Where the fuck are you ?!

Hi everyone !

Sorry for the delay in publishing news !
But the fact is I got friends and family coming and going one after another at my home, so I’m barely able to find any spare time those weeks !

It should (I hope !) be better in february, but since then, you will have to keep patience and find other stuff to warm you… heart ? Uh uh :-)

Just for eye candy, some scraps of mine during this winter interlude :

Stay sharp !

  • Help says:

    There seem to be a few bugs:

    • The custom girl-changes overlap the regular sex activities, making it hard to click things.

    • The dude selection sequence seems to get confused when certain skin color/body types are selected (I think it's the devil-skin doing it). It would be easier if, instead of selecting using arrows, you picked an option from a large number of buttons. The same goes for the custom girl: hit the "hair" button, get a pop-up list of hair types, then click the hair you want and the pop-up disappears.

    • Money keeps turning to 10 and this stops the game since you can't advance.

  • keyote says:

    Looking forward to another update!

  • nem2 says:

    If you're still taking suggestions, since you've already added the devil skin two obvious new level environments present themselves.

    1. Violate your way through a convent.
    2. Hell (Final level, where you *obviously* go after you've done all the other levels! Accessible only when all other levels are complete, you can still add more levels later, then Hell turns inaccessible off until you beat them too…)

    For hell you'd probably want to add some new positions as well, involving various poses in some demonic dungeon or something. Perhaps hanging by the wrists from chains in the ceiling, or whatever…

  • Help says:

    Note: your hard work is appreciated. These suggestions are not demands, but a response to your request for criticism.

    • The money turns to 10 thing seems to happen after a scene due to choosing "replay" instead of "shop." Thus, players always have to return to the shop.

    • It would be better if the "climax" text bubble flew away from the models from behind them and moved further away from them — that way you could see the aciton more clearly.

    • It would also be better if, during climax, the screen didn't advance until the player pushed a continue button at the bottom, instead of just ending, so it could be better appreaciated. (Put a new button off to the side at the end.)

    • The climax could give the girls changing facial expressions, moving from fear and horror to pleasure and back again (so gritted teeth/closed eyes, then a lolling tongue/eyes rolled up, then looking back at the player character in shock, then back again — somehting like that). More expressions on each sequence could give it more impact, but especially on climax.

    • Have the cum drip out and make a mess on the girl after climax.

    • Use a separate window for the internal shot like you did in filled-up-girls. Those are neat. Lots of games draw the vagina as ridged and at various angles, giving you some variation; maybe you could borrow some sprites from them. (I can send links to some if you like; I think they might still be up.)

    • The girls' sounds tend to cycle through a lot. Maybe vary them. At the end, the girls need some screams for climax — they don't cry out at all!

    • Instead of the "mouth" slider on custom you could have an "attitude" selector. Some girls are stoic and grit their teeth, others are screamers, some are cumsluts and start off resistant but succumb to pleasure and so on.

    • As I mentioned in the earlier post: instead of the arrow buttons for selections use a drop down menu (I called it a pop-up list; that's the wrong term, I think). Like down below on this thread where it says "Comment as:" — use one of those for each and every button and it will be easier for the player to make selections.

    • Let the game remember what clothes the player likes on the girls; the first time the girl is seleted, the default automatically kicks in — but only the first time. (So if you like shoes only, selecting a girl makes her go naked with just shoes; if you put a shirt on her, the default selection is ignored and she keeps her shirt the next time you select her.) This also operates if you drag a girl into a threesome, foursome, etc.

    • The first sex sounds file is down; is that up anyplace else? (The second one downloaded fine.)

    I know that's a lot of stuff. Again, these aren't demands. If you can't get to all this, that's just how it is. I suspect that you're better off perfecting the stuff you have before creating lots of new scenes, but it's up to you. Good luck and thanks.

  • zed says:

    sorry i've been neglecting my bug-reporting… i'll get on it as soon as the next update is up, save repeating what you have probably heared so far…
    sorry to hear RL is getting in the way, but that's my excuse too realy. been so busy, i've not even had time to play, let along note bugs, issues and suggestions

  • brian says:

    man i am tired of waiting for this update …

  • Mattis says:

    Custom girl problem : as far as I remember, you should have the possibility to close the custom panel, after you made your changes, so you can access more easily all buttons, no ?

