Starting blocks !

Hi, my beautiful ones !

A quick post to say alternative donations systems should work, now !
Bitcoin, paxum and patreon seem to be up and functionning, so if you don’t want/can use paypal, feel free to test them !

Also : my new game is finished, but I’m waiting for sponsor response, for hosting and details.
So, should be available and released in coming days, if everything run smoothly !

After that, I will try to get back on YTPP 3 , which will not be a YTPP, in fact.
It should have been, but I’m not sure now, I may try something else…. I know, it’s confusing, but I will keep in touch with you about that.

KoPC funding goes well and up, will be able to start working back on that too, if that keeps following this path.
So great news here and there !

Keep supporting the hard work !
Love you.

  • Simon says:

    Love your stuff!! Would love to see more face-slapping, degradation and domination. Great stuff dude

    • Mattis says:

      I’m trying my best, anyway ;)
      (but it happens slapping is one of the most complicated movement to depict, in 2D as in 3D !)

      • maeler says:

        dont need to do animation, the way you do in king of porn city for examlple, no animation just single image and cheeks getting red. simple, sexy. :)

  • Mattis says:

    Yep, I talked about it.
    And you have the “P” button, between paypal and paxum, leading to my patreon page, if you want to see it ;)

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