Christmas something…

Hi everyone !
Hope you’re ready to enjoy holidays !
Me, I’m not, like always, and have a hell of a time organizing all that, but still, I was able to work on some stuff for you !

So, what’s been added, in this special Santa edition :
- Options memorized (xray, prego preference, vaginal/anal preference, etc… but not music yet, will come)
- Change in some upgrade’s names (has been asked by users) and a big rebuild on prices to make the game less “fast”.
- Added some options during the process.
- Prego fuck ! (as bonus sex on already finished women)
- Prego xray with baby inside, with character colors ! (and even a devil baby for the devil skinned’ main character) Not my taste but hey, a lot of users ask for it. :-)
- New stage menu interface, which allows me to put back unwanted past scenarii and which will allow me to add a lot more stages and scenarii.
- Santa special ! (outfit + special level and scenario) Unlockable after all stages are finished and a special code is enter (those who don’t read this will not have it, muhahaha) : santacomeclose 
- Babysitter scenario’s dialogs by janko hrasko ! Big thx to him ! 
- Fixes on splash-screens, condom management and xray.
- Brand new gameplay interactions : players can now spank women’s ass, face, breast and thigh ! (each girl has one dedicated spot among those that will bring some points if spanked). More to come ! 
- Brand new object interactions ! For the moment only light projectors and couches work, and bring bonus points the first time they’re used in a stage containing them, but more will come with time !   
- Note that spank and object interactions works only during sex scenes.

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)

(The game is freaking proudly sponsored by !!)

Prego fuck and santa special, damn !

Santa’s stage (you should really read the list of updates)

Bonus pose and bonus face slap ! 


Nothing much to add, the usual : enjoy, comment, donate, support, promote, have fun and stay calm while waiting for all the other stuff that would come one day ! (I do my best !)

Thank you all for making this year and game possible !!

  • Add a BDSM and a Office stage, your game ist graet !! but well just pur more that one moans of pleasure in the girls jeje XD

  • sweetsallyc says:

    Looking good so far :)

    One little thing, while I think of it. You've used the term 'scenarii' in the game – the word you're looking for is actually 'scenarios'. ;)

  • Arioch says:


    Your game sart to be really amazing, you do a really really great job.

    Just few thinks to improve it, the first 5 some stage come to early, he can make more than 100 000$ if the player make it some times he ca unblock all the options at this place. A good think will be to open all stages to bye and adjust the pervertion factor following the price and the rewards so it's could make the game less linear and let the player serche a bit the best place.

    and I'm agree whith Draco a BDSM stage(with bound girl forced in a presis position why not ?) will be welcome ;)

    sorry for my mistakes in english it's not my natural langage

    a great "merci" for you

  • heechul_20 says:

    u just put some text on the girls :)

  • Found a bug: not sure how I did it, but might have had something to do with clicking a lamp. The progress bar is fulled up, but clicking SEX doesn't do anything. Resetting the game doesn't fix it either.

  • eloro says:

    Hi Mattis! (And everyone else :P )

    Love the new update, and the new stuff ive tried out so far. Really curious to see x-mas mode as well, and to check out the new dialogue. Having others contribute and write extra dialogue lines i think is a good idea. Im liking the ideas for an Office stage and BDSM too, and as before i would love to see more cum options such as facials/cum in mouth. I do understand this is hard to do though, and nothing that needs to be rushed. Your game is pretty awesome the way it is! :)

    One question: Not sure if its a bug or if im missing some setting, but the interface looks like it is not fitting correctly for me. In the latest update, i can not see the zoom/xray buttons at all. Am i doing anything wrong?

  • anetos akoma says:

    Found a bug, probably many people have already found it. If you pick a girl, and then instead of picking another girl, or go in humiliation scene, you pick an interactive object (such as a lamp, or a sofa) the game bugs out. It shows you the bonus pose, without the "end bonus pose" button, and you can't do anything.

    I loved how you changed the prices, and the sets are really doing the trick. Now it seems more like a proper game to me.

    Something else you could do, is gaining points for having sex with a pregnant woman, after all it's supposed to go into the dvd, and the counter is still counting too.