    Dude selection : it's far more complicated to have series of button, in fact.
    - it would not change anything in terms of programing technic, the result would still be problematic
    - visually it would be a mess to do (I already have a hell of a time to put every customization options in one screen. Imagine multiplying all this by ten or twenty !)
    - in terms of time of work, it would monstruous : every option would have to possess it's own code, and everytime I change anything in the program structure (which I do almost every update, lol), I would have to re-do every single button made !
    So, it looks like a good idea, but for now, not really ;)

    Money problem : I think I've found it.
    Should be fixed in next update :-)

  • Mattis says:

    Me too ! Even if I don't have any idea where I could find the time to do it, those days ;)

  • Mattis says:

    Lol, sounds logical, yes ;-)

    Problems are :
    1) – those kind of stuff already exists in lots of place elsewhere on the web ("shinobi girl" to say the least), so re-doing it is kind of a waste of precious time, don't you think ?
    2) – catholic BDSM is not my kind of stuff at all, arf ! Nuns, demons, dungeons, hanging girls, whip, latex or whatever : I know that's the stuff a lot of people like, but that's a turn down for me, so finding motivation to do that when I could do plenty of other more exciting stuff is difficult.

    But hey, I will note that down anyway, who knows, maybe on a drunk night or something I could do it quicker than we thought ?

  • Mattis says:

    Yeah, same here, I know what its like :/
    Let's hope we find a way to expand time to infinite, someday, lol !

  • Mattis says:

    . Money : thx for the feedback (and narrowing down the context where the bug happens), should be fixed in next update !

    . Climax text bubble : I tried to put them aside, but behind, I'm not sure it would work fine…

    . Waiting for continue : good idea. But if I do that, people will instantly ask me to program a "resume fuck" option too, with girl filled, so I have to manage time to program all of that in one shot.

    . Girls' expressions … are not easy to do. As the game is full of random stuff, automatic cycles and lots of scenario, it's hard to calculate when and where to change expressions and all, and how to do it. will try !

    . Girls' sounds : kind of related problem. It's hard as hell to find light and proper sounds ! In fact even just "sounds" is hard as hell !
    The rare sounds you can find on the net are slutty women talks (which is absolutely not adapted for raping stuff), or japanese high pitch stuff (which just kill my ears).
    Various male moans ? Credible sex sounds ? Girls alternate sounds ? Nowhere to be found.
    Despite all that was sent to me and all my personnal searchings, I cant find anything proper and light, we would almost be better without any sounds, I think…

    . Girls' attitude slider : could be interesting to define behavior stereotypes, yes. Could help me on all previous point.

    . Cum dripping : try for years to do that. Still trying :/

    . Separate x-ray window : easier and better with x-ray on the girl ! I could go back to external window with some work, but despite the fun we lose, it's harder to do and with less possibilities, in fact.

    . Custom options selector : yeah, in a perfect world I could do that, but as mentionned in your bug report, it's hard as hell, so hélas it will have to wait a little before I'm able to do this.

    . Preferences memory : hmm… I like that one.
    Hard to do, but I could think of some "like" button or "save as favorite" stuff, that build a file of all girls you especially like, and pick randomly in them from time to time in other scenarios…

    . Sex sound file : that was not my file, it was personnal files from Irish Red, I don't have nothing to do with it nor any idea where he gather all that. You should ask him directly if you find him. ;)

    So : overall, it seems like I don't like any of your ideas, which is not true, I read and answer to all of them, meaning wheter I like it or not, they are now printed on my subconscious, and will grow like devil seeds in my mind until I develop them.
    It's just they are all not-fun-to-me or difficult-to-program ideas, whereas we have plenty of other big or fun stuff to pick in, for now.
    So don't lose faith, one day will come, and thx for all those sharing !

  • deepinher says:

    do u think we will have gangbangs and toilet scenes?

  • AJ Fisher says:

    Some improvements:
    1. is it possible to made x-ray when girls suck or deepthroat? Mouth+gullet+stomach and may be later made a "throat fuck" mode like "prego fuck"
    2. Expand "The School" with fuck in teachers room with 1 2 or 3 girls, fuck with cheerleaders, fuck with swim teem, make bonus pose on teachers table.
    3. Expand "Warehouse" with 2 girlfriends rape scenario
    3. Expand "House" with fuck on the kitchen and bonus pose on dinner table, made bonus pose on pink chest near window in all possible stage, in stage "pissed off" make bonus pose fuck by candle.
    4. In all bonus pose (except fuck by items) make to continue sex act by clicking button "Click/sex".
    5. Add new pose 69 for 2 girls fuck.
    6. Use some poses with 2 girls in bonus pose on sofa
    7. New pose with 3 girl, first lying on his back second kneeling over her and third in the fucker hands like "stand up" pose. Or 2 girls kneeling one above the other and third in the fucker hands like "stand up" pose.
    8. Expand "Indian`s flat" scenario "harem fucking" with 4 o 5 girl. Add bonus pose on the table filled condoms.
    9. In group scenes may be give to girls a dildo to put in each other pussy/ass (as additional fuck mode).

