Christmas something…

Hi everyone !
Hope you’re ready to enjoy holidays !
Me, I’m not, like always, and have a hell of a time organizing all that, but still, I was able to work on some stuff for you !

So, what’s been added, in this special Santa edition :
- Options memorized (xray, prego preference, vaginal/anal preference, etc… but not music yet, will come)
- Change in some upgrade’s names (has been asked by users) and a big rebuild on prices to make the game less “fast”.
- Added some options during the process.
- Prego fuck ! (as bonus sex on already finished women)
- Prego xray with baby inside, with character colors ! (and even a devil baby for the devil skinned’ main character) Not my taste but hey, a lot of users ask for it. :-)
- New stage menu interface, which allows me to put back unwanted past scenarii and which will allow me to add a lot more stages and scenarii.
- Santa special ! (outfit + special level and scenario) Unlockable after all stages are finished and a special code is enter (those who don’t read this will not have it, muhahaha) : santacomeclose 
- Babysitter scenario’s dialogs by janko hrasko ! Big thx to him ! 
- Fixes on splash-screens, condom management and xray.
- Brand new gameplay interactions : players can now spank women’s ass, face, breast and thigh ! (each girl has one dedicated spot among those that will bring some points if spanked). More to come ! 
- Brand new object interactions ! For the moment only light projectors and couches work, and bring bonus points the first time they’re used in a stage containing them, but more will come with time !   
- Note that spank and object interactions works only during sex scenes.

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)

(The game is freaking proudly sponsored by !!)

Prego fuck and santa special, damn !

Santa’s stage (you should really read the list of updates)

Bonus pose and bonus face slap ! 


Nothing much to add, the usual : enjoy, comment, donate, support, promote, have fun and stay calm while waiting for all the other stuff that would come one day ! (I do my best !)

Thank you all for making this year and game possible !!

  • Mattis says:

    If the code is typed right, it should give you a message 'it's santa time !' or something like that.
    But without any details, screenshots or anything from your side, I can't really help you, sorry :/

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