Paypal, donations, news and spring!

Can’t wait for the sun to come back!

Hi, my beautiful ones!
Didn’t work anything out for April’s fool, too bad, I would have liked to. :/
But got too much work on my hands, so maybe next time.

Next game :
Currently finishing some new game, using some KoPC content, but bringing something completely different on the table.
Will see how you like it and what you think of it ;)

Donations :
KoPC donations are coming up, that’s very good news!
I’m still working out other systems (paxum, patreon, etc…), but it’s taking time (administrative crappy stuff & infos), and the point always been to work on games first, don’t lose sight of that!
So, if we reach the funding goal, I will focus 100% on KoPC, I don’t have any personnal interest in working on making wonderful sites or affiliations, it’s just to occupy time between updates funding!

Side paypal news :
Tenebrys got a little surprised Patreon donation site got a huge problem/change because of Paypal bullshit. (ok, may not be the right formulation, but that’s the idea, right ?), and same thing for Fenoxo.
But Paypal never bullshitted anyone : it’s clearly stated in its policy it DOESN’T allow adult content or funding, in any way.
So it’s just a game of “hide & seek”, like for illegal downloading and everything.
The day you get caught, you get caught, that’s all!
The same goes for me and my games : we just make the best out of Paypal, until they find what I do with it and ban my account.
Fenoxo and Patreon made hundreds of thousands of dollars with it, so I’m not even a little fish, compared to that, but that’s still something to keep in mind.

Is it worth it, so ?
Freaking yes! Paypal is a hundred time easier for everyone, during the time. For me, for you, for fees, for everything! And I surely don’t make the mistake to let money sleep in it, so it won’t slip.
We just got to make the best out of it, like for youth, sun during summer, nice ladies/boys willing to cuddle us and everything else in life : as long as it works, just enjoy and use it!
(with moderation, for youth, though, but not for paypal, lol)
If something out there works better and easier, anyway, I’m all ears.