual gameplay/graphic options : not the most useful help imaginable.
    For making dialogs for existing scenarios, same : if you don't feel it 200%, right in the atmosphere of the game and with an extensive comprehension of the details of the task, don't lose time on this.

    But you can still make some suggestions for later, yes, or support me (morally or financially with paypal donations), it's as important as the rest.
    Given the fact I'm the one programming, if I get demoralized by the task or too much harsh critics, or just get bored, the game will not improved any more ! That sucks, but that's reality, hélas for us all ! So supporting the man behind the game, even if we don't always agree with him or what he does, it's still important for the game.

    For animation, I think you could learn by yourself, yes.
    As for drawings.
    (from where do you think I came from ? I was like everyone else, before. Then I just try to figure it all out by myself, and now I'm making games, lol ! There's no mystery or secret way of learning stuff, answers don't fall magically from the sky, hélas !)

  • Matt K says:

    Drug addicts use their female relatives as payment for drugs

  • nem2 says:

    Ok, a few scenarios to throw out there… maybe you'll like one or two. :)
    Some scenes with existing sets, and one suggestion for a possible future set.

    1. Indian's Flat
    Our hero has advertised a service to help indian girls who are facing arranged marriages earn money in a "photo shoot" so they can gain their independence and strike out on their own. Once he has the group all gathered up in the room they find out what they're really there for.

    In addition to the usual generic dialog…

    "Don't want to obey your parents, now you'll obey me whore!"
    "With my baby in your belly no worries about getting married off, dirty slut!"

    2. The Warehouse
    A bunch of college kids end up throwing a party in the abandoned warehouse next door. You lure a whole group of clueless drunk sorority girls over into your studio by telling them stories about letting them star in a "Girls's Gone Wild" video then tear their clothes off and have your way with them.

    Additional dialog

    "I'm the one who goes wild in here bitch!"
    (While tit fucking) "You'll do a lot more than flash these for the camera, fuck meat!"

    3. The School
    Parent-Teacher Meetings. You stand in for the regular teacher who you've "convinced" to get out of your way for the night, then pick the two hottest moms and their daughters and ask them to stay late to discuss their kids performance in more detail, then they're all yours.

    Additional Dialog
    (While fucking one of the moms mouths) "Suck it good bitch and maybe I won't fail your little girl"
    (Any time you're fucking a mom) "That's right, show your daughter how it's done whore"
    (While fucking one of the daughter's mouths) "Did your mom teach you to swallow dick you little cocksucker?"
    (Any time you're fucking a daughter) "Take it cunt, it's extra credit!" or "That's a good slut, make your mom proud!"

    4. Possible New Set: The Woods
    Everything has been inside so far, and mostly involves various forms of blackmail or trickery to get the girls. This time the cameras are set up in a secluded spot in the woods and the girls are just abducted and brought here to have their violation filmed and sold on the underground market. Some hot park rangers… group of girls on a camping trip… random hiker…

  • Mattis says:

    Not bad at all, I like the contribution to existing sets, with doable conditions and dialogs ideas !
    Easier to include, this way ;)

    I will probably make slight changes in those suggestions, but you will still be credited for it, as I would not have made them without your suggestion ! (so in my brain, it's your ideas anyway)

    For indian's one : too similar to the others existing.
    But I didn't thought of making the girls external to the location (for me it was the guy who comes in the flat, and not the girls who comes in, I mean).
    I will re-use those elements here and there on the other indian scenarios, still.

    Warehouse sorority : good one ! Noted, will do ;)

    School parent-teacher : idea refined : you stand as a teacher (don't need the details) for a late interview with two mothers and their two daughters : you threat to throw out their girls of school somehow, now they will all have to fuck-compete to stay in.

    Woods : nice one, yes, especially the fact you throw good ideas with it : group of girls in camping trip, park rangers, random hiker, etc…
    For "abducted movie meat material", not entirely sure : it's a good one, but most of sex poses depict girls "enduring", not "fighting". If they were abducted, they would fight, that's why most of scenarios are about blackmails of some kind.
    Still, good one, I note that down for future set additions.

    Thx !

  • Mattis says:

    That's short, but that's good, thx, I note that down.

  • nem2013 says:

    That's a point about them fighting… I suppose you could try to work around that by adding an item of clothing in addition to pants, shirts, etc… rope. Have them start off tied up, then you can do things like make them give you blowjobs like that but you have to untie them before moving on to positions where the ropes don't work, then the ropes can't be put back on after… (or something, just thinking out loud).

    Then of course after you're done with them and they're all knocked up they're too tired to run or fight. ;)

    Glad you liked the other scenarios, look forward to seeing them show up. :)

  • Mattis says:

    … Or have a character pointing a gun at them, that could do the trick too, without the complexity of the rope.
    (kind of more sensitive symbol, I don't really like that, but on the other hand it's not really a "happy sex" game either…)

    Rope poses could still be added anyway, aside from that, but that would join the pool of regular sex poses instead of being a part of a new gameplay system (which is far more complex)

    Question : for credits, you prefer 'nem2' or 'nem2013' ?

  • nem2013 says:

    nem2013… thanks. :)

    Agree about the gun, rope is more work but better if you can get it in there. Having it available in the rest of the scenarios would definitely be fun too!

  • Hey Mattis great work on the game and loving them pics u have drawn< i was think could there be a construction site scenario where there are all men(in worker clothing) there and a women (manger in office clothing) comes in and they have a gangbang i think this would be really cool and fun also when abouts will the next update happen ?

  • Mattis says:

    For construction site, I'm not sure, it's kind of very cliché, you can already find tons of hentai stuff depicting this scenario.
    But I note it.

    For update, check other comments or posts, or simply website : my sponsor seems to have internet problem and don't answer me or post the game update, so, like you and everyone else, I'm just waiting impatiently for it to be posted, lol !!