Where the fuck are you ?!

Hi everyone !

Sorry for the delay in publishing news !
But the fact is I got friends and family coming and going one after another at my home, so I’m barely able to find any spare time those weeks !

It should (I hope !) be better in february, but since then, you will have to keep patience and find other stuff to warm you… heart ? Uh uh :-)

Just for eye candy, some scraps of mine during this winter interlude :

Stay sharp !

  • James Bond says:

    Hey Mattis I'm just new here and I'm so crazy I found this game of yours… I dream of creating art like this someday…
    I like the amazing bodies of the females here…the animation's so damn good like no other..
    I hoped that you can create something like this http://black-sex-comics.com/galls/45/2.jpg
    I appreciate your work..

  • Mattis says:

    Thx dude !
    Not a lot of people are fan of the drawing/animation style, but as I explain it everywhere, what's the point of making the same stuff as everyone else ?
    I have an original and very amateur style, with its pro and con, but after it's a question of taste, and at least that gives diversity to the hentai sphere !

    Marilyn : yeah ! That's a nice scene you got there !
    Hope I could include/draw something like that, someday ;-)

    Just to say : feel free to participate to this KOPC game/project.
    Aside from suggestions (which everyone do, by tons !), there's plenty of room for everyone to accelerate the growth of the game, by taking in charge some aspects, that could easily be done without me and then put in the game.

    For example sets of dialogs, or new scenarii (with texts and conditions going with it so I just have to put them in the game engine right away without working on it).

    I'm currently even trying to pay someone to re-do the sets of the game and add a whole lot of new sets. No big money for each one, but multiply it by dozens and that can be profitable, give far more better stuff to users, and more importantly : that could save me months of harassing development/drawings which I could spent somewhere else !

    So, given the spirit of the game is respected (at least for now. Maybe in the future we will go outside this "rude pornstar kind-of-raping and knocking-up girls"), I'm more than open to the idea of getting helps to accelerate the growth of the game, and give opportunities to people.

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