Keep faith !

Hélas, no, I’m still not come back from all my IRL problems and works !
But here and there, I try to progress anyway on the game.
So, two little screenshots to help you keeping the faith ! 
(don’t build up yourself on the “public assistance” stuff yet : I did my best to program it with the few time I had, and it just don’t work at all, the screenshot is kind of a lie, just a glimpse of a long hoped future !) 
Aside : have you noticed ? It seems I’m not the only one struggling to come back on the hentai web sphere.
Here and there, all sites and programmers seem to a little down.
Gosh, that’s a really harsh business we cope with…
Anyway, if you have a good site to replace the sad shutdown of, in matters of hentai games and flash games, share your links ! 
And I’m thinking about a contest on your favorite girls and males customs on KOPC, just to see what are the most loved characters !
Feel free to start sharing your screens about that ! ;-)
See ya A.S.A.P !
  • zed says:

    sorry to hear real life is still kicking your arse, but it's good to see you are still there :)
    Yeah, I've been watching a LOT of people dropping off the net… things are getting tight and we're all getting wrung out… I've been saying it for a while (that said, I DO work in a more fetish-only side of the net… we were a small group to begin with haha)

    Oh, i have far too many suggestions for characters… it might be easier to implement a character maker than list them all.
    Heh, if it was my game, I'd have a special level unlock where you are a tentacle or something… BRING ON THE SCHOOLGIRLS!

    anyway, back to the subject at… heh, hand…
    Love the new poses. Shame the additional assistance is a pain, but we've always got girls… i mean, things to do in KOPC

    My main suggestion would be girl customisation… because when you've got more than one in a 3some, it's impossible to customise them, other buttons get in the way… perhaps move them somewhere off the bar to perhaps a separate menu that appears on-screen?
    (oh dear… i've started making suggestions…) perhaps remove the free-play per-level option to an alternate level unlocked only by beating all the others where you can add additional girls, but get no points (even though that's my main income :S)

    i'd better stop now. you've got enough of your own ideas to do without me piling them on XD
    Good to hear from you Mattis

  • So i assume that you'll be finished soon. i understand your busy and all but what month do u think you'll release it on so I can check?

  • Well done man, amm please where we can find this new version?

  • Mattis says:

    It's "work in progress", you cant' find it anywhere.
    When there's a release, I always put the link to the newest version in the post, don't worry.

  • Mattis says:

    It's a brave assumption, lol !
    I have honestly no idea.
    As I described in lenght in a previous comment, I struggle with chaotic plannings, so I just try to rush things the best I can to give you something to chew on, guys, but it's hard to tell.
    This month ? Next month ? Not until july ? In a week ?
    I don't know.
    I could say "check once a month", as I'm not a fast creator, it should be enough, but I really can't promise anything.

    And a sideline problem is : will the next release be big or not ? If I do the earliest release possible, you will just have some bug fixed and one or two new poses, tops.
    Not sure fans will be pleased with that at all !
    So… it's a very complicated problem, lol ;-)

  • Mattis says:

    For the customisation panel, it should not be too complicated to modify, will try that :-)

    For tentacle stuff, you know my opinion on that ;-)
    Always lovely, but there's already hundreds of games on that that do it better than me !
    (shinobi girl, what-its-name japanese game just like it, swiss-made games, etc…)
    I already struggle to give an honorable amount of contents on what my game actually gives, so let's aim lower for now ;)

    For people dropping off of the web, yeah, working on a same kind of stuff IRL, I bet on this kind of results, alas.
    Very few creators (given the "worldwide" context. 6 billions people on earth, and only 2 or 3 new hentai games a week ? Gosh !), very few good websites, and trolling and harsh critics everywhere in 75% of comments, requiring ten times what's already hardly done with lots of sweat and pain.
    It's kind of logical every creators gets demoralised and demotivated to do anything, given the kind of reception they get (remember "holio-u" games' comments everywhere, lol !).
    But the more give up, the more users get frustrated and jump upon who's left with more requests and impatience, and the faster they discouraged those who already struggle so much to do so few.
    It can't ends well ;-)

    My bet is we will have a desert era, where people will go to something else and learn the hard way how to do "without".
    After that, new creators will rise, as hentai and creativity is a mankind constant ;-)
    But this time people will support and motivate them, and don't ask or wait for anything in return, given their previous experiences and new habits of lowered expectations.
    And let's hope this time users will wait for the number and quality of creations to rise before rising their own expectations.
    We'll see ;-)

    But you intrigue me : you say you work in a more fetish-only side of the net : how come ? Can you share a glimpse of this side ?

    (anyway, thx for the support ! Given I'm a freaking boring and sloooooowwww creator, it must be hard, lol !)

  • Hey man, what is KOPC?? It's been mentioned a few times, please send me the link or tell me what to google :P . thanks also keep up the good work, You have me checking the website everyday for updates!! But no rush man, the images are good a gives us something good to look forward too.
    Suggestion (don't hate me :D )
    - Is it possible if you can make it so that we can edit the females name?

  • Hey Bro, Like I said I know you're busy so take your time and if it helps i don't really care if it's not huge, I'm just excited lol.. so be chill

  • Mattis says:

    Strange question indeed, as almost every post of this blog explain "KoPC" stands for "King of Porn City", the very same game you can find links to everywhere on this blog also !
    (and of which any google search gives at least 10 websites where to find it, even if just have the latest version available)
    I think you got your answer, lol !

    For you suggestion : you should give me directly your list of names, it would be easier for me to put them directly in the game, instead of programming an interface to do it ;-)

  • Mattis says:

    That's in fact a really great relief for me, lol !
    So, as the title's say : "keep faith", and thank you for it !

  • Help says:

    Thought I'd mention other additions you don't have time to add:

    • Jiggle. If you have big tits, you should have some options for big asses and hips as well. (Otherwise, the girls sometimes look like small boys with tits.) And a bit of jiggle on their bounces would be nice. Admittedly, though, that's a lot of animation to deal with.

    • The female futa/strap-on should have a dick that matches her skin color (it doesn't all quite work right now) and options for darker skin colors.

  • Mattis says:

    Futa problem : that may be a bug, I write that down, I will check this when ASAP.

    Jiggling : it's a question of animation, yes.
    But if you noticed, I often come back on previous poses to improve them a little, which includes, sometimes, adding some boob jiggling.
    Try to check every pose, in a freeplay mode, and tell me if some of them have the kind of jiggling you like. (that could help me knowing where I'm going on that subject)

    For big ass : it's interesting how the country of origin seems to have an impact on women representation.
    As for the "skeletic" debate or "lolicon" debate, this could be a "ass" debate : I represent women the way they "globally ARE, and generally considered cute" in my country (all taste and fetish aside, I mean), but depending on the nationality of players, they feel like playing with little boys, underage girls or anorexic women.
    I must say I'm kind of amused by that, as I'm usually interested in doing non-classic/non-canonic stuff.
    Doing "classic girls" of my country seems to disturb common hentai web players… kind of fun ;-)

    But whatever : will try to add big asses, yes, noted.