    Also, sometimes it would be better if the perversion factor is higher when you have one woman. It seems for example that in "school", when at some point you have sex with the most beautiful girl who is a bitch, you gain a lot less than if you go and have sex with the indian "fuck slaves". Thus, there would also be some diversity in the perversion factor, so as to fluctuate between the levels.

    Also, i would think that the school should go after the photo studio, since such things could occur in a photo studio anyway, but never in a school if you catch my drift.

    Also loved the santa level.

    An idea occured when i saw you put levels in sets (again, i loved that). How about you were able to select levels from each store, however in the start you would just be able to do minor things, and then build up from there. Here's my point:

    You start with warehouse, as kind of like, a tutorial. I'd also include the "house" in that "obligatory" sequence of stages, as though it was some kind of storyline of "how you got to where you are now".

    Then all stages in all sets open up but in order to unlock a new stage you need rep points (and money). These could work as money, only it's a different kind of currency. All levels in a set are unlockable if you have the right rep points, along with the right money to bribe the police to lower their risk factor, regardless of where you are in the set, or if you've completed the entire set or whatever. (so for example in a stage with higher perversion factor, you would need more rep and money to unlock it). Some stuff from the store could also need rep points. Stuff like "the girls fear you" so they're more submissive, so this could affect click, or "viewers seek out your dvds" so that would affect the money you earn.

    Now, reputation in games is usually a percentage, but in this game i'd say it should be more of an expendable resource. So, you could earn rep points from completing a stage with all the girls pregnant. You could earn rep points through an achievement (like i said before) or a secret achievement (like leaving rebecca for last, or having an x-some only with pregnants?). You could earn rep points for completing an entire set and more rep points with all the girls pregnant.

    Of course i'm not saying these should be in the next update. I'm just throwing stuff out there so you can do whatever you want with them. After all earning and spending money is not the hardest thing to program (i've done some programming in the past myself), so earning and spending "reputation" shouldn't be hard either. But that would complicate the game probably. Anyway, just an idea.

    I hope you don't mind i frequently comment on this game with a new suggestion, i just think you'd love to have new ideas or whatever, so that your newest fans will get a game that just makes them want to discover it (even more than keep on playing it) ! :)

  • anetos akoma says:

    wow i didn't see this was so big a comment :S

  • zed says:

    I can't seem to get the preg content to work… bought the option, but nothing changes in-game. once a girl is completed / impregnated, she dissapears afterwards… am i missing something or finding bugs?

  • the chick prego thing works for me but nothing special… you have to buy it and check it green. the room has to have 2 or more people.
    Also have a problem with spank and or grabbing other objects the game freezes or will not let me advance and i have to refresh.

  • Jinx says:

    Did you also buy "See Pregnancy" option? You need to buy that one first and turn it on to "see all" so the girls don't disappear.

  • Jinx says:

    Mattis! I like the new update, very sleek design with the places menu and it opens up more room for scenarios. I was wondering if there's any way to turn Santa skin off without resetting the game.

  • Diegoxroxasx says:

    Dude I really liked this game, it's really impressive congratulations.

    But still think some small things need to be arranged for the game get a little more enjoyable and avoid problems in the future, for next updates I think it should focus more on the game layout and menu arriving to disrupt times mainly in free mode .

    Another thing I noticed is that when there is more than sex with a girl when you select it again she is no longer pregnant in the group setting.

    When you are with 3 or 4 girls when you come on the scene one group ends and you return to stay with one girl the first selected, it would be better to leave only one that was enjoyed.

    Well at first it is, I will try to visit more often to track updates.

    Sorry for my english, I used the google translate because my English is reeeeeeeeeeeeally bad.

  • Mattis says:

    Can you add "please" ?
    Because that just looks like "do this !", "do that !", and I just do my best with the few time and skills I have, and for free, so it's not really motivating to be talked to like that ;-)

    That aside, BDSM and office stage already been asked (and twice by you) and are noted on my todo_list.

  • Mattis says:

    You says "scenarios", in english ?
    That's fun, we say "scenarii", for plural, in several european countries ;-)

    Looking good so far, yes, but still freaking slow, as I see my personnal time shrinking and the todo_list of this game multiplying exponentially ;-)

  • Mattis says:

    Don't worry, english is not my natural langage either. ;-)

    For the fivesome, you're right, yes.
    That's a tricky question… As I answered to someone else : the progression rate debate will be eternal, as there will always be matter to change it when contents are added, or simply in itself to improve to gameplay.