  • AJ Fisher says:

    Forget about bug. When fuck 2 3 4 girls together they always dressed in blue jeans, but not in his own clothes.

  • In the ANAL, SEE BOTH mode: When you cum in the ass, the girl ends up pregnant while remaining on the screen.

    In the ANAL, SEE CREAM mode: When you cum in the ass, the girl disappears.

  • Jinx says:

    Hope you're enjoying your break Mattis, we miss you.

  • Mattis says:

    Toilets : not sure, but why not.

    Gangbangs : of course !

  • Mattis says:

    Hélas, it's all but a break !
    A break would mean I could work on KoPC and rest a little.
    Instead of that, I'm busy as hell and not enjoying it at all !

    So, let's change the formulation :
    "Hope you will be able to enjoy a break, someday, Mattis, we miss you"

    Lol !

  • Mattis says:

    1. It's planned since years, I just don't know how I can program it yet.
    For regular fuck, womb is straight and there's plenty of abdomen room, so it's easy to fit a cock x-ray in it.
    But for blowjobs, head is small, throat is a curve, and flash elements can't be "folded" to follow automatically this curve.
    So the only 'obvious' solutions are crappy as hell and ask a work amount so big it's not affordable right now.
    There's must be a more elegant, simplier and easiest solution…. I just have to find it ;)

    For throat fuck like prego fuck, I'm not sure what you mean.
    If that means being able to cum all the way down throat to stomach, it's…. of course fantastic, but infinite hell too.
    Even if I'm able to do curvy throat fuck like mentionned earlier, this kind of complete system requires…. whatever, skip to the point : I would love to, but it's impossible at my current skill level.

    2. Bonus pose on teacher's desk is already planned.
    For the rest, of course the school will be expanded like crazy. I could even add tons of ideas on those you have.
    As the rest, it's just a matter of finding time and skills to do all that.

    3. I got a better idea since a few months : making users able to program their own scenarios to the game, lol.

    3. (you made two "3") Would love to. But I'm no graphist or denzel-crocker, so any stage take me a lot of stage to do.
    But the idea was already to make all that, yes.

    4. Not sure what you mean by that. You mean returning to sex act, or adding sex act to bonus pose ?

    5. Could be fun, yes ;) But need tongue anmations/x-ray, to be REALLY fun.

    7. Let's focus on making gangbang possible, first, ok ? Then we will see for all "girls on girls" stuff ;)
    (you can still have fun on SIMSEH during the waiting)

    8. Bonus pose on table : already planned, even if I have no idea how I could do it.
    Harem scene : I got a better idea : a new stage (or sub-stage) of indian's flat, with a whole bed covered room, where you can fuck 4, 5… or most fun : 10 girls. :)

    9. I don't like toys at all, it turns me down, but as a lot of people ask for it, I will probably have to program some stuff like that someday.

  • Mattis says:

    Where and when ?
    Need some extensive context and details here.

  • Mattis says:

    The two bugs are surely linked (if the game thinks the girl is pregnant by anal cum, "anal / see cream" would not display the pregnant girl), but it's a bug for sure, will try to fix that !

    What was the climax message, when you got that ?
    (it should be "anal creampie !!" or stuff like that)

  • The messages range from "anal creampie" to "analized" to "humiliated". There might have been one more in there.

  • brian says:

    Hope you will be able to enjoy a break, someday, Mattis, I love you!
    NO homo … you need to reply to your emails! cool game and trust me you are supporting some of the troops with porn lol

  • AJ Fisher says:

    4. I mean adding sex act to bonus pose.

  • I haven't seen it, but I have seen if girl has no pants on, and you hit the "Strip" button, she'll be wearing jeans.

  • AJ Fisher says:

    Mattis i find this in scenes with 2 or more girl, and "start girl" must be naked, and others in clothes. When add another girl to sex she always in jeans. And one more. Sex with "start girl" begin from different poses, then add more girls, then dismiss all of them, and sex pose with "start girl" always "dog grip"

  • Mattis says:

    What e-mail ? I usually reply to all e-mails, lol :)

    Thx for the compliment ;)
    What troops are you talking about ?
    I hope it's not military troops (american or other), because hélas I'm not a fan of those kind of… let's say, "this way of perceiving and interacting with the world", lol ;-)

    Like for porn where people should canalize their barbarian pulsions in "hentai" instead of torturing women in "real porn", I would prefer a world without the shame of militarism and more over-the-top gorefest FPS games if needed, lol.
    World behavior don't go this way, those days, of course, but that's an additionnal reason for me to fight ;)

  • Mattis says:

    I got a few minutes to work on the game, and I think I was able to fix this.
    Thx for reporting it with details !

  • Mattis says:

    You're welcome.
    Sad I can't work more and develop it quicker, hélas !

    That makes me wondering how other creators and hentai studios do their stuff, lol.
    Because it seems I make more original stuff, alone with no skills no money and no time, than big entreprises or motivated teams of hentai creators with all their skills, money and time !!
    Something wrong here ;)

  • Mattis says:

    Thx for the support !

    For big jizz and all 'cum' stuff : it will come with time.
    It's just it's a bit complicated for now, and there's a lot of different stuff I want to do. (outside cumshot, bukkake, being able to fuck several time a girl, change the dick size, the jizz amount, being able to do drooling stuff, etc…)
    So that's not really about doing just one stuff, it's about expanding a looooot of things in this domain.
    But don't worry, it's on the menu !

    For curvy girls, it's something I rarely see (… living in a 'standard' country with no obesity issues like america), but it seems there's more and more hentai about that every day.
    I could try. I can't promise anything, but I could try.

    For jiggling stuff, it's hard to do, but I could try too.
    (but that's a different stuff ^^)

    For your pleasure, try SIMSEH, the last Denzel Crocker's game, a friend of mine : there's a lot of curvy girls in it !
    And you can try to download "bonetown", too.
    I remember the first hours of playing are all about curvy girls !

  • Mattis says:

    Thx to you two.
    I was able to reproduce both of those stripping problems.
    Will try to fix them !

    For "dog grip", yes, it's the default returning pose.
    I can try returning to previous solo pose, if you want ?

  • Mattis says:

    Ok, so unfortunately, it's uneasy to do for the moment.
    I can try making more "levels" in one given bonus pose (meaning creating new poses that goes "one step further" on the bonus pose theme/object/location), but I can't add the existing other poses to it.

    But to this day, I'm still struggle on basic bonus poses, lol !
    (got stuck on a whipping pose in indian's flat, it's freaking harder to program than I thought in the beginning !)

  • AJ Fisher says:

    "For "dog grip", yes, it's the default returning pose.
    I can try returning to previous solo pose, if you want ?" – Yes, i think it would be more correct.

  • In the free mode, the tit fuck and suck buttons are still displayed when you hit the custom button.

    I don't recall this happening during a previous version of the game.

  • I know that this doesn't have to do with anything, but could anyone tell me the codes? or it's an useless function of the game? please…
    and sorry about my english

  • BRO I'M DYING with excitement… when do u think you'll release the new update?

  • Help says:

    Keep in mind, curvy does NOT equal fat. Necessarily. For most of _humanity_, really skinny women built like 13-year-old-boys is _odd_.

    I think what curvy means here is just a woman with actual hips — nothing boyish.

    I advocate that, too. I should be able to tell the difference from the men and women without having to look for breasts.

  • Seriously, Dude, when you comin' back?!

  • Mattis says:

    No problem !
    You can check in my previous posts for cheat codes, but as far as I remember, this one is public : 'santacomeclose'
    There's other codes already in place, but that's for developping tests, sorry ;-)

  • Mattis says:

    As soon as I can, but I don't have any freaking idea when it will be !!
    I'm the first one to be frustrating that there's no new stuff yet.

    But as I was saying here and there : it's a horrible situation, because people believe I'm on some kind of lazy break, or worse : that I'm working on a huuuuuge release !

    So they mistake : if I was on a break or had free time, I would be able to work on the game, so I would have worked on it, and a release would have already been out a long time ago !
    And the same for huge release : if I was working on a big one, I would say it, and I would not wait that long to release it, because we lose precious time and fans during the process, and it would not be in my interest at all to do that !

    So it's a crappy situation I'm in : because I'm stuck and busy as hell IRL, I can't work on the game.
    And because I can't work on the game, I lose people frustrated to wait, and when I will be able to release something it will probably be a small update, which will get people probably even more frustrated, lol !

    Crappy situation, arghhh !!!

    Please stay tuned and keep faith, I really do my best on all this !

  • Mattis says:

    As I say here and there : I just do my best, I don't planned on making you wait uselessly !

    IRL I'm struggling with 5 big stuff at a time :

    - a new job

    - my previous job, that get a big release (kind of) and have triple my working hours since two months (and is not going to ease down soon)

    - housework, because I found a way to make a little money on selling a abandonned barn on my land for cows (it's complicated). But there's work to be done to welcome them, and instead of taking me one week as planned, it's been two months, and everyone is shouting on my back because the cows have to move in YESTERDAY, and it's still not done yet. (by "yesterday" I mean last month, to give you the idea).

    - housework on my own house, because I have a kind of guest house going, but people who rent it all summer for years told me they were not coming back this year.
    A lot of stuff broke this winter, but I didn't care for myself.
    But last month those people tell me they finally decide to come back, from april to october !!
    Now I have to rebuild everything that was broke and found a new place to live this summer because they stay this long.
    It would have been complicated on its own, but had cows, previous job and new job, and you got a taste of hell I'm going through.

    - family stuff : two burials those last weeks, a broke father that I need to take care of, and a travel to see crucial family events in june, one 1000 miles south and one 1000 north from where I am, during the same week, and I don't have a car.

    Hell, it's just hell…
    So I could say it will surely be easier in one week, or one month… or maybe in july.
    But I honestly really don't know, and things COULD be better in only one week, so I can't say "wait for july", because it's not true in itself, it depends on so much things.

    You could answer : so why lose time on answering those stuff instead of working on the game ?
    But if you're a programmer, you should know it's hard to focus on a job like this, even professionnal, when you have so few time and so much other stuff in your head !

    I need at least "free 8 hours straight" days to be able to progress on KoPC, given my lack of skills and my speed of development, and a mind at peace and free to focus on it.
    Even if we forget the mind peace, I just have an hour here and there, from time to time.
    So it's just impossible at the time, to work or give a deadline.

    I could say "maybe next week" every week, but that would as true as boring , lol !
    Keep faith and get busy during the waiting, I do my best to come back as soon as possible ;-)

  • Help says:

    Take your time. Everyone will be here.

    Use your resources to get a car. %-) That's a better use of your energy than KoPC, right now.

  • Irish Red says:

    Yeah Bro. Still checking in here nearly daily.

    Take care of the things in your life that are the most important.
    It's like putting stuff in a box, you put the bigger stuff in first (most important stuff) then fill in with the rest. We can start the ad campaign all over again when you get back.

    No big deal.

  • Mattis says:

    Thx you for understanding, lol, given I too would prefer working on the game !

  • Mattis says:

    Thx, bro, that's that kind of support and patience that gives me the greatest motivation to come back as soon as I can, lol !
    (and I know how frustrating it must be, I feel the same way too !)

  • Mattis says:

    Thx dude !
    Not a lot of people are fan of the drawing/animation style, but as I explain it everywhere, what's the point of making the same stuff as everyone else ?
    I have an original and very amateur style, with its pro and con, but after it's a question of taste, and at least that gives diversity to the hentai sphere !

    Marilyn : yeah ! That's a nice scene you got there !
    Hope I could include/draw something like that, someday ;-)

    Just to say : feel free to participate to this KOPC game/project.
    Aside from suggestions (which everyone do, by tons !), there's plenty of room for everyone to accelerate the growth of the game, by taking in charge some aspects, that could easily be done without me and then put in the game.

    For example sets of dialogs, or new scenarii (with texts and conditions going with it so I just have to put them in the game engine right away without working on it).

    I'm currently even trying to pay someone to re-do the sets of the game and add a whole lot of new sets. No big money for each one, but multiply it by dozens and that can be profitable, give far more better stuff to users, and more importantly : that could save me months of harassing development/drawings which I could spent somewhere else !

    So, given the spirit of the game is respected (at least for now. Maybe in the future we will go outside this "rude pornstar kind-of-raping and knocking-up girls"), I'm more than open to the idea of getting helps to accelerate the growth of the game, and give opportunities to people.