    Like we could say : some like if long and hard, some like it small and quick, loool !

    For BDSM, already noted. It's just that it's something that doesn't inspire me at all, I never had the slightest interest in that fetish, so it's much harder for me to work on it and make progress, when everything else just come much faster and smoothly.
    Given the fact we have thousands of ideas and contents left to do, for the moment it's better I release massive stuff to empty as much as possible the todo_list, than loosing weeks on a precise details I have difficulties to work on.

    And thx for the support, that's always appreciated ! (people really underate the crucial need in moral rewards and support for developping free and fucking complicated stuff !)

  • Mattis says:

    Start with "please", I'm working for free, here, so it's not overrated. ;-)

  • Mattis says:

    You mean : aside the fact bonus poses freeze the sex progression ?
    (I explained that in the news listing, but maybe you noted that and explain you found an additionnal bug on top of the regular way it's supposed to work ?)

  • Mattis says:

    Hi eloro ! Thx for the comment and support !

    Having other contributing is most welcome, yes !
    Dialogs are stuff that anyone could do, and which could save me tons of hours to work on other stuff, so as I say to everyone proposing help on that : come on in, friends !

    For office stage and BDSM, still not motivated at all by that (I never understand those fetish), but as everyone request it, I know I will have to do it one day or another, lol ;-)

    For facials/mouth cum, gangbang with several men, more poses, etc : don't lose time asking for it, it's planned since the start and is among my own ideas, so there's no way I will not release that as soon as I can !

    But as you figured : it's really complicated and long.
    Users usually don't get the fact I'm not paid for this, not skilled at all, and not a professionnal team of a hundred people (graphists, programmers, marketing, directors, secretary, managers, etc…) like a lot of other games have behind.
    It's just me one hour before bed, after long day work and social life, trying to pull out a stuff just for the beauty of it, having a mountain of stuff to do, and knowing the best way is just to close my eyes and sword my way through it the most and best I can ;)

    So yes, reading you understand that is revigorating ;-)

    For your interface problem : options has been changed in upgrades to buy/unlock, now, in the shop.
    Maybe you did not see them ?

  • Mattis says:

    Lol :-) )
    Don't worry, I like your detailled comments, they are constructive, and even if I already have thousands of ideas myself I could never develop in a lifetime, having other points of view is interesting (if they are not "forced" like users usually do. "I want I want, so do do !")
    As I always say : it's far more easy to find one perfect ideas among hundreds thrown in the air, than chasing only one good ideas without thinking anywhere outside the box.
    And usually it helps the process : you have a problem and an idea, but don't find the way around.
    And then you realise if you cumulate and connect two new ideas with them, and changing a little your original idea, you can do 1+1=3 news with tons of easy stuff to program and release !
    (I don't have examples, but it always work like that for me)

    Of course, at some point I will be tired of always having to listen to/work for everyone else, but we are not there at all for now, so fuck that, I'm all ears ! :-) )

    For the bug : in fact no one found it at this moment, so you're the first to explain it that clearly to me.
    Noted, will be fixed !

    For the sets/shop : as the rest, it will just improve with time. I can't do anything perfect the first time, but each time I add a detail in a specific set or in the shop, it stays.
    Like the poses or the number of customization options, with time, we will have amazing sets, shop, interface, animations, etc…
    It's just one element at a time ;-)
    (but if I have tons of ideas I do them, I don't try at all to limit myself or the release rate, as you probably figure if you follow all previous news)

    Pregnant sex points : as you already have problem in the regulard progression rate, for the moment I just cut almost every point for all the "bonus" stuff.
    One problem at a time.
    (but someone, I don't remember who, maybe it's you, suggested multiple kind of points, instead of just one pile. It could answer a lot of problems around that and bring variety in the game, I think it's a good idea to follow)

    For perversion factor : it's really miss-used, for the moment, I agree.
    To add to the suggestion flow : a system where you choose the roleplay class of your character at the beginning could set the perversion factor !
    If your character prefers prego fuck, or public fuck, or blackmail fuck, or cutie fuck, it could change all perversion factor, certain stages being more in adequation with him than other.
    Balancing all the gains and algorithm would be hell, of course, but that doesn't eliminate the idea.
    And it would be more in adequation with users' variety, some being far more excited by one stuff and not the other. It would be rewarding by customizing the game at roots.

    For the rest : completely agree, freaking good and inspiring stuff to develop.
    But we are not there at all, hélas, so it will have to wait.
    (I would love to write all that down for later, but I know myself : I will end up with dozens of pages of good stuff, no time to do it, frustration, nervosity, and that will not be good.
    It's better and easier to note : "ask anetos point of view and read back his comments", for my future self)

  • Mattis says:

    Yes, try to click several time on the "see preg, see both, see creamed" button on the interface during game, after you bought the option.
    I don't know why but the initial state seems to bug.

  • Mattis says:

    Thx for that, I will try to hunt those bugs down for the next update ;-)

  • Mattis says:

    For the moment, no, I rushed out this update too quickly to do some clean job around santa level and skin. (there's even some bugs in it)

    But I will try to work something out for the next update (because I just love when people support the game, it gives motivation to fight the bugs !)

  • Mattis says:

    Loool !
    Thx for the support !

    If you are french, you can right your comments in french, so I can understand them better !

    For game layout : yes, there are still a lot of work to do.
    Patience, I do my best !

    For free mode : there's probably a lot of bugs left in it, sorry for that, I got a lot of work everywhere.

    For group : I don't understand the problem you describe, with girl no longer pregnant. Try to give me details about that, so I can understand what is the problem.

    For group sex progression : yes, I know it would be more fun if just one girl leave the group, when finished, and not all, but it's complicated to program, so you will have to wait a little for that, sorry, I do my best !

  • Diegoxroxasx says:

    What I mean is that when the girl is pregnant and you choose it again for a group sex, she is no longer with the belly in the scene.

    Thanks for listening.

    Happy Holidays guy.

  • heechul_20 says:

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaseeeeeeee :) <3

  • Mattis says:

    Ok, I understand. I will try to correct that !

    Happy holidays to you too ;-)

  • Mattis says:

    Better, thx ;-)
    I will try !

  • does anyone know the cheat codes cus I dont

  • Mattis says:

    I do, but that's because I'm the creator, I suppose.
    There's one available right now, and written in the news list of this very post.
    You would know it if you'd read it :-)

  • Mattis says:

    Try to download the file and open it, file does not work.
    But as I'm not dumb, I search the legendofkrystal forum where it's taken from.
    Find out it's a file called "corta's character template", searched the same forum, find the working file, opened it.

    1) this took me a lot of unecessary time. You should have been more precise and give me some details, instead of just throwing out a link like that.
    Taking one or two additionnal minutes to make a real complete comment is not even a question of courtesy, it's a question of being understood : lot's of people will not lose their time trying to dig deeper in your few words to reach what you mean in the first place ;-)

    2) to answer : in KoPC, I don't do fantasy characters (at least for now, and the demon skin is kind of an exception).
    Maybe in another project.
    Aside from them, it's more of a "accessories and haircuts" question. KoPC already contain a lot of those custom possibilities, but yes, I will surely add even more stuff, there's no reason not ;-)

    After that, if you have a really specific request among all those characters, feel free to ask, who knows ;-)

  • Unknown says:

    Sorry for not that i really should have taken the time to give you more detail and explain my request. But i also thank you for looking into it. But i do have a specific request if its ok and that request is Krystal Fox

  • prock3016 says:

    First, man i love this game it makes me laugh everytime i play it. Second, I've got a question about the updates. I normally play the game on, but i dont see the latest update on the site. The last update on wetpussy was the 19th of november. Are all of your updates now only going to be on I just want to know if ill have to start all over again so far I've got 193 chicks knocked-which im proudof, lol-but if i play on mysexgames ill have to start all over again. Just wondering, but keep up the good work.

  • Mattis says:

    Ok. But as I said in my answer, fantasy character are not planned for KoPC.
    Meaning they could appear in another game of mine or even in KoPC one day, but it's unlikely for now.
    (besides, there's already full games and evolutive projects about krystal fox, so why trying to do the same stuff as someone else instead of focusing time and efforts on developping something else and original ? I never really understood player's community, lol !)

  • Mattis says:

    You will surely have to start all over again, sadly :/ (but I really need to take some time to reward those kind of score, lol !)
    You could avoid that in the future by systemtically download the game on your computer.

    The "save" kinda works on url, meaning even if the files are the same, 2 different url will lead to 2 different saves.
    On the other hand, even if the game got updated, if the url is the same, the save will stay.

    So if you got the file on your computer, and download the updated version each time on the same location and with the same name, you should be able to keep your progress !


    Besides, it's a shame, but in today's hentai community (websites, sponsors, users, etc…), really put efforts in stopping developpers from making new and good games.

    Users by always flaming anything new or criticizing originality over repeating the exact same thing that already exists. (read all comments here : most people requested and still request the game not to be what it is, but to be like other generic games already existing since years elsewhere on the web !)

    Websites and sponsors by forcing games' structures and refusing developpement or evolutive games.
    If you are not a professionnal and finished game, you just can't even fit anywhere.

    So yeah, it's a shame I had to struggle this hard just to do that stuff and be able to show it, where creators like me should be desperatly searched and helped by all those people. I've seen really skilled (not like me) developpers and graphists quit making hentai stuff because of that !

    You end up having poor obsolete versions of your game here and there, and users like you frustrated uselessly, where it would be so simple to just put a little "evolutive games" category on every sites, with under each one of the games the date of the last update and list of news, and keep track of those versions…

    Mentalities need to change, and people to be lucid on the fact creativity and fun are everywhere outside, but they are the ones stopping good stuff from happening.

  • Unknown says:

    you think there will be a option for people to add there own characters later on

  • Mattis says:

    Hmm…I think you could already add them, if you draw every part of it in a flash program and send them to me so I can put them into the main one :-)

    Maybe I should do a specific post and files for additions, yes…

  • Phantom5582 says:

    I have noticed two bugs when you have sex with a pregnant girl. A "creamed baby" counts as getting another girl pregnant and re-fucking the pregnant girl can get you a bit of extra money.

    Another bug is when you already knocked up one girl with another girl in the scene. If you start doing the non-pregnant girl and then pull the pregnant girl in for a threesome, you can swap for the "pregnant" girl and gain more points as if you never fucked her in the first place. I was able to fuck the same girl 5 times before finishing off the scene for a massive boost of money. After a while it gets to hard to click fast enough, even with all of the click bonuses.

  • Mattis says:

    Oh, very good ones, nice ! ;)

    I got overwhelmed IRL and didn't have the time to work on the game, lately, but I note down all that and will work on it at first occasion !
    Thank you !

  • dutchlove says:

    Hi Mattis – first off, I'm a big fan. Love the game so far, and looking forward to seeing how it develops.
    However, I seem to have run into some kind of bug related to the santa stage. I've completed all the other stages, unlocked every option and have entered the santa cheat. It even comes up with the "It's Santa time!" once I've entered it. Then I go back to the stage menu and nothing is different. My character is in the santa outfit if I pick another stage, and afterwards the Winter House does appear, but when I click on it there are no scenarios available. Did I do something wrong maybe?

  • Mattis says:

    Thx for the comment !

    No, you did right, that's one bug I noticed and tried to fix very early, but I'm still unable to do it ;)

  • Purgy says:

    Hey love the game i played the first one but for some reason to play this one i can't get on the site, is there another site i can play it on?

  • Mattis says:

    Depends on what site you are talking about, lol !

    But last version of the game is on, for all I know.
    (but it probably had spread here and there, just search for it)

  • does the latest version of the game include the Santa scenes if it does can u give me a link to it

  • Mattis says:

    You forget to say "please" ;)
    And the latest link is in this very post you comment, lol !

  • please * but when i go to it there is no santa scene

  • Mattis says:

    That's the problem when you don't read the post : you lose days and sometimes weeks to find answers that are written in this very post you comment !!!

    So you have waited days for no reason at all, because it's right there above those comments :
    "Santa special ! (…) Unlockable after all stages are finished and a special code is enter in the code panel : santacomeclose "

    It's all explained, and the link is given.

    Next time you should really just take 2 minutes to read the post. This way you will not lose days and days searching for something you already have.

  • code does not work

  • Mattis says:

    Are you sure you type it right, without capitals nor spaces ?
    Because it works for everyone else, and I just tested it on the newer version and it still works.

  • yes, I typed without capitals nor space.